Bajaj Pulsar NS160 Review - 2,500KM Road Test Report

Published On 12-Jul-2018 10:00am , By Ashik Mahmud

Bajaj the biggest motorcycle brand in Bangladesh (in terms of sales) & then comes the name Pulsar, the most sold 150cc motorcycle in Bangladesh. People of Bangladesh have a soft spot for Pulsar due to its design & because they have over 250 + dealers / service station across Bangladesh so they are easy to run. Today we will review the new machine from their factory Bajaj Pulsar NS160 Review by Team BikeBD.  

Bajaj Pulsar NS160 Review - 2,500KM Road Test Report

 bajaj pulsar ns160 review 

This is a new bike from Bajaj. They collected many things from its elder brother Bajaj Pulsar NS200 & added a new engine & gave it the entire basic ingredient to make a user friendly motorcycle for regular use. Currently the price of the bike is 199,500 BDT.

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Bajaj Pulsar NS160 Review - ENGINE & PERFORMANCE

For this new bike they added a brand new engine. The engine is now a 160cc unit which produces 15.3 BHP @ 8500 RPM & 14.6 NM of Torque @ 6,500 RPM. It has 4 valves & twin spark plug. Currently between 150-165cc air cooled engine race among the Indian made bikes this is the most powerful engine in the market. It uses a 5 speed gearbox to bring the power on the rear wheels.

 bajaj pulsar ns160 engine 

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The key feature of the engine is the oil cooled system. NS160 is the only bike in this segment which has this oil cooling system in the engine. Here the engine uses the engine oil as coolant which circulates inside the engine for lubrication. The oil absorbs the excess heat and releases the same through cooling radiator. If you see carefully then you will see under the fuel tank in front of the engine there is a small radiator. This radiator uses the air to cool down the hot oil by the flow of air when the bike is moving. This oil cooled system will help NS160 to cool down the engine in the extreme heat of Bangladeshi weather where most of the time we have hot & humid condition.

 bajaj pulsar ns160 price in bangladesh 

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The engine is very refined. There are vibrations coming from the footpeg once RPM counter climbs up. People who complained about engine refinement in Bajaj Pulsar 150 should try this and see the development Bajaj made in recent times. Vibration from the engine comes around 6500 – 7000 RPM & you can feel those on the foot peg. The vibrations are low and it is manageable.  Due to the mapping of the engine, you can get low & mid range torque. The acceleration from 0-80 kmph is very linear. But once it gets past 80, it takes times to cover the rest to the speed. Am not a big fan of the engine exhaust note. Mileage figure is good in the segment, as during our testing in city we got a mileage of 38-40 kmpl. While on the highway (Dhaka Chittagong) we received a mileage of 42 + kmpl. The fuel tank carries only 12 litres of fuel. Top speed we managed so far is 126 kmph.

 bajaj pulsar ns160 fuel tank 

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On the highway the ride is very good due to its suspensions. You can enjoy the bike at speed around 80 kmph.  While doing speed at 100 kmph you will feel some front end vibration from the handle bar. In city riding this is good too. The engine gives good grunt for the 0-60 sprint.

Bajaj Pulsar NS160 Review - SYTLE & DESIGN 

In terms of styling NS160 carries most of the things from its elder brother NS200. To me this is the BEST LOOKING premium motorcycle in this segment. With those parking lights it does gives a predator looks and something which is killer to look at night time.  The bike is very muscular to look at.

 bajaj pulsar ns160 price in bangladesh 2018 

Finishing quality & build quality of the bike is very good. Bajaj have put lots of time & effort in this. Then comes the chain, they used one of the best quality chain in the segment & other then the fact that it doesn’t make any irritating noise you don’t need to tightened it up too often. Speedometer carries an analog rev counter & digital speedometer with speed counter, fuel gauge & other warning lights. Am thankful that the mud guard of the bike is extended & rear tyre mud guard. The bike weights 142 kg & it is a bit high which might be a small trouble for people who are less than 5.2 feet. But because it is high & even with an under belly exhaust I haven’t faced any trouble in my 2500 km test ride to run over speed breakers. One of the things which many people loved at Pulsar is the switch gears, which illuminate at night time. They are of good materials. But the indicator switch is a bit irritating and will take some time to get used to it.

 bajaj pulsar ns160 front brake

Bajaj Pulsar NS160 Review - SUSPENSIONS & BRAKES 

It has perimeter frame which along with the suspensions give the bike one of the best handling tool in the segment.  Up front there are telescopic suspensions while on the rear there is Nitrox Mono Shock Absorber with Canister. I think the biggest strength of the bike lies in its chassis & suspensions. With 110 mm rear section tyre you would feel that the control & balance of the bike won’t be good but the suspensions & the chassis give good feedback to cover it up. Also the under belly exhaust of the bike adds more stability & balance to the bike. On high speed cornering although the lean angle wasn’t the greatest but the bike stay planted on the road & most important of all it wasn’t nervous. Although there is a good disc brake up front but the rear brakes with drum unit are a bit weak.

 wasif anower test rider bikebd 

Tyre grip is very good both on dry & wet road. But I think the bike would have been better if equipped with additional disc brake on the rear tyre. Another thing which I realize that the front disc brake is 240mm which is smaller in size then most bikes in this premium segment, that can it another issue why this bike lacks some good bite under braking against its competitor. Overall ride is very comfortable for both city & on the highway. Turning radius of the bike is small some doing U turns sometimes can be a bit tough. For long distance ride you won’t feel any back pain but the seat is a bit hard. So that might irritates you a bit. Overall to me the bike looks good, honestly I have very little complain except for the rear tyres, yes I know thin tyres are good for mileage & speed but for me the most important thing is how fast it can goes around a corner & it would have been better if Bajaj would have fitted with a 120 or 130 section rear tyre.

 pulsar ns160 speedometer

Bajaj Pulsar NS160 Review - PROS

  • Good build quality & finishing.
  • Refine engine.
  • Most powerful engine in this segment.
  • Good initial acceleration.
  • Best looking bike in the class (According to me).
  • Fantastic suspension feedback.
  • Despite thinner rear tyre the grip from those are good.
  • DC operated headlight good for Bangladeshi highway.

Bajaj Pulsar NS160 Review - CONS

  • Rear tyres should have been wider.
  • Saddle height is a bit high, so short people might find it tough to ride it.
  • Braking is good but not the best in the class.

bajaj pulsar ns160 test ride review  

Bajaj Pulsar NS160 Review বাংলায় পড়তে এখানে ক্লিক করুন

  At the end of the day after testing the bike for 2500 km I came to a feeling that Bajaj learnt all the mistakes & problems from AS150 & made this bike as good as a bike can get. Just like every other bike it has its good & bad side but to me the suspensions & build quality of the bike will stand out of all. For further updates keep visiting our website and subscribe to our BikeBD Youtube channel and also eye on our fBikeBD Facebook Fanpage.

Published by Ashik Mahmud