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Suzuki Gixxer VS Hero Xtreme Sports VS Honda CB Trigger Comparison

Last updated on 28-Dec-2023 , By Shuvo

Very pleasantly and in other word of-course unfortunately the performer rivals of in Bangladesh ends with their displacement at the one and half of hundred; and that is 150cc. So our dream halts at the digit of 150(Currently 155). Whatsoever though it’s a matter of disappointment we are here today to make discussion on three 150cc bikes with their specific comparison. And here is Gixxer VS Xtreme Sports VS CB Trigger-Comparison Review for your brainstorming.

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Suzuki Gixxer, Hero Xtreme Sports, Honda CB TriggerGixxer, Xtreme Sports & CB Trigger-The Rivals

You know Suzuki Gixxer is the brand new bike in our market, which is not even older over than a year in Bangladesh. The bike just had launched at the middle of first quarter of last year.

The Hero Xtreme Sports is a very well known bike in our market. It has quite a long glorious as it firstly showcased from the Hero–Honda stable. After that Hero individually marketed it. Afterward with some refinement and modification now it comes as Hero Xtreme Sports with enhanced power figure.

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The third warrior as you know marketed by the world famous giant Honda. There is nothing to mention for its identity as it comes under the name HONDA. You may call Honda CB Trigger as the refinement of older Honda CB Unicorn. But this is far more updated then the old Unicorn. So you can better understand all the three bikes here are well matured and heavy weighted considering our CC limitations.

Suzuki Gixxer, Hero Xtreme Sports, Honda CB Trigger

Gixxer, Xtreme Sports & CB Trigger Specification Table

Consequently in terms of our heading the question raises which is better and how, and who should choice which? Hah hah ha…so many questions are here. True speaking we have been facing this type of questions in huge quantity in our inbox from the enthusiasts as choice and requirement varies person to person. Sequentially we are here to help them with this specific comparison, with some answers and some significant clues.

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Before entering into the core discussion we should display you the table of official specification of each bike. Glancing in detail over the specification you can understand what each bike has or what they haven’t. It will show you clearly the differences and also the similarities. Let’s take a thorough look.

Engine SpecificationSuzuki GixxerHero Xtreme SportsHonda CB Trigger
Engine typeAir cooled, 4-stroke, SOHC, 2-valveAir cooled, 4-stroke OHC, 2 Valve, Vertical EngineAir cooled, 4 stroke, 2 Valve SI Engine
Cylinder layoutSingle CylinderSame HereSame Here
Bore & Stroke56.0mm × 62.9mm57.3mm x 57.8 mm57.3mm x 57.8mm
Compression ratioNot Found10:19.5:1
Maximum output14.8PS @ 8,000 RPM15.2 BHP @ 8500 RPM14.35 BHP @ 8500 RPM
Maximum torque14.0NM @ 6,000 RPM13.50 NM @ 7000 RPM12.50 NM @ 6500 RPM
Starting methodElectric & KickSame HereSame Here
Lubrication typeWet SumpSame HereSame Here
Fuel SupplyCarburetor (Mikuni)CV Type with CarburetorCarburetor (Keihin)
Clutch typeWet, multiple-discSame HereSame Here
Transmission typeConstant mesh 5-speedSame HereSame Here
Gear ratioNot FoundNot FoundNot Found
Air FilterPaper FilterPaper FilterViscous Paper Filter

You can also get some clear view from the dimension measures. It will also help you to choose your right model for your specific using purposes. You may find their strength and also the weaknesses.

Dimensions & OthersSuzuki GixxerHero Xtreme SportsHonda CB Trigger
Overall Length × Width × Height2,050 mm × 785 mm × 1,030 mm2100 mm x 780 mm x 1080 mm2045 mm x 757 mm x 1060 mm
Seat height780 mmNot Found765 mm
Wheelbase1330 mm1325 mm1325 mm
Ground clearance160 mm145 mm175mm
Kerb weight135 Kg147 Kg135 Kg
Fuel volume12 Liters14 Liters12 Liters
Frame typeNot FoundTubular, Diamond TypeDiamond
Suspension (front/rear)Telescopic / MonoshockTelescopic Hydraulic Type / Rectangular Swing Arm with 5 step Adjustable Gas Reservoir SuspensionTelescopic / Monoshock
Brake type(front/rear)Disc/DrumBoth Disc Brake (Rear Drum optional)Both Disc Brake (Rear Drum optional)
Tire size (front)100/80-17; (Tubeless)80/100 x 18 – 47 P; (Tubeless)80/100-17; (Tubeless)
Tire size (rear)140/60R-17 (Tubeless)110/90 x 18 – 61 P (Tubeless)110/80-17; (Tubeless)
Battery12V, 3.0AH, MF12V, 4.0Ah, MF12V, 4.0Ah, MF
ElectricalsDC OperatedAC OperatedAC Operated
Headlight12 V, 35/35WSame HereSame Here
Turning IndicatorsBulbSame HereSame Here
Display PanelFull DigitalAnalog Rev counter with Digital DisplayFull Digital

From the specification table you may have found the differences of the bikes as well as there are also so many similarities. All the bikes have some advancement and also some weaknesses which made them unique or categorize them within a limit. Here we will try to dig out the capability and also the lacks of each bike. Our discussion may help you to choose the better option for you but of-course considering your requirements. Let’s head in with the Appearance segment first before the core comparison.

