Yamaha FZS-FI VS Fazer FI - Which To Choose & Why

Published On 09-Dec-2017 06:29am , By Saleh

Yamaha FZ series that alternatively is one of the names of CRAZE among who loves motorcycle in Bangladesh. From the year 2010 it ruling the roads of our land and still fighting hard against the rivals with new FI version. Here in Bangladesh both the street naked and touring version of FZ therefore FZS-FI & Fazer-FI are available. Hence here is the confusion which to choose from between and why. Hence helping you considering this issue here is our Yamaha FZS-FI VS Fazer FI – Which To Choose & Why! Let’s head in.

Yamaha FZS-FI VS Fazer FI

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Yamaha FZS-FI VS Fazer FI Overview

Here both the bike Yamaha FZS-FI and Fazer-FI belongs to the Yamaha FZ series. Both the bike designed on same platform with quite same technical specification. But of-course the dimension varies due to external body design and structures.

Here Yamaha FZS-FI is the true street naked model. Its body panel structured naked and with a bit narrower extend. This tight packed design is very much focused for easy and free ride with in the city traffic. For narrow dimension of naked body design it’s riding, maneuvering and controlling is much easier within the crowdie territories.

On the counter the Yamaha Fazer-FI is the same bike but with extended dimension of body panels. It comes with bigger and more aerodynamic panel on front part. Here the headlight assembly is iconic according to Fazer series with double pit dual headlamp assembly. More over front side panels are more extended which featured for more aerodynamic characteristics.

Here in addition the rear view mirrors are set on the wide headlamp assembly. The mirror horns are more widened for better & easy rear visibility which is just absent in FZS-FI for free & easy city ride. Hence in over all Yamaha Fazer-FI is designed with more aerodynamic character for stable riding or cruising on highways.


Yamaha FZS-FI VS Fazer FI Similarities

So readers you are already known between Yamaha FZS-FI VS Fazer FI which is developed for what. But considering our local & socio-economical aspect there is a bit of complexity of choosing right bike for a user. Before discussing that issue here we focus on the similarities of the both bikes. It will help you more to come on a specific decision.

Here both the Yamaha FZS-FI VS Fazer FI is designed on same platform and with same mechanical features we mentioned earlier. Hence the chassis, wheel, braking & suspension system all are same. The riding position, posture & seating of the bikes are also same. Overall at a glance there is no difference in between Yamaha FZS-FI VS Fazer FI except the headlamp assembly and front side panel of the bike.

Again in terms of technical features both bike also same. Here you will find no difference in engine or the engine specifications. Even those bikes engines are also tuned in same character. Hence again Yamaha FZS-FI VS Fazer FI is the same bike except the front aerodynamic headlamp assembly.


Yamaha FZS-FI VS Fazer FI Which For What & For Whom

So readers you can see both the Yamaha FZS-FI VS Fazer FI bikes are same breed but why anyone choose one over another? Is that only for different look? No! In straight answer one is for city ride and another one for highway touring.

Hence the question comes is that possible to buy both bikes where someone rides both on city and highways? No, that is not realistic. So in such case what to do? So readers here you have to determine what kind of rider you are. What type of riding most frequent with your lifestyle?

Maybe you are a student or a serviceman who very frequently ride within the city. Sometime maybe weekend or month end you go for a long ride for relaxing or other purpose. In such case Yamaha FZS-FI best fits with you riding pattern. Here as you ride frequently within the city so riding the bulky Fazer FI is a hassle. Moreover frequently parking and running through the city crowd is a big issue in most of the cities in Bangladesh.


Choosing a Yamaha Fazer FI

On the other side maybe someone ride in the city moderately but much freak or frequent in highway riding. In such case Yamaha Fazer-FI is the best option for such king of rider’s purpose. Yamaha Fazer-FI of-course is much more featured and stable dealing with highway issues.

Hence dealing with cross wind pressure, crossing heavy vehicles, focusing headlamp on track even when maneuvering handle bar or viewing the rear in mirror without bending head etc. can be very smartly tackled in Fazer FI. Moreover proper weigh distribution is another most significant issue as a traveler caries heavy luggage in tail. Here the weights are quite covered in balance with the front panel weight and air pressure on front aerodynamic panel.

Again for the city ride a Fazer FI user will face few disadvantages for sure. But of-course a traveler rides much more quiet & steady then any other city rider where again the rider is much more fitted & habituated with the bike dimension.


Yamaha FZS-FI VS Fazer FI - Make Your Decision

So readers as both the Yamaha FZS-FI VS Fazer FI is same bike but of-course they have huge difference considering riding environment & situation. So you have to determine what kind of rider you are and what is safer for your common riding ground. Hence not to be biased over the bikes look. Just go for the appropriate bike which best suites to your requirement and riding pattern.

Therefore stay tuned with us guys for latest motorcycle news, reviews and tips. Thanks for staying with our Yamaha FZS-FI VS Fazer FI – Which To Choose & Why! And don’t forget to put your though or queries on motorcycle in our massage box. Thanks again.

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