Top 6 Expensive Bikes In Bangladesh: 2015

Published On 05-Oct-2015 05:53pm , By Shuvo

Yes Guyz! We are herewith some tough breeds perhaps performer or not but really tough in consideration of their high price. Riders you may remember as previously we have sorted out some low priced bike with our feed “Bikes Priced Below One Lac” for millions of our common users.

Who wanted to buy some daily commuter bike due to their hard earned tight budget and then we felt to list out the expensive models from current market. Therefore after a little research now we are hitting herewith the “ Top 6 expensive bikes In Bangladesh ”.

Guys, you know there are many expensive bikes available in our country but very unfortunately they are too expensive considering the price but not like a high capacity big daddy which should we buy with high price and all are bellow 155cc as there is ridiculous cc restrictions in Bangladesh which absurdly applicable only on bikes.

So there is no way to use at least any standard entry level bikes in our country where internationally quarter liter bikes are considered as entry level bike. Whatsoever, our dreams are ended before the digit of 155 and all the expensives here at our list are bellow of that cc capacity. Not extending more the briefing let’s head in the list.

most expensive bikes in bangladesh honda cbr150r

Honda CBR 150R: 

Honda CBR150 is one of the most expensive bikes currently in Bangladesh where there is another bike available with sharply same price tag(Source). Honda CBR 150R is the most delicate as well as robust 150cc bike in our country which is significantly symbol of performance and also elegance. This is also the fastest legal bike currently in the country.

Not only that, but CBR 150R also has all the quality to be the best bike in the country considering currently available bikes in Bangladesh. Though the price is too high considering a 150cc bike but this is the most dreaming bike among the bike enthusiasts in our country.

One thing we are damn sure that once you have twisted the throttle of your newly purchased costly Honda CBR 150R you will not feel any regret about the hard earned money that you may have spent for the bike. Therefore let us share the specifications though you have enjoyed those over thousand times J

SpecificationHonda CBR 150R
EngineSingle Cylinder, Four Stroke, Cooled, DOHC Four Valve Engine
Bore x Stroke63.5mm x 47.2mm
Compression Ratio11.1:1
Maximum Power18.28BHP @ 10500 RPM
Maximum Torque12.66 NM @ 8500 RPM
Fuel SupplyFuel Injection, ECU Controlled
Starting MethodElectric Only
Transmission6 Speed
Weight138 Kg
Fuel Capacity:13 Liters
Suspension (Front/Rear)Telescopic / Spring loaded hydraulic type (Monoshock)
Brake system (Front/Rear)Both Hydraulic Disk
Tire size (Front / Rear)100/80-17 / 130/70-17; Both Tubeless
Top Speed135Kmph
Fuel Efficiency+/- 35Kmpl
SpeedometerFull Digital with Analog Rev Counter
PriceBDT 4,90,000.00

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expensive bikes in bangladesh 2015

Yamaha R15 V2:

This is Yamaha YZF-R15 the youngest but not the actual youngest sibling of Yamaha racing series where there is another one R125 which isn’t available at BD. Before the launch of Honda CBR150, Yamaha R15 was the only pure racing DNA bike in the country which was the only king of the and was the only most expensive bike in Bangladesh.

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R15 is completely tracked design racing mule targeting the south Asian racing freak riders where lower capacity bikes are affordable to them. Hence still Yamaha R15 is one of the faster & dreaming bikes to the freaks and that is also the most expensive one currently in BD. So let us again to enjoy you the specifications for maybe thousandth time :)

SpecificationYamaha R15
EngineSingle Cylinder, Four Stroke, Cooled, SOHC Four Valve Engine
Bore x Stroke57mm x 58.7mm
Compression Ratio10.4:1
Maximum Power17PS @ 8500 RPM
Maximum Torque15 NM @ 7500 RPM
Fuel SupplyFuel Injection, ECU Controlled
Starting MethodElectric Only
Transmission6 Speed
Weight136 Kg
Fuel Capacity:12 Liters
Suspension (Front/Rear)Telescopic / Linked type Monocross
Brake system (Front/Rear)Both Hydraulic Disk
Tire size (Front / Rear)90/80-17 / 130/70-R17; Both Tubeless
Top Speed130Kmph
Fuel Efficiency+/- 35Kmpl
SpeedometerFull Digital with Analog Rev Counter
PriceBDT 4,90,000.00

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most stylish bike in bangladesh suzuki gixxer sf

Suzuki Gixxer SF:

This bike is the latest edition in the Bangladeshi motorbike market and this is the most expensive air-cooled bike currently in BD. Suzuki Gixxer SF also is the highest capacity bike currently where its displacement is only 154.9cc which ridiculously made the Gixxer SF highest capacity air-cooled bike of the country.

And the company also claiming it as the bike of the year 2015 which is not our consideration but one thing no one can ignore is its looks & design, which made the bike most eye-catching appealing and adorable to the millions of bike enthusiasts.

