ACI Motors Is Arranging Yamaha Motorcycle Mega Service Camp

Published On 21-Aug-2017 10:42am , By Saleh

During the EID season, many motorcycle companies give away many kinds of offers. Many motorcycle companies offer discount, free registration, others offer various types and amounts of gifts. In this Eid ul adha, there are several motorcycle companies giving away various kinds of offers, and meanwhile, ACI Motors is concentrating more on their existing customers by arranging a Yamaha Motorcycle Mega Service Camp which is different and also better in many aspects.

ACI Motors Is Arranging Yamaha Motorcycle Mega Service Camp

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Yamaha Motorcycle is one of the most popular motorcycle brands in Bangladesh. ACI Motors started bringing Yamaha Bike not so long ago and yet they have been one of the most popular company in the market.  However, in the recent times, there were some issues with several Yamaha Motorcycles, like Yamaha Motorcycle Chain Problem, and other things.

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However, as these problems were fixed and the affected customers were happy, Yamaha Bike Bangladesh is taking a really different approach during this EID season! They are arranging a Mega Service Camp for Yamaha Motorcycle Riders and the riders can avail so much from this camp!
In the Yamaha Motorcycle Mega Service Camp, ACI Motors will provide solution to every problem the riders are facing. They are inviting the riders to make their riders totally hassle free and also cleaning, washing, and many more.

yamaha motorcycle mega service camp

Yamaha Mega Service Camp – The Services:

  • Free Service Check-Up
  • Free YDT Check-Up
  • Free Bike Wash
  • Free Fuel-Injector Cleaning
  • Discussion In Handling Tips
  • Discussion In Yamaha Bike Maintenance Tips
  • Providing Solution to Various Problems

Last but not least, in this mega service camp, ACI Motors are giving 10% discount on Yamaha Motorcycle Spares and Original Lubricants and Engine Oils. On the evening of 25th August (Friday) there will be a stunt show which will be performed by KB Rider. Then after that there will be a get together of Yamaha R15 riders, where they will arrange a rally with them.

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To me the most important service in this Mega Service Camp is the Free Fuel Injector Cleaning as there are many bikers who is not really familiar with this technology and most of them are unable to clean the fuel injection in normal shops as they lack the equipment and the knowledge. So, now bikers can enjoy their rides totally pumped up and hassle free during this EID vacation.

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Yamaha Motorcycle Mega Service Camp will take place in International Convention Center, Basundhara (ICCB), Beside Kuril Flyover.
The Mega Service Camp will be held from 08.00 AM to 08.00 PM.

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This is a really great initiative from ACI Motors as most of the companies are mainly focusing on increasing their sales by giving away discount, Yamaha Motorcycle is focusing on their existing customers and making them happy with this Yamaha Motorcycle Mega Service Camp. We hope that in the near future more motorcycle companies will come forward with these kinds of events which will benefit both the bikers and the company.

Published by Saleh