Suzuki Gixxer, Hero Xtreme Sports, Honda CB Trigger Front View

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All the three discussing bikes here are undoubtedly gorgeous, decent and pretty appealing. The most gorgeous Suzuki Gixxer is with a fresh sharp look and design; which is very close to Yamaha FZS, but again you cannot match each and every part. Gixxer is designed targeting the youngsters.

In terms of young riders Hero Xtreme Sports is also not behind in the race. Though it has been updated and modified with the exteriors time to time it also winning the heart of the youngsters from many years. The all new Xtreme Sports is sharper and more appealing than was before.

When talk about the Honda CB Trigger you may forget the sharpness but that is quite pretty, very much classy and decent in design; which easily fits with any age or any type of rider. And here is the real taste of Honda.

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Suzuki Gixxer, Hero Xtreme Sports, Honda CB Trigger Back View

Gixxer, Xtreme Sports & CB Trigger Engine Comparison

We just warmed you up before entering the mechanical segment with the appearances. We think no one will dislike any of these bikes considering their look and design. Whatsoever let's head in technical part. You can see all the three bikes here are from 150cc category; they are constructed under near same platform like with four stroke, single cylinder, air cooled, two valve, wet sump, wet multi plate clutch, carbureted fuel supply etc.

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Suzuki Gixxer, Hero Xtreme Sports, Honda CB Trigger Engine

Here Suzuki Gixxer comes with comparatively higher displacement but the power figure is lower than the Hero Xtreme Sports. Here considering power rating Honda CB Trigger is in third position. But in terms of Torque figure Suzuki Gixxer is faster than Hero Xtreme Sports. Again Honda CB Trigger here in third position. But there are some twists considering other technical terms.

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You can see the Suzuki Gixxer got a longer stroke engine; that means Gixxer’s cylinder Bore is shorter than the Stroke. This type of engine produces higher figure of torque in certain lower RPM range and due to higher compression possibility it also enhances the power figure. But after certain of RPM at the high RPM the torque reduces at the longer stroke engine. But after achieving a certain speed while struggling for the maximum speed, the acceleration delayed. In the square engine it gets the opportunity to gain faster speed at the higher RPM .

On the other side both Hero Xtreme Sports and Honda CB Trigger got near to square engine, where bore and stroke near to same in measure. This type of engine produces fluent power and torque at any RPM. So you will not face acceleration hike at lower RPM or not feel any lack at higher RPM. In lower RPM Suzuki Gixxer will undoubtedly accelerate faster due to longer stroke engine, higher compression, higher power and torque rating. Here again Xtreme Sports is very near to Gixxer but in second position due to higher compression, higher power and torque rating; where CB Trigger stays at third.

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But when you are in higher RPM or continuing riding at higher RPM then Suzuki Gixxer will lose due to delayed acceleration. Here Hero Xtreme Sports will come to first and Honda CB Trigger will be just behind or touching the tail lamps.

But here is a twist which favors for the Honda CB Trigger. CB Trigger got square engine with very decent and comfortable compression of 9.5:1 considering an air-cooled engine. More over CB Trigger uses viscous paper air filter which capable to intake more air then the conventional paper air filters like Gixxer or Xtreme Sports. As a result you may not leave the CB Trigger behind in the long run. And undoubtedly Honda CB Trigger has the far better build quality than the rests; this is far batter durable which is proven by the field reports.

Suzuki Gixxer, Hero Xtreme Sports, Honda CB Trigger Wheels

Tire, Brake & Suspension of Gixxer, Xtreme Sports & CB Trigger

All the three discussed bikes here come with quite satisfactory level of tire, brake and suspension. But in terms of comparison there are some advancement and also some technical weaknesses with each. All the discussed bike here comes with tubeless tires and hydraulic disk brake at front and drum brake at rear. But in Hero Xtreme Sports and Honda CB Trigger any one can get the option for disk brake on both wheels. So here is their advancement.

The Suzuki Gixxer comes with fatter tires than the others which made it capable more for extreme cornering. Here the CB Trigger comes to second where its rim size is 17” and Xtreme Sports goes to third due to 18” rim.

Suzuki Gixxer, Hero Xtreme Sports, Honda CB Trigger Suspension

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All three bikes here come with front telescopic suspension. Suzuki Gixxer got the fatter suspension but no one can complain about Honda CB Triggers suspension though it is thinner. Here again the Hero Xtreme Sports suspension goes to third position.

