YRC Badminton Tournament Fest 2021

Published On 06-Jan-2021 01:40pm , By Ashik Mahmud

Yamaha Riders Club (YRC) is organizing the YRC Badminton Tournament Fest 2021. This tournament is among the members of YRC and other biking clubs that are willing to attend the tournament.

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YRC is one of the most popular clubs in Bangladesh. They are popular for their contribution to society and the environment. They were one of the very few biking clubs that went out to the streets to help the poor during the lockdown period.

And this year, they have brought forth the Badminton tournament for bikers of Bangladesh. This is to bring the biking community closer and to promote friendliness among the clubs.

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YRC Badminton Tournament Fest 2021

  • A total of 80 teams have participated from all over the country
  • There are two stages of this tournament: Divisional, and National.
  • After completing the divisional stage, the winners of the divisional stages will move to the National stage.
  • 12 Female team have also participated in the tournament
  • Besides YRC other biking groups such as the FZS FI Club, R-Lovers, BMC, Mirpur bikers, Team 365, BCB, and CMBD, and many more have participated in this tournament.
  • The final match of the tournament will be on 8th January 2021 at BG Press field

It's a form of get together for bikers from all around Bangladesh. In this tournament, 12 female teams have also participated. Not only YRC but also clubs such as the FZS FI Club, R-Lovers, BMC, Mirpur bikers, Team 365, BCB, CMBD, and many more have also joined this tournament.

 yrc badmintor tournament 2021 in bangladesh

There will 80 teams participate in this tournament and the best team will win this tournament. Step by step team wins the match and the divisional winner team will come to Dhaka for their final match.

YRC has been working for a long time to improve and promote friendliness among bikers. These events are a step closer to that road, and we believe these activities are being successful as the biking community is now closer than ever. If You want to Find Yamaha Bike price in Bangladesh visit Our Website. Thank you all.

Published by Ashik Mahmud