Top Seven Affordable Motorcycle In Bangladesh 2018

Published On 10-Sep-2018 10:18am , By Ashik Mahmud

Every motorcycle user and enthusiast desires for a motorcycle with an affordable price within their focused category. Perhaps some of them is commuter user or traveler or like to own a sports category motorcycle. Hence he/she tries to get the featured machine within the budget. Hence focusing the issue we have the list of Top Seven Affordable Motorcycle In Bangladesh 2018. So here is the featured and affordable motorcycle listed bellow.

affordable motorcycle in bangladesh

Top Seven Affordable Motorcycle In Bangladesh 2018

Bangladesh is the high population country in South Asia. Here motorcycle is the most realistic personal vehicle for commuting. Accordingly for multi-utility feature it’s so popular in this country.

Unfortunately high rate of government taxes and duties made this vehicle high priced in the country. Hence owning a personal motorcycle under our struggling socioeconomic condition is likely not so easy.

Hence every family desires to own at least one motorcycle to meet their family needs. Regarding this issue we have sorted out here Top Seven Affordable Motorcycles in Bangladesh In Bangladesh 2018.

Here the listed motorcycles are comparatively more featured then the competitors within their category. And of course their prices are in affordable range and have easy & nationwide coverage of after sales service.


Honda CB Trigger – The All Rounder

Coming to the Top Seven Affordable Motorcycle In Bangladesh at the beginning we have the All Rounder. Fortunately the all rounder comes from giant Honda and that is Honda CB Trigger. Honda CB trigger is the most competent and budget friendly package currently in the motorcycle market of Bangladesh.

The motorcycle generally is in the category of street commuter but it featured far wider than a conventional commuter. Therefore it comes with much sporty features and that can fight hard against all of the competitors within the category.

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In terms of performance, reliability and durability CB Trigger already is proven. Furthermore countrywide after sales service and easy hassle free maintenance made the Honda CB Trigger unbeatable even against latest fighters.

Hence the price of the motorcycle is very competitive considering its quality, performance and features. Therefore Honda CB Trigger is the true all rounder in our Top Seven Affordable Motorcycle in Bangladesh.


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Hero Hunk – Sporty Pack In Most Affordable Price

Coming to the second most affordable motorcycle in Bangladesh we have the Hero Hunk. Hero Hunk is the most attractive and sporty featured motorcycle with very comfortable price tag. When you have a tight budget to sacrifice the top brand but want to buy a nice looking, sporty & featured motorcycle then you must go with Hero Hunk 150.

Hero Hunk also is the motorcycle that comes with much more sporty design and feature. The performance and service of the motorcycle is already proven from many years. Moreover considering the features it also can be compared in balance with Honda CB Trigger

Here the only thing is it designed more focused for young age riders. So we couldn’t crown it with All Rounder but it has all the quality like Honda CB Trigger. Hence the after sales service and maintenance of the motorcycle is also easy available countrywide.

Lastly coming to the price currently there is no other motorcycle available in the market which can beat the Hunk with price including same attractive features. Therefore this is the Sporty Pack with most affordable price currently in the market.


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Hero Achiever 150 – Budget Power Commuter

When you are searching for a commuter but focusing for power and performance then we have only machine that comes with affordable price. Again it’s from Hero and that is Hero Achiever 150.

Hero Achiever 150 is the power commuter from Hero. It comes with very competitive and comfortable price. Currently this is the cheapest priced featured 150cc motorcycle in the market.

Coming to the power and performance Hero Achiever is carrying the same engine like Hero Hunk. Here the engine is tuned quite differently to match with its commuter profile.

Hence the power delivery and engine response characteristics are quite different and of course it much more fuel efficient. Furthermore on matter of after sales service nothing to mention about Hero’s coverage as it already nationwide.


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Lifan KPR 165 –Sports Features In Affordable Price

Coming to the sports motorcycle segment that unavoidably much more expensive than the regular category motorcycle. Every boy dreams for a sports machine but high price cuts off the enthusiasm. But here we have a full sports category motorcycle that comes with an affordable price tag.

Here in this sports segment we have Lifan KPR65 that comes from renowned Chinese motorcycle brand Lifan. Lifan KPR165 is a full featured sports category motorcycle with water cooling and electronic fuel injection system.

The engine and other ergonomics of the motorcycle is completely focused to its sports category. Hence this Chinese machine can manage the hunger of our Sports bike lovers much smartly.

Hence coming to the service and reliability the Lifan KPR series is already doing nice in our market. The predecessor KPR150 has a nice track result till now and the new KPR 165 is more featured carrying the same DNA of service and performance.

Coming to the after sales service Lifan has not the countrywide service coverage in BD. But hopeful thing is the official distributor RIL is much responsive about their customers. Hence after sales service issues are handled much carefully and smartly.


TVS Stryker 125 – Affordable Sporty Commuter

In the category of 125cc motorcycle here we have TVS Stryker 125. TVS Stryker 125 is solely a commuter motorcycle but it designed with much sporty looks and design. Hence any age of rider and even the young enthusiasts also can select the motorcycle for their commuting.

The TVS Stryker 125 comes with a 125cc engine that hired from predecessor TVS Phoenix 125. The motorcycle also hires the same frame and other features. But it designed and structured differently. Furthermore the motorcycle comes with a comfortable price tag and countrywide service facility; hence it is in our list.

top seven affordable motorcycle

Bajaj CT 100 – Reliable, Fuel Efficient & Affordable

You know 100cc commuter motorcycle segment is the one of the most top selling motorcycle segment in our country. So when competitive features with reliability and durability come with competitive price then it should come in our choice list.

Therefore here is the unbeatable reliable and efficient 100cc commuter in our list that is Bajaj CT100. The motorcycle has quite a longer successful track result that shows its reliability and popularity among the users.

In addition very frequent countrywide after sales put the motorcycle on one of the top selling rank. Furthermore its obviously affordable in price that literary hit out the competitors.

motorcycle in bangladesh

Runner AD80S Deluxe – Top Selling Starter Motorcycle

You know in Bangladesh we have the restriction on engine capacity which is legal up to 165cc for the civilians. Accordingly our motorcycling movements are practiced within a narrow space.

Therefore the entry or starter category begins from 50-80cc. Se here we have an 80cc starter motorcycle that is Runner AD80S Deluxe. Runner AD80S Deluxe is on of the top selling motorcycle in its category.

The motorcycle is doing nice in our commuter market from many years. Hence its service and performance is tested and proven. Furthermore its price is also much comfortable for the starter level users.

Coming to the after sales service and maintenance Runner is much advanced with countrywide supports. Hence altogether this motorcycle is one of the top seven affordable motorcycle in Bangladesh 2018.

affordable motorcycle in bangladesh

So readers after the Runner here we end our Top Seven Affordable Motorcycle In Bangladesh 2018. So if you are searching for your category motorcycle within an affordable price then our brief discussion should come in your help to choose your ride. Whatsoever ride with care and stay safe. Surely we are coming with new feed & updates therefore stay connected with us.

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