Walton Bangladesh : Walton Motorcycle Bangladesh

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Walton Bangladesh. A  brand name. Walton is the most known brand is Bangladesh or even worldwide. Innovations at its finest that is Walton Hi-tech Industries Ltd or WALTON a brand that competitively arising around the globe. From trading to manufacturing, to creating enormous innovation of highly technology product to compete and outcast the other company with its incomparable and creative designs.

Walton Bangladesh : Walton Motorcycle Bangladesh

From engines of motorcycles, refrigerators , freezers, saving lamp, electronic goods, electricity generating equipment's , household equipment and even dairy and textiles name it is Walton Hi-tech Industries Ltd has it. Walton Hi-tech Industries Ltd, manufacturing and trading company offers greatest and most updated in terms of manufacturing technology specialized in refrigerator, freezer and motorcycle in Bangladesh. Today this company is the leading and pioneering company of refrigerator, freezer and motorcycle and other products.

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Breakthrough on some highly specialized refrigerators, freezers and motorcycles that entices the buyers to purchase and experience the high quality plus technology in one. Energy Saving Lamp. R. B. Group is the mother company of Walton Hi-Tech Industries Ltd. The company is specialized in manufacturing electrical generating equipment, motorcycle, household electrical and electronic good and other products even in textiles and dairy. Walton the brand name that continuously been serving in Bangladesh and other neighboring countries its highly specialized products from 1977 until the Walton Hi-tech Industries Ltd was established.

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Walton Hi-tech Industries Ltd was established on 2006 and competitively growing. Around 50,000 – 100,000 square meters the size of their factory that contains heavy equipment's to thoroughly manufacture refrigerators, freezer and motorcycles. The manufacturing plants of the Walton use cutting edge technology and state of the art facility to widely offer the optimum level of quality in refrigerators, freezers and motorcycles. Now, the company has newly built plants at Chandra, Gazipur about 35 km north off capital Dhaka. This newly built plant manufactures compressors and engines for freezers, refrigerators and motorcycle for meeting the countries demands and other parts of the globe.

walton bangladesh

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina Visiting Walton Stall At Trade Fair

The company has three Poly Urethane Foaming Plants, three Therm o forming (Vacuum forming) Units, highly equipped Metal Forming Units with Powder Coating, Nickel-Chrome Plant & Die-Casting Section, Robot operated Injection Plastic Molding Plant, highly equipped Test Lab, Printing & Packaging Section etc. Precision and innovative design of its products the main goal of Walton Hi-Tech Industries Ltd. Employees of Walton Hi-Tech Industries Ltd reaches over one thousand (1000).A well trained employees that facilitates and creates the manufacturing of freezers, refrigerators and motorcycles. Research and Development Division with forty one to fifty ( 41–50 ) staff and above fifty ( 50 ) Quality Control Staff responsible for the most updated and newly manufactured freezers, refrigerators and motorcycle with high quality engines and unique features .

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Walton Motorcycle Model: Xplore-140

These employees are skilled with unequaled capacity to ensure the quality and guarantee freezers, refrigerators and motorcycles in its optimum condition. While savvy engineer’s uses state of the art facilities and assures the most cutting edge design on their manufactured freezers, refrigerators and motorcycles. Walton Hi-tech Industries Ltd, competitively keeping pace with other companies offering the same products. Walton turns globally competitive and excels in the field of manufacturing avant-garde designs of freezer, refrigerators and motorcycle. Since globally in demand Walton Hi-Tech Industries Ltd has different market in Middle East, Eastern Asia and Western Europe to cope up the demands of the said countries.

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While the trade and market of the company is in Eastern Europe, Africa and Oceania. Today, this company offers the most advanced and unique features of their main products these are different types of Television (CRT, LCD, Plasma etc.) , HD DVD & DVD Player, Domestic and Industrial Generator, Washing Machine , Motorcycle, Power Tiller , Microwave Oven, Steam Oven, Wrist-Watch, Manganese & Alkaline Battery, Refrigerator & Freezer, Energy Saving Lamp, Air-conditioner and various types of necessary and useful home appliances. Aside from the innovative freezers, refrigerators, motorcycles and other household appliances the company also help in uplifting the economic status of Bangladesh by employment of local citizens that uplift the value of foreign currency. From manufacturing to uplifting the economic status of Bangladesh that is WALTON.

walton bangladesh

Japan Delegates Visiting Walton Industry

With its efficient, durable, nature loving machines to investments and provider of  local citizen. This paves way to create an industry friendly globally in which the government of Bangladesh can commit to investors , entrepreneur or even to workers from different parts of the world. The environmental concern of the company also exist by creating engines that are not cannot create harmful components in air specially since they are specialized in freezer, refrigerators and motorcycle engines. Walton Bangladesh at its peak of state of the art facilities , high technology machines, skilled and well trained employees , serving its countrymen and loving the mother nature . A brand name that suits all this WALTON.

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