Bajaj Pulsar 150 Review - Top Selling 150cc Motorcycle In Bangladesh

Published On 23-Aug-2016 03:46pm , By Saleh

When talking about countries top selling 150cc motorbike the name definitely comes first is Bajaj Pulsar. If we were more specific then the name will be Bajaj Pulsar 150 UG4.5. In the past we had many overviews on that legendary machine. But today we are here again with Bajaj Pulsar 150 Review - Top Selling 150cc Motorcycle in Bangladesh.


You know Bajaj is the name of faith among most of the motorcycle in Bangladesh. If we count the top selling motorbike company in Bangladesh definitely Bajaj will be with in two. This reputation and market position of Bajaj didn’t achieve in Bangladesh within the days.

It has been around two decades that Bajaj motorcycle started its journey in Bangladesh. And they came to the flash after year 2K. The four stroke motorcycle history of Bangladesh just changed with Bajaj Pulsar series. Here the history making legend is Bajaj Pulsar. After the series of change and revise now the legend became Bajaj Pulsar 150 UG4.5.


Bajaj Pulsar 150 Review - The Overview

When taking about Bajaj Pulsar 150 physic and appearance I think no one can complain about him. I should say this legendary design ruling thousands of satisfied souls from over a decade. And still it doing gorgeous with the UG4.5 version. You can see pulsar 150 price in Bangladesh here. 

The Bajaj Pulsar 150 UG4.5 still comes with some iconic design. The bloated fuel tank, slashed razor sharp tail lamp, wolf-headed headlamp still gives its unique identity in the crowd. The aircraft like engine sound also gives his presence even in heavy traffic.


By the time Bajaj Pulsar 150 got various graphic changes on the exteriors. The body panel designs still like previous. No one can ignore its pretty sharp design of side and rear panel. The panels are now with new blend of graphics and design. The engine casing also got a new silver color.

Other than the body graphics and shades all the body part are revised and updated but continuing its trend. The UG4.5 version is sharper than the previous versions. The cockpit and switch panels are already developed from previous versions. The suspension, tire, rims are also developed from the previous. But unfortunately still they are with tube tire and have not adopted the tubeless feature.


Bajaj Pulsar 150 Review - The Engine & Performance

The UG4.5 version of Bajaj Pulsar 150 powered by the 149cc single air-cooled four stroke DTS-I engine. Here DTS-I stands for Digital Twin Spark Ignition. Here the engine ignited by two different spark plug simultaneously.

The Pulsar 150 UG4.5 also enhanced with more power. Its engine revs out 15.06PS @9000RPM whereas the previous power rating was 14.09PS @8500RPM. The engine also delivers the Torque of 12.5NM @6500RPM.


As per Bajaj Auto the engine is now retuned and updated for better performance and fuel efficiency. Their patented technologies like DTS-i and ExhausTEC ensures better mileage and power.

Therefore it seems that the on road performance, efficiency and balance also enhanced with this version of Bajaj Pulsar. For more of your technical interest here is the latest specification of Bajaj Pulsar 150 UG4.5.


Bajaj Pulsar 150 Specification (UG4.5)

Engine                4-stroke, DTS-I, Air-cooled, Single cylinder Engine
Bore x StrokeNot Found
Compression RatioNot Found
Maximum Power15.06PS @ 9000RPM
Maximum Torque12NM @ 5500 RPM
Fuel SupplyCarbureted
Starting MethodKick & Electric
Transmission5 Speed
Dimension (Length x Width x Height)2055mm x 755mm x 1060mm
Ground Clearance165mm
Saddle HeightNot Found
Kerb Weight144Kg
Fuel Capacity:15 Liters
Suspension (Front/Rear)Telescopic, With Anti-friction Bush / 5 Way Adjustable, Nitrox Shock Absorber
Brake system (Front/Rear)240mm Disk / 130mm Drum
Tire size (Front / Rear)Front 2.75 - 17, Rear 100 / 90 - 17
Electricals12 V, Full DC
Headlamp35/35W with 2 Pilot Lamps
SpeedometerDigital Display with Analog Rev Counter

*All the price and specification is subject to change upon company rules, policy, offer & promotion. BikeBD is not liable for the changes. 


Bajaj Pulsar 150 Review - The Features

Bajaj Pulsar 150 already featured with some updated features.  It was always one step forward considering the time from the very beginning. The UG4.5 version was released on 2010 and afterward we found some graphic revision. But from the beginning it was updated more than the time.

Pulsar is completely DC operated. All the control switches are back illuminated which helpful in night. It also looks nice in dark. Its wolf headed pilot lamps were also looks unique in the night.


The seating position is also very comfortable from the beginning version of Pulsar. Suspensions are also good in performance. The rear set is also 5 way adjustable and charged with Nitrox gas.

The handle bar of Bajaj Pulsar 150 is sporty split type. It increased its appeal in the youngsters. The wheels are equipped with all alloy rims from the third revision of the bike. But one thing is unfortunate that the tires are not still tubeless.


Bajaj Pulsar 150 Review – The Top Selling 150cc Bike

In the 150cc segment Bajaj Pulsar 150 is still the top selling bike in Bangladesh. You know there are also many gorgeous 150cc bikes from other renowned brands. So question come what the reason behind to be the top selling bike in the segment? In search of the answer I found some clue in favor of Bajaj Pulsar 150 which made it top selling 150cc motorcycle and here are those.

  • Successful brand image in the market.
  • Successful track record from satisfied customers.
  • Very good package which suits most of type & age of users.
  • Reasonable price tag.
  • Countrywide sales and after sales service.
  • Easy available spare parts with reasonable price.
  • Easy maintenance and repairable at anywhere in Bangladesh.
  • Good resale value.


So guys now you may understand the popularity of Bajaj Pulsar 150. We still don’t know how long this warrior will fight on our ground. But we think still he has lot of stamina to chase against other heavyweight fighters in Bangladesh. Hope if you are a Pulsar lover you have enjoyed this Bajaj Pulsar 150 Review - Top Selling 150cc Motorcycle in Bangladesh. Don’t forget to learn more from our Bajaj Pulsar – Rise of The Mania (2001-2014) and put your comments below.

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