Narayangonj Riderz (NRZ)

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Hello friends this is Jony Tuhin from Narayangonj. Here I am to represent my stunt team “ Narayangonj Riderz (NRZ)”. We NRZ the first motorbike stunt group of Narayangonj district. We started our journey from February 28th of 2014. We have started our NRZ with 20 members now there are thirty stunt riders in our team.

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We love to do stunts with motorbike. We do watch the foreign stunt rider’s video clips and try to be habituate with their techniques. We do our practice regularly at beside Meghna Power Plant. And now within the short time we have gained our capability on some awesome stunts like Stopee, Roling Stopee, Endo, 360, Human Compass, Burnout, Wheelie, Chainsaw, Side skip etc.

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We also like to roam with bikes. Sometime we ride around our city in group and sometime we go for long trips with motorbike. The longest trip we made toward Sylhet & Comilla. That was really awesome experience.

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We want to ride everywhere of our country in future. As we love our country we want to explore every corner of our country with motorbike and to help for the tourism of Bangladesh.

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We also involved with some social activities as we want to develop us as responsible for our society. We started our activity locally. We try to help the orphans within our area. We wish to involve with such social work very widely in near future.

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If you ask about our future planning with the team NRZ, I wish to say that we want to be a gorgeous stunt riding group in Bangladesh. And we are also devoted very much to do something for the welfare of the poor people of our country and also want to work on tourism of Bangladesh riding with Bike.

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For your interest:

Jony Tuhin NRZ: Founder of NRZ Mehedi Sisir: Coordinator Core Members: Mimo, Imran, Sany, Masum.

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