You cannot differentiate any of the technical specifications between the naked Gixxer with Gixxer SF but only the sporty full aerodynamic fairing, which calculative cost is around 35-45 thousand TK. Though the price is not realistic and buyer-friendly; and undoubtedly ridiculous & aggressive, but that is selling in the market.

The reason people might satisfying themselves with the feeling of owning something looking deferent or some bit expensive which expresses the aristocracy so they are buying the bike. Whatsoever let us detail you with the expensive specifications :)

SpecificationSuzuki Gixxer SF
EngineSingle Cylinder, Four Stroke, SOHC Air Cooled Engine
Bore & Stroke56.0mm X 62.9mm
Compression RatioNot Found
Maximum Power14.8PS @ 8000 RPM
Maximum Torque14 NM @ 6000 RPM
Fuel SupplyCarburetor
StartingElectric & Kick
Transmission5 Speed Gear
Dimension (Length x Width x Height)2050mm x 785mm x 1030mm
Ground Clearance160mm
Saddle Height780mm
Weight139 Kg
Fuel Capacity:12 Liters
Suspension (Front/Rear)Telescopic/Adjustable Mono shock absorber
Brake system (Front/Rear)Disk / Drum
Tire (Front/Rear)100/80-17, 140/60R-17; Both Tubeless
Electrical12 volt, 3Ah, MF Battery
ConsoleFull Digital
PriceGP Edition BDT 2,95,000.00; Regular BDT 2,85,000.00

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best touring bike in bangladesh yamaha fazer

Yamaha Fazer 153:

This is currently the top selling expensive bike in the country. This mule still has been fighting flawlessly against all the available performer and featured bikes in BD. Still none one could break its reputation and countrywide popularity.

And everyone should admire that, roaming and touring countrywide with bikes has got a different dimension after launching this machine on our . We think Yamaha Fazer 153 does not need any briefing to the bikers as it is very familiar to all in every aspect but let us share the technical specification one more time to help you to compare with the others :)

SpecificationYamaha Fazer 153
EngineSingle Cylinder, Four Stroke, SOHC, 2-Valve Air Cooled Engine
Bore & Stroke58.0mm X 57.9mm
Compression Ratio9.5:1
Maximum Power14PS @ 7500 RPM
Maximum Torque13.6 NM @ 6000 RPM
Fuel SupplyCarburetor
StartingElectric & Kick
Transmission5 Speed Gear
Dimension (Length x Width x Height)2075mm x 761mm x 1119mm
Ground Clearance160mm
Saddle Height790mm
Weight141 Kg
Fuel Capacity:12 Liters
Suspension (Front/Rear)Telescopic/Adjustable Mono shock absorber
Brake system (Front/Rear)Disk / Drum
Tire (Front/Rear)100/80-17, 140/60-R17; Both Tubeless
Electrical12 volt, 5.0Ah, Lead-Acid Battery
ConsoleFull Digital
PriceBDT 2,65,000.00

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best 150cc bike in bangladesh yamaha fzs

Yamaha FZS:

This is the same 153cc breed from Yamaha like Yamaha Fazer153. But it is the naked version of the bike with same configuration but only difference is the semi-fairing and its dimension. And it also got the expensive bike tag due to its high price.

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You know this is also is the popular model countrywide but peoples are very much dissatisfied with the distributors’ aggressive pricing. As the technical specification is same so not repeating those again let us share you only the current price as it is BDT 2,55,000.

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popular in bangladesh 2015

Suzuki Gixxer:

This was the one of the most awaiting bike for year 2015 in BD as we have listed it at the beginning of this year. After burning a lot of straw it launched at BD and continued it selling with a decent price tag where peoples were expected to get relief from the aggressive pricing of Yamaha bikes. But within a short period the company turned out their real face and raised the price aggressively.

Due to new refreshed look and renowned brand name the bike is selling like the hot cake but the company earning bad reputation due to their poor & low quality after sales service.

As there is no technical differences with the more high priced Suzuki Gixxer SF but only aerodynamic fairing and the dimension, so we are not sharing again the same specific detail; better see again the detail on Suzuki Gixxer SF clause but we should mention the aggressive price as it is BDT 2,49.900.

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So riders, the most expensive list is end here, but ended for this time only as the businessmen of our country always seeking for some bullshit excuses for raising the prices where most of the time they do not need any excuse for that. We are quite sure soon we have to come with a new refreshed expensive bike list to make you more dishearten.

Sorry guys we have nothing to console you but we expect for quality products with reasonable and comfortable price tag from the companies. Cause we the Bangladeshi riders love the bikes and want to use quality bikes buying legally with comfortable reasonable price. Thank you all.

*All the price and specification is subject to change upon company rules, policy, offer & promotion. BikeBD is not liable for the changes. 

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