What Should a Biker Wear?

Published On 04-Nov-2012 06:00pm , By Raihan Opu

You have always dream to be owner of a best bike in the world. But did you think about the Biker?

How he or she  look? Although when you are a new rider you will think only about your pretty look. So think about that, you should look  good as good as your bike. So in this article, I am trying to give you some suggestion about What should a biker wear? while driving. This article is written basically focus on the new bikers…

What Should A Biker Wear?


A life savior. There are lots of design-able helmets now in market. You can choose from the half door close, full door close, summer collection design, etc. My choice is half door close. You can use it in city, summer, winter, highway. Its call all road, all season helmate. Whatever helmet you buy, make a trial first. The helmet should be comfortable and properly fitted with your head. Don’t compromise with you're safety and don’t give away your safety just because of some extra money.

 motorcycle helmet safety tips bikebd 


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General clothing:

What should a biker like while biking? T-shirt,jeans…. Ok. No problem in city area. But if you going for a journey outside of city then you can choose a full sleeve T-shirt and jeans in summer. In winter gear up with jacket which fitted enough with your body. Because high wind will blow and pull behind if you wear a loose and thick woolen jacket. You can use a muffler to in winter.

leather jacket motorcycle in bangladesh  

Leather Jacket For Biker


what kind of gloves should a biker wear? A long rider should wear a gloves. Gloves give you better and comfortable grip for journey. In winter gloves should thick enough to protect from cold. In summer lightwet and air pocket enabled gloves give you comfort and safety. 

motorcycle gloves in bangladesh bikebd 



Heavy boots preferable. Because its help a biker to protect his ankle during a accident. Maximum time in bike accident, a biker injured in ankle, it can be broke also. Thin & lightwet boots sole always slip during the bike ride so prefer a thick & heavy boot. Follow a proper Motorcycle Gear Buying Guide for help.

motorcycle boots from bangladesh bikebd 

Boots For Riders


A proper vision can save your life..in high speed a sunglass can protect your eyes. Choose the sunglass according to your eye gap. Choose always sports shape. Polarized sunglass give you better view under sunny day. A good sunglass give you a better look &  help you to notice by others in the street. 

motorcycle sunglass bangladesh bikebd 

Sunglasses For Riders

Hope this article help you to choose a proper Biker Wear.

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