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Yamaha Saluto 125 9,500 KM User Review - Naima Akter Mile

Last updated on 07-Nov-2023 , By Arif Raihan Opu

Hi! I'm Mst. Naima Akter Mile. Today I am going to share with you some stories of my 9,500 km journey with my Yamaha Saluto 125 bike. I will also share some of my experiences with my bike and biking.

Yamaha Saluto 125 9,500 KM User Review

 yamaha saluto 125 user review

I got my freedom from all the obstacles of riding a bike and gave my name as Bindas Mile. Bindas means free independent without hindrance. I am a girl from the Brahmanbaria district. It's been nine years since I started riding bikes. I got the love for biking from my father. My father has been riding bikes for over 42 years now.

Dad used to park the bike at home with me every day and tell me to learn to ride a bike. I told my father what would come of it. The father said that if you are a girl, you will be able to cross it with a bike if you are in danger for a long time. I agreed and learned how to ride a bike. No one in my society ever made a bad comment to me,because I was young then. But now I have grown up, so my mother did not agree with me riding a bike. But a few days ago my mother gave me a bike as a gift. The bike is a Yamaha Saluto 125.

 saluto 125 price in bangladesh

I also have other bikes, but this bike is a gift from my mother, so I love this bike a lot. Seeing my love for the bike even after hundreds of obstacles, she could not stop me anymore, my mother bought me this Yamaha Saluto bike herself.

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I bought my bike from Mirpur 60 ft YAMAHA Crescent Enterprise. It was a lot of fun to buy the bike. The day I deposited the money to buy the bike, my favorite color was not in stock. The next day I took it and after everything was finalized, the key was handed over to me. I put the key to the bike and started the engine. What else can be expressed in writing about the joy of that day!! The showroom authorities congratulated everyone and I got a gift. Raincoat, The joy of buying a bike on the one hand and the joy of receiving a gift on the other, I was very happy then.

 yamaha saluto price

The feeling of riding the bike for the first time was very experienced and enjoyable. I was a little scared as soon as I rode the bike. The fear was for more pleasure. The bike is very smooth and very perfect for my fitness. My angle type didn’t seem to be a problem to keep control and balance on the bike. I was able to ride the bike with great confidence.

On the bike, I finish the braking period correctly. So far I have serviced the bike 4 times. I ran the first 1000 kilometers and got free servicing from the showroom authorities. Due to the distance, I have serviced it twice from the outside garage. I am very happy with the service. At this 9000 km, my bike did not disappoint me even once. I did not have any problems with the service. The bike is now at 9500 km. I took the fourth service again from the Yamaha Crescent service center.

Yamaha Bike Price In Bangladesh

So far I have not had to change any parts, I just changed the air filter by running 9000 km. All in all, the bike is on my mind now. Just as I wanted.

 bike tour tips bd

Both wheels of the bike are tubeless. The two front and rear suspensions of the Saluto are quite good. Its front brake is a hydraulic disc brake and rear drum brake. Both brakes are suitable for city and highway driving. Before riding the first 2500 km bike, I got mileage like 70 km per liter. After 2500 km, I am still getting 70 on the highway, but in the city, I am getting 60-65 km per liter. I think this mileage is a big advantage over this bike. I am getting much more mileage than expected.

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I have made some modifications to the bike:

  • The wheel rims are chrome colored.
  • I have added two looking glasses.
  • I did some lighting - on the braking lights and the chain box.

Some good aspects of the bike:

  • It's a 125 cc bike but I got a top speed of 110.
  • In terms of the mileage of the bike, the magic box got 70 km on the highway.
  • The seat of the bike is very comfortable, it does not feel tired while riding.
  • The latest model to see the bike, the colors are my favorite.
  • Good performance is obtained by using Yamalub engine oil and octane on the bike.

yamaha motorcycle price in bd

Some bad aspects of the bike:

  • The headlights are much dimmer, so I'm using fog lights.
  • The meter of the bike is the analog meter.
  • The tire of the bike is slim and it is more likely to skid.
  • There is no rev counter in the odometer.
  • The rear brake is not comparable to the front brake.

I took the bike and did a 255 km tour of Cox's Bazar from Brahmanbaria. I got a mileage of 70 km per liter on the highway. There was no problem on the road during the long tour. The performance got much better. I'm very happy with the bike Alhamdulillah.

Yamaha Saluto 125 Price In Bangladesh

The purpose of Lady Bikes is to share some of my thoughts: Society is a thing where girls are not given rights everywhere. Again, if a girl takes any step on her own, then it is normal for the people of the society to look at her sideways and make bad comments. But it is foolish to listen to such comments. It is also madness to become immobile in the thought of possibilities or possibilities. I am not comparing or challenge. A girl can hold motherhood by enduring a lot of hardships which is not possible by a man. A girl can arrange what she wants in a way that a man cannot arrange. Then of course a girl can ride a bike for her constant walk.

 saluto mileage

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Criticism must be heard whether it is good or bad. Never underestimate yourself. If you can recognize yourself and think you are capable, these bad criticisms will one day be cured. I've never heard of such a thing, but I've heard it from a lot of girls. I salute all the lady bikers in our country at present. You too will avoid such criticism and ride the bike with joy in your mind.

Victory will be yours if you nurture it with strength and courage. Lastly, when it comes to Yamaha Saluto, I would say that if you want to spend a happy life with a bike, then Yamaha Saluto in the 125cc segment will be the perfect bike for you. The 125cc segment price is comparatively higher. The price is a little more and the product is a little better. Thanks to everyone for reading this article.

Written By: Naima Akter Mile  

Published by Arif Raihan Opu

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