Motorcycle Safety Tips: Accident Prevention

Published On 17-Nov-2012 05:31am , By Raihan Opu

Motorcycle Safety Tips: Accident Prevention

Every object has some rules and regulation which should be followed,in the same way for biker’s there are some rules and regulation as motorcycle safety tips which will help them to prevent accidents.

Rules and regulations can be divided into different sections,such as-

  • Steps to be followed before riding
  • Steps to be followed on the road
  • Steps to be followed while carrying a passenger
  • Steps to be followed while group riding
  • Motorcycle riding gear
  • Motorcycle maintenance
  • Legal responsibility
motorcycle safety tips

Now Let’s brief this rules and regulations, At first we will talk about steps to be followed before riding. You should read the owner’s manual in which you will get much information about your bike and you will know how to maintain the bike.

Than you will have to check the tires of your bikes if they are strong enough and you can check the tire pressure with a good gauge. Than you will have to check if the control cables are strong and rarely breakable. Than you will have to check your lights,horns,turn signals and mirrors. Also check the oil,fuel and the cooled level of your bike.the chain drive of the rare wheel should be properly shaped.and  you must check the brakes.

motorcycle safety tips


The steps that should be followed by you on the roads are ,first of all you will have to set a good reminder in traffic. You will have to search  around for a potential hazards than you will have to make sure that other drivers see you,for that reason you will have to make sure your headlamps are on during day and you will have to wear bright clothes and always give the proper signal, and give horn when necessary also position your bike in such a way that it cant be seen and make sure you don’t put yourself behind a truck.

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You will have to make sure that you give your attention in everything that is happening around you,fortha keep your eyes moving. When you are riding in your traffic,at a speed of 40 mph,keep 2 seconds gap between you and the vehicle infront you. At higher speeds the gap should be three four seconds will have to be smart while passing and don’t try to overtake any vehicle in a corner. Dusk is a dangerous time to ride in a bike,so you should not ride a bike in night and you should also wear a faceshield without scratches.

motorcycle safety tips 

Use Proper Signal

While you are carrying a passenger in your back you should follow this steps-

Make sure your bike is designed to carry one extra person,and if you are carrying a child with you make sure the child is mature enough. Instruct your passenger to keep his/her legs away from the muffler. And also ask him to limit movement and reading the owner’s manual you should follow the rules that is written there and practice them.Make sure the passenger keeps his hands or legs from hot place and moving place,and the motorcycle should be started before the passenger mounts.

motorcycle safety tips


Before starting a group ride,hold a rider’s meeting. Among the riders you will have to choose A leader and a person at back who is well experienced about group riding. And the group should be limited between five to seven riders or you can divide them into sub groups. A rider will carry cell phones and aid kit. You should not ride side by side there should be distance between riders.

About motorcycle riding gear we can say that you will have to wear a helmet that is suitable according to your size and which one is perfect for you. Also wear a eye protection  Jackets should be made of leather,and also it should be zippered vent. And pants should also be made by leather. Gloves should be worn to prevent injury,you should wear high visibility gear. And you should also wear bright clothes.

motorcycle safety tips


For motorcycle maintenance  you will have  to take it for service according to the date which is given in owner’s manual. You should keep the dirt clean and  also check the battery every month. With your bike you should always carry the tool kit and the owner’s manual because they will be very useful in you'r hard times.

The legal responsibility includes knowing the requirements of your bike’s license, and also take the written taste if necessary. And make sure you get insurance coverage. Resist the urge of speed and never drink alcohol on a motorcycle.

If all this tips are followed perfectly we can prevent accidents. Hope this motorcycle safety tips will help you to avoid accidents. Need your valuable comments about this article or you can SUBMIT your tips in HERE.

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