Top 10 Motorcycle Safety Tips

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At present era, riding a motorcycle has become one of the coolest trend and also it has become some people’s addiction. But we all know that there is a lot of risk in riding it, and everyday at least one person is injured by a motorcycle ride and some are facing death too. So in that case if we follow top 10 motorcycle safety tips than we may increase few more days of our livings, after all who wants to die in a motorcycle accident??

Top 10 Motorcycle Safety Tips

Motorcycle Riding Tips on Highway


Here are some tips for your safety ride in a motorcycle –


With every motorcycle we all know that a helmet is must. A helmet protects our head from any kind of injuries. Most of the deaths that caused by motorcycle occurred because of the injury on the head. And whenever you are buying one helmet make sure it’s the right one  for you, make sure its size is perfect for you. So that you can see clearly the roads and try choosing a full head one because it gives you 100% protection, which protects your full head.

Don't get attracted by the look of any helmet because some of them looks good on you but it wont be able to save you from accident  Make sure your helmet isn't too tight or too loose because danger is in both ways. therefore you should always buy the right helmet for yourself.

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The biker’s eyes and ears should always be open so that they  can clearly see if any other bikes are coming in their way and if any bike is coming from its back because collusion between two bikes can also cause accident. The bikers must pay attention to this matters. And we must use loud exhaust systems for your own safety so that other bikers can notice you coming from another side.

Whenever you are changing lanes look twice in left side  and right side to avoid collusion. Motorcycles have more risks to get in accident with in that case while driving in a busy road we must be very very careful. A second look in a traffic can save someone's life so we should value it.

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Keep Attention on Road


Its quite rare to get a chance to see a person is alone riding a bike. There has to be someone behind him,so in that case that person who can be called as his passenger too plays a very important role. Whenever you are getting someone in back of your bike make sure he has got the right gear. And his appearance should be right too as in he should wear sturdy shoes and protective clothes.

But before carrying a passenger you will have to make yourself used to a passenger and his pressure on the bike. And it also makes your passenger comfortable with you and your movements. And make sure your passenger doesn't irritate you in any way. If you intend to carry a young child behind you than you will have to follow the rules and regulation of your state.

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 Know You're Passenger


In a bad weather you must not drive a bike,  because in heavy rain its quite risky because when the raindrops touches the roads it makes the roads slippery as it bring the oil and other residue. Without extreme emergency you must not drive in this bad weather,and even if you drive you should be extra careful.

And also drive slowly in those roads, and keep enough space for stopping.The biggest mistake that can be possibly made by a biker is they don’t keep enough space and distance for the bike to stop.


With the new technologies anti lock brakes are created. But its still new for many bikes and bikers. And for not having them they cannot slam on the brakes like a driver can. If their wheels get locked up, the biker might loose control and as a result he will face a accident.

For avoiding such accident a biker must practice to stop its bike at a minimum distance from other vehicles and in a fixed time when he gets expert in it he must follow it between traffics.

Avoid Headphones:

Keeping the full attention on driving is one of the most important rule.Any type of distraction is harmful for a biker, that may cause accident. Thinking about something else and driving a bike  is a very bad idea. Listening to songs in your mp3 player and talking to someone on phone distracts you from your driving so you should avoid doing it.

In addition to the risk of distraction, taking your hands off your bike lessens your control more than taking your hands off the wheel of your car. Not only is steering compromised, but so is braking, accelerating and shifting. It’s just a bad idea.

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Riding a motorcycle is no less than showing your own skill of driving. Every biker has his own skills, and from a beginner to getting a expert he must follow his own skills.

Make sure you follow your own skills on right roads just don’t care about your friend’s skills because he has got different skills than you so in that case, so following his one will be no less than stupidity. If you want to be a racer than in that case you must join a racing school, where you will get more fun and also will be able to learn many new skills.


Appearance is another important factor, getting the right shoes for your feet is must. To shift gears on a bike, you lift up with your toes so open toes are bound to be painful. When you are riding a bike there are chances of burning your feet because of the heat of the engine.

Study shoes are compulsory for riding a bike and your shoes must have a rugged sole because soft soles increase the chances of slipping. Leather shoes are good for protection, and those shoes should be of low heel, it will help you to balance.

Dress of a Biker:

Wearing shorts and flip flops isn't a good idea, because it isn't safe. And it also increase the chances of slipping and sliding  That’s why leather is safe for everyone, because it protects the legs from the roads if one falls off from the bike. If you are riding your bike in 60 miles per hour even a small rock can sting. What you can do for safety is you can buy a vented motorcycle jacket that might keep you both cool and safe.

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Armored Motorcycle Riding Jacket

Know the Law:

The final tip for a biker’s safety is to take a motorcycle safety course. To get a motorcycle license you will have to go through a test in that test you will have to pass and in the mean while you can also go through the safety course.

The class will teach you about the traffic safety laws that apply to motorcycles in your state, how to respond to emergency situations on a motorcycle, and give you a chance to try out your new skills in a controlled environment. The instructors will also give you tips about motorcycle maintenance and how to avoid unsafe situations. After all, the time to learn how to recover from a skid on a bike is not when you go into one for the first time. Taking a motorcycle safety course prepares you to hit the road safely and with more confidence

Therefore if everyone follow this easy rules and top 10 motorcycle safety tips than many lives can be saved and many accidents can be avoided.

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