Tips For Motorcycle Passengers

Published On 12-Dec-2012 06:09am , By Raihan Opu

Sitting in the back of a motorcycle is a fun for some people and experience for other people. Some tips for motorcycle passenger will help a rider to ride safely. It can be more interesting if you follow some rules and understand those rules. 

So here are the rules for the passengers

tips for motorcycle passenger

  • Wear clothes that will give you protection in unlikely events, such as wear foot wears that protects your feet and ankles and in that case hiking boots are good. You will have to wear durable pants that can be made of leather. An jacket that has zips or buttons up to neck is better and it will be more better if it is made of leather or a nylon flight jacket or something like that. Than you will have to wear durable gloves, and you should keep your eyes protected. For that  you will have to wear a helmet which have face shield, or else you should wear a goggles.
  • You should always dress appropriately according to weather. You should dress according to the hot or cold weather. So in that case you should ask the rider about what you should wear, because he knows better about it. On hot sunny days u may wear dresses that keeps your body out of the heat. Don't wear anything which is loose like a scarf that can get caught in the rare wheels, sprockets, drive chain or belt because it may cause you injury or cause accident.
  • Wear a helmet that fits you properly. And you must wear a helmet to avoid injuries. and the helmet should not be too tight or too loose. The strap of the helmet should be put on perfectly. You can test for fit, and to see if the strap is tight, like this: grasp the chin bar of a full coverage helmet, or the edge of an open face helmet directly over your forehead, and try to pull the helmet backwards off your head. If the helmet winds up on the back of your head, tighten the strap or get a helmet that fits. The rider can show you how to put on your helmet properly and easily.
  • Before mounting on the motorcycle, make sure your foot-pegs are down. and if you don't know where the foot-pegs are than you will have to ask your rider about it.
  • Beware of the hot exhaust pipes, make sure you know where they are and don't let any part of your body touch them. They can give you severe burn.
  • From left side it is risky to get on or off from a bike. You should always ask the rider about mounting or dismounting. If he does not ask you to dismount or mount you should listen to him or it might create a accident.
  • Now you are going to know about the best way of riding on a motorcycle. At first you will have to extend your right leg over the seat and then slide gently up onto the seat. and then you will have to put your foots on foot-pegs thus you will be up safely. And for those people who are tiny or child they can follow this method-put your left foot on the left passenger foot peg, lean your body way over the motorcycle, and gently step up until you can swing your right leg over the seat and ease yourself down. You must keep your body low and lean over the motorcycle as much as possible while you get on, to help the rider keep the motorcycle balanced. Normal size male or female don't need to use this method. By practicing this methods it will be very easy for you to mount or dismount properly.
  • While riding on the motorcycle you must place your feets in the footpegs because if your foots get in contact with the rare wheel or the hot muffler, it will totally burn your skin.
  • Never attempt to help the rider hold the bike upright when it is stopped.
  • Every roads has some turns, so motorcycles have to go through some turns. So you will have to make yourself prepared for those turns. For this you will have to look over the rider's shoulder, according to the left right turn. And this will work to put your weight in place. you should keep your body on the line of the rider so that the motorcycle doesn't lean more
  • Now when the rider puts on the brakes, it causes a forward weight transfer. While a hard break try to grip yourself and hold yourself back so that you  don't get in touch with the rider and you will have to control yourself by giving pressure in thigh muscles.
  • You can be an active rider, by staying alert and prepared. you can guide the rider in different ways. And also get yourself prepared for sudden breaks.
  • Never try to receive any mobile call during ride. It will disturb the Bike stability when you try to pull out the cell phone from your jeans.
  • If Biker run the bike through some risk then don't scream & don't move you're body. The biker know better what's he or she doing  so help him by stay calm.

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You can also point out the hazard to the rider. Therefore this tips for motorcycle passenger are to be followed by the passengers to help the biker to help ride safely.

Published by Raihan Opu