2019 Honda CBR150R ABS Version Feature Detail

Published On 14-Aug-2019 10:42am , By Raihan Opu

Honda Motor Indonesia, therefore, PT Astra Honda Motor has released the all-new 2019 Honda CBR150R (Source). Accordingly, the new machine comes with some striking feature updates both on the exterior and in terms of technicals. Therefore, covering the new model features here we through Honda CBR150R ABS Version Feature Detail.

2019 Honda CBR150R ABS Version Feature Detail


2019 Honda CBR150R ABS Version

The Honda CBR150R  is the brand-new machine from Honda Motor Indonesia. The motorcycle has developed and manufactured in Indonesia that released in 2016. The model introduced a dramatical change in the small displacement CBR series. Hence, this machine has sketched something out of the circle in the entry-level sports bike.

Accordingly, the new 2019 Honda CBR150R comes with some updated features. The new machine remaining unchanged in engine, frame and on most of the exteriors. But feature enhancements come both on the exterior and technical side.

Along with new front look and color scheme it also collaborated with latest technical updates. Hence most of all, the new machine comes with ABS enhancement in its braking system.

2019 Honda CBR150R ABS Version Feature Detail

The 2019 Honda CBR150R is mostly highlighted with its ABS, therefore, Antilock Braking System. The machine comes with ABS enhancement in its both brakes. Therefore, this dual channel ABS is the core attraction of the new machine and that tagged as Honda CBR150R ABS Version.

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Hence, the 2019 CBR150R is safer and more efficient in terms of the braking system and further safety issues. Coming to the rest of the features and updates please get a look on the bullets we have segregated below.

2019 Honda CBR150R Feature Enhancements

  • 2019 Honda CBR150R comes with all-new color and graphics scheme. The new version initially comes with four different color and shades including the Repsol MotoGP Edition.
  • The new model comes with the all-new dimension of the headlamp assembly. The front winglet is more aerodynamic, sharper and windshield extended for better wind protection. Here the LED headlamp and DRL setup also got a new sharper design and finishes. Hence, overall the updated front end has changed the new machine looks and appearances.
  • The new updated version comes with better engine tweaking that ensures faster acceleration and smooth power delivery. Hence, the efficiency of PGM-FI is no sacrificed as PT-Astra claims the fuel economy of 72kmpl under standard testing conditions.
  • As the braking system enhanced with ABS the brake disks design also updated with better ventilation and wavy design. Further, a safety feature added that is Emergency Stop Signal through the Hazard Lights. It helps to alert the other vehicles when making sudden brakes in emergency situations.
  • The new CBR150R also comes with updated suspension setup in its both suspension system. The striking thing is the front suspension is instantly adjustable with adjust-nuts according to rider weight and riding modes. Hence, the rear PRO-Link setup also adjustable with multiple steps for the stiffness or better comfort.
  • The digital ODO display of the 2019 CBR150R also is now more updated with brighter illumination and sharper backlit color. Hence, all the control data are more visible even in broad daylight.

So, readers, you can see the latest 2019 Honda CBR150R ABS Version is more updated and better featured. Hence, it equipped for fun playing and better stability while you are rushing hard. Cheerzzz!

Published by Raihan Opu