Yamaha R15 V3 India vs Yamaha R15 V3 Indonesia Version Comparison

Published On 01-Sep-2019 09:00am , By Raihan Opu

Yamaha R15 V3 India vs Yamaha R15 V3 Indonesia Version Comparison. We found lots of you are interested to know the differences between them. So, here we came with the differences between Yamaha R15 V3 India vs Yamaha R15 V3 Indonesia version Comparison.

yamaha r15 v3 india vs yamaha r15 v3 indonesia

You know the Yamaha R15 V3 is the third generation YZF-R15 that locally known as the Yamaha R15 V3. The new version 3.0 revealed first in Indonesia in January 2017. Afterward, Yamaha Motor India has released the localized version of R15 V3 in 2018 in Auto Expo, India (Source).

Thereby, in 2019 Yamaha India released the updated bread with a few enhanced features. Hence, at this point, the differences between the Indonesian version and Indian version came in gossip.

yamaha r15 v3 indonesia

Yamaha R15 V3 India vs Yamaha R15 V3 Indonesia Version - Differences

The new Yamaha R15 V3 India vs Yamaha R15 V3 Indonesia version is quite the same machine. They featured with the same engine, mainframe, exterior design, and overall basic profile. Besides the basic similarities, the Indian version comes with a few localized enhancements. Therefore, obviously few differences took place in between both versions. So, here comes the brief.

Color & Graphics Differences

At first glance, both the Indonesian and Indian version of Yamaha R15-V3 is not the same to look. Though both the machine carries the same design and exterior panel. But the color and graphics scheme are different. Thereby, they solely represent different looks & identity.

The difference in Front Suspension System

Secondly the major difference visible in both versions of Yamaha R15 V3. The Indonesian version of R15-V3 comes with the inverted USD suspension system. On the counter, the Indian version of R15-V3 featured with a softer upright suspension system. The setup differs to tackle better the local road situations and maintenance issues. Hence, Yamaha India adopted the conventional upright forks in their bike.

yamaha r15 v3 india

The difference in Rear Subframe

In both, the version of Yamaha R15 the frame and swingarm is the same. But the rear subframe dimension is a bit different. Thereby, the difference visible in pillion footpeg placement. In the Indonesian version, it's aluminum alloy foot pegs with cast hangers those screwed with the subframe. But in the Indian version, the footpeg hangers are steel made and are the part of the subframe.

The difference in Ground Clearance

Both the version of R15-V3 comes with different front suspension and different rear subframe dimensions. Hence, obviously, the overall dimension varied even in a minor. Whatsoever, apparently, the ground clearance is different in both the machines. It’s 170mm in Indian version and 155mm in Indonesian version.

The difference in Braking Enhancement

Both versions of Yamaha R15-V3 comes with same type and assembly of hydraulic disk braking system. The clipper type and disk dimensions all are the same. But the Indian version comes with dual channel ABS enhancements.

The difference in Engine Tweaking

The Yamaha Motor Indonesia has manufactured first the Yamaha R15 targeting the Asian small capacity sports bike market. Later, Yamaha India released that machine updating with the localized feature to cope better with their motorcycling trend.

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Hence, they also tweaked the engine to cop with their users need and weather condition. The Indian version comes with economic featured ECU. Hence, the ECU mapping is different in both versions. Thereby the engine performance characteristics and response mode also are different.

Difference in Battery

As the electronic and wiring component differs in both machines hence, they come with a different rating of the battery. Both the machine comes with a maintenance-free sealed battery. But the Indian version comes with 12V, 4.0Ah MF ETZ5V battery where Indonesian version fitted with 12V, 5.0Ah MF ETZ6V battery.

yamaha r15 v3 india vs yamaha r15 v3 indonesia

The difference in Optional Features

The Indonesian version of R15-V3 designed sporty and compact with a solid sports profile. On the counter, the Indian version comes with some localized extensions. The Indian version featured with bikini rear wheel guard, covered chain and sharee-guard extensions. In the Indonesian version, the rear is naked and sporty.

The difference in Overall Weight

Another most significant difference found in both version of R15-V3 that is weight difference. The Indian version is 5Kg heavier than the Indonesian version. The Indian bread is 142Kg and Indonesia packed it lighter with only 137Kg.

The difference in Riding & Controlling Mode

Lastly, not a vital but both the version possess quite a different riding ergonomics and controlling mode. Following the different front suspension setup, handlebar height, handlebar position, ground clearance both the machines riding taste is different. Again, with 5kg weight difference, it definitely gives different controlling and handling feature.

yamaha r15 v3

So, after all the differences you can see both the version of Yamaha R15 V3 are featured quite different. Hence, not to mention again but both the machines carry significant similarities in core as those belong the same OEM parts. Therefore, the versions come with the same four-stroke single-cylinder engine. The engines featured with the same VVA with Assist & Slipper clutch.

Again, the engine produces the same 14.2kW of power and 14.7NM of torque. Hence only a few technical measures are different in between Indian and Indonesia version as we discussed above. So, here we end our today's discussion on Yamaha R15 V3 India vs Yamaha R15 V3 Indonesia version comparison. Thanks, everyone.

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