Definition of Different Types of Motorcycles

Published On 24-Jul-2013 03:16pm , By Shuvo

, is one of the most used vehicle which is used now for going from one place to another. It is quite common in all the countries, as many people from every countries use this vehicle and also we can see that some people also do race in motorcycles.

However, though the word ‘’ gives us the idea of every usual bike but in real there are many Types of Motorcycles in the world. They are categorized in different categories, and many people or rider doesn’t even know the types of motorcycles we have in this world.

If you are one of those people who do not know the types of motorcycles we have then, I am about to give you the definition of different types of motorcycles and I will let you know about them.


1.  Adventure or Touring Bikes:

 This kind of bikes are mainly used for long distance touring, these bikes has lots of suspension travel and also upright postures which are very comfortable for long distance touring. We all know that adventure bikes are really hot.

Among the entire adventure bike in the world Yamaha Super Terene is known as the best adventure bike as it has 1200 cc and it will also provide you commanding seating position which is perfect for your urban riding and also your highway riding. And there are also great adventure bikes that you can use for your adventures and tours.



2. Choppers:

you must have seen the movie captain America, well if you have seen that movie than you must have also seen the by Harley Davidson Panhead, that’s the exact bike which is known as chopper motorcycles.

Choppers usually have reclined seats, raked forks, and also lots of showy chrome.And the main feature of choppers is that the bike of the body is very long and it has a stretch front end.


3. Cruisers:

Cruisers are almost like sedate choppers as they are mainly designed for laid back riding and also their rake is less extreme. Cruisers were quite famous and still now it is famous, when it was invented it took up to 60 percent in the market of U.S so you can understand how demanding it was.

Many Japanese cruisers and also power cruisers which were found in 1980’s had more neutral riding positions. Many of the cruiser motorcycles perform limitedly.

types of motorcycles

4. Dirt Bikes:

The bikes used for offroad driving is known as dirt bikes, and the features of this kind of bikes are that they have knobby tires, minimalistic frames, long suspension travel and also bodywork. There are various types of dirt bikes in the world and their size and function also depends on their types and also riding. Honda XL185s is the available dirt in Bangladesh.

The most common dirt bike is the motocross bike, these bikes are mainly designed for offroad racing and they are fast and strong too. We all know that the engine which has more cc is more strong. So like other dirt bikes motocross bike is also determined by cc and it is really strong.

Dirt bikes are usually built with suspension forks and also rear shocks by which they can absorb impact from large jumps and also terrain obstructions. And they can avoid trail obstruction.

enduro motorcycles

5. Enduro Bikes:

Enduro bikes are mainly designed for long offroad competitions. Enduro bikes usually have headlights and taillights for riding in the night time and it can also be outfitted by timers and also chart devices.

naked bikes

6. Naked Bikes:

If you ever see a naked bike than you will remember about the bikes that were seen in British at the sixties. And lack of bodywork can hide their inner workings and also engines.

Naked bike is also known as sport bikes which are covered with plastic body panels. Ducati, Harley Davidson, Suzuki, Yamaha, and Triumph are naked bikes.

If you wanna know about the 10 best looking naked bikes are Royal enfield classic 500, MV agusta brutale, VRSC night rod special, Moto guzzi grisvo SE, Triumph truxton, Ducati gt 1000, Honda Cb1100, Vincent black shadow, confederate B120 wraith, and Norton commando.


 7. Power Scooters:

Scooters on steroids are known as power scooters, and power scooters are also known as mobility . It looks like a wheel chair but it has the configuration of motor scooters.

A power has seats of three, four or five wheels also.  These kind of have large engines, power scooters have commuter friendly comforts and also numerous storage compartments.


8. Scooters:

Scooters are such kind of motorcycles which have step through frame, there are some differences between the scooters and also the motorcycles. Both scooters and also motorcycles enable the riders to ride their on low price fuel and also quick navigation. They have differences in body and size and they have other differences in engines and speed. LML Vespa select 2 is a famous in Bangladesh.

sport bikes

9. Sport Bikes:

Sport bikes are such kind of bikes which is a optimized for speed, braking, acceleration, and also concerning on paved roads. Youngsters are more attracted to sport bikes, whenever teenage comes almost half of the youngsters gets crazy to buy a sportbike.  Yamaha R15 V.2 is currently one & only sports in Bangladesh.

They are excited about buying a sport bike as the experience of riding a sport bike is really a unique experience. And after using it for few days you will get addicted to it and you will begin to love your bike.

The sport bikes are expensive to buy but many people buy it out of passion. The top ten fastest sportsbike in the world are BMW K 1200 S, Aprilia RSV 1000R mile, Kawasaki ninja ZX 11, Yamaha YZF R1, Kawasaki ninja ZX 14, MV augusta F4 1000 R,  Suzuki GSX R1000, Honda CBR black , MTT turbine super bike, Suzuki Hayabusa.


10. Supermoto :

Supermoto bikes are mainly designed for combination of and also dirt surfaces. And the tracks in which the bikes can drive are flat track, motocross, and also racing.

touring motorcycles

11. Touring:

Touring bikes are mainly designed solely for long distance, and this type of bikes features mainly backrests, large widescreens, and it also has radios and also navigation systems.Example: Honda Goldwing. Yamaha Fazer 153cc is a touring  in Bangladesh you can count.

trail motorcycles

12. Trial Bikes:

Trail bikes are mainly designed mainly for trial events and these bikes are mainly used in offroad competitions or man-made competition or obstacle. And while the competition if the feet of the rider touch the ground than the rider will be penalized. The weight of this type of is extremely light and this type of bike lacks in seats

So these are the Types of Motorcycles and every bike has its own category so everyone buys a by choosing according to your own category. 

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