Considering rear suspension Honda CB Trigger can stand on first then Suzuki Gixxer and then Hero Xtreme Sports. Here first two got mono shock absorber and Xtreme Sports comes with conventional dual shock absorber with gas canister. Again due to dual suspension at rear Xtreme Sports stands at third considering cornering ability.

Gixxer, Xtreme Sports & CB Trigger-Controlling Comparison

We the Team BikeBD has officially tested Hero Xtreme Sports and Honda CB Trigger and unofficially rode Suzuki Gixxer a lot. Within our experience we can say Honda CB Trigger got the optimum level of controlling ability; after that Suzuki Gixxer and then Hero Xtreme Sports. Lower saddle height, maximum ground clearance, easy moving of handle bar, riding position, solid tires, light weight all the things made the CB Trigger first in terms of controlling at any kind of condition.

Suzuki Gixxer, Hero Xtreme Sports, Honda CB Trigger Seat

Secondly Gixxer is with better position then Xtreme Sports due to lower saddle height, easy handling and light weight. But on the off-roads like sand, mud or on pebbles Hero Xtreme Sports goes in front of Gixxer. Moreover due to design of swing arm attached with rear shock absorber, the ground clearance reduces very frequently with Suzuki Gixxer especially while riding with pillion. And the small seat of Gixxer makes the rider struggling to keep himself in comfortable position before the pillion.

At the last Hero Xtreme Sports saddle height it suitable for taller people like over 5’6” height. In such terms the shorter height rider has to struggle to touch the ground while riding in city or moving though off . That’s it.

Suzuki Gixxer, Hero Xtreme Sports, Honda CB Trigger Meter

Electrical and Others

In terms of electrical and control panels Suzuki Gixxer and Honda CB trigger have some advancement. Both the bike equipped with latest featured full digital dashboard. But the Hero Xtreme Sports has the analog rev counter with small digital display.

The Suzuki Gixxer is completely DC operated but very unfortunately both Hero Xtreme and CB Trigger is AC operated. So the headlamp do not stay illuminating constantly and on low & high RPM the light and horn distorts which is very much annoying.

Hero Xtreme Sports and Honda CB Trigger have no engine kill switch.

Suzuki Gixxer, Hero Xtreme Sports, Honda CB Trigger Tail Lamp

Gixxer, Xtreme Sports & CB Trigger Maintenance

This is a major term in consideration of durability, accessories quality, after sales service and price. When you ride a machine it surly needs some periodic maintenance to continue with optimum performance. Some maintenance needed to be done within a short interval like cleaning air filter, oil filter, spark plug or draining engine oil, adjusting chain slack, brake or clutch. And there are also some long interval maintenances like changing filters, brake shoe, cables, clutch plates or chain sprockets etc.

In terms of both type of maintenance Honda CB Trigger is far better then the rest of the competitors. Its build quality and quality of spare parts are really up to the mark. After that still Hero doing very much fine with their spare parts and maintenances. But very frustratingly still Suzuki Gixxer is not using quality accessories like cables, filters, brake pad or even clutch plate and chain sprockets. They are still using cheap accessories to minimize their costs or maximizing profit. Resulting they are not doing well and peoples are noising for poor quality parts and services. Lets See Suzuki Gixxer price in Bangladesh here.

Again in terms of after sales service Honda again comes first in BD as they have well equipped customer service center at all the dealers. Therefore, not to bother for hassle free after sales services with Honda. After that Hero is operating their service center countrywide negotiating with local service centers. Their core service team always visits those service centers for better services. Thirdly Suzuki’s after sales service is still under development. Wish they will do better in future.

Suzuki Gixxer, Hero Xtreme Sports, Honda CB Trigger Comparison

Sum-Up on Gixxer, Xtreme Sports & CB Trigger

So readers we are here now to wrap up as we have discussed most of the corners of comparison. If you have read our discussion, explanation and briefing carefully we are sure you have already gotten the clues to choose your bike from these three which better fits with your requirement, purposes and of-course with your personality.

At the end we may try to straighten you decision. If you are acceleration freak, love to race in city or like to do some stunts then go for Suzuki Gixxer. If you are tall enough and man of personality, love to ride with power and decency then Hero Xtreme Sports can be your better option. But if you love to ride an all purpose machine for a hassle free long time then absolutely go for Honda CB Trigger. :)

So guys today we are stopping here but this is not end. You can start from here as our commentary box. Our FB page and official group page is also open for you. We are sure you have lot of arguments on our Suzuki Gixxer VS Hero Xtreme Sports VS Honda CB Trigger-Comparison Review. Therefore we will be eagerly waiting to hear from you so that we can come again with more discussions. Don’t forget to share yours and stay updated with us. Thank you all.

For further updates keep visiting our website and subscribe to our BikeBD Youtube channel, and also eye on our BikeBD Facebook Fanpage. See you soon with the latest discussion, review & news.

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