Reasons Why Electric Motorcycles Are Not Popular In Bangladesh

Published On 01-Jun-2019 08:08am , By Raihan Opu

The world is moving  to alternative energy - and Electric Vehicles are becoming more and more popular day by day in many countries. Like all other electric vehicles, Electric Motorcycles are also trying to find their way into the world motorcycle scenario motorcycle market. But,  Electric Motorcycles in Bangladesh are mostly terrible, and in this article, we are going to discuss why. electric motorcycles 

Electric Motorcycles are very popular worldwide even in Bangladesh, they have been around for a good amount of time. Most of the Electric Motorcycles in Bangladesh are in the form of electric scooters, and sometimes there are some models who even have three wheels! Apart from Electric Scooters, only few Electric Motorcycles are available who looks like a proper bike. But, that number is so limited that it can be considered as close to none.  But,  people often ignores all of the Electric Motorcycles are for some very good reasons.
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Electric Motorcycles Always Run Out of Range

This may sound like a myth but somehow in the scenario of Bangladesh, it is true. Most Electric Scooters available in the market claims to have good range for providing an all day long commute, but in reality, The don't have a proper range. And, the not so smooth road conditions in Bangladesh also makes the Electric Motorcycle run far less than what people expects. Most of them provides a range long enough to spin in the city or around. Most electric bikes in Bangladesh has a maximum range of 50-70 km.

They Are More Expensive

This is a really good reasons why people avoids Electric Motorcycles. They cost relatively more comparing to a petrol powered Bike with similar aesthetics. There are some relatively cheaper options too, but at the end of the day the cheaper options provide even less a backup in terms of range, durability, service, and everything.

Charging Is A Nightmare

Like any other Electric product, you need to charge your Electric Two-Wheeler regularly. That is where the problem begins, as most of the Electric Bike models in our country requires a really long time to fully charge. And as you are not getting a good enough range, The charging time always seems like a lot. Most of the time The bikes require overnight charging or more to fill up the whole battery capacity, and most of the time this charging duration increases with more and more usage.
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The Battery Issues And Replacement

This is probably the biggest problem of buying an Electric Motorcycle or Scooter, especially in Bangladesh. Most of the models available in market are build very poorly - and even if sometimes they have a good chassis and motors, they have a terrible battery. As a result, upon just normal usage the battery wears out really soon, and the biker has no other option than to replace the battery within one or maximum two years of using the bike. This is also an expensive replacement, therefore the biker need to spend a good amount of money even after purchasing the bike.

Lack Of Registration

This is probably the most important legal boundaries and the reasons why the importers don't bring good quality Electric motorcycles in Bangladesh. Electric Bikes don't get any permission or anything from BRTA which makes it eligible to ride on the road. Therefore, sometimes Electric Scooters get dumped from the road by the authority because of proper paperwork - so it is something to consider when buying one.
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The X Factor

There are always something missing from an Electric Motorcycle, and when it comes to electric scooters in Bangladesh, not something but a lot things, a lot of feelings and joy are missing. Not only they don't have the raw joy of riding into the unknown, but they also miss out on the engine performance and always works as a commuter, more or less.

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At the end of the day, the fuel resource is limited, and Electric Vehicles or alternative-powered vehicles are the solutions. There are some really great Electric Motorcycle companies ruling the streets in other countries like ZERO Motorcycles, Energica, Brutus, and more. Hopefully, Motorcycle importers of Bangladesh will bring in good quality Electric Motorcycles which will even outrun the petrol-powered cousins, and win the heart of Bikers and Enthusiasts alike!

Published by Raihan Opu