The Perfect Motorcycle Test Ride: Have You Checked EVERYTHING?

Published On 29-Jun-2013 04:06pm , By Zahidul

The Perfect Motorcycle Test Ride

Are you thinking of getting a new bike? Or have you just learned to drive a motorcycle and are now thinking of owning a bike for the very first time? Whatever the case maybe, it is important that you choose the right motorcycle for yourself so that you do not regret buying it. Â on Investing a new vehicle requires thorough research on the model, especially a good motorcycle test ride to see if the vehicle qualifies for you or not. So what is the best possible way to have a good test ride?

motorcycle test ride

  • Before you take your bike out for a test ride, persuade the owner/ authority to let you ride through busy roads so that you can understand how the bike performs in practical everyday conditions.
  • Go prepared. If the bike you are testing has faults, chances are you may end up at the hospital before you can even purchase the bike if you do not wear the proper gear for the ride.
  • Before you hit the road, get acquainted with the bike. Adjust the mirrors. Check whether the brake lever is within good reach, get an idea of where the brake pedal is etc. Every bike is unique and hence different in its own way. So get to know the bike before you take it out.
  • Make sure the seating position of the bike is comfortable with your height and build. You will be spending a lot of time sitting on this, so any discomfort may result in back pains or any other form of unwanted physical problems.
  • Do not start accelerating and pushing the limits right away. Go easy first. Feel the movements of the bike as you ride it slow, and ask yourself whether you are satisfied with its dynamics or not. Slow speed sometimes reveals a lot about a bike's performance.
  • Next step accelerate and make frequent brakes. How does the clutch employ? Check whether it slips or not, whether the shifter feels smooth or not, whether the gears are accessible or not etc. Remember to test through all the gears.
  • Check the brakes. It might feel spongy, or it may not work smoothly, it may not operate well in emergency stops. If the bike has anti-lock brakes, test them. If you hear any sounds while you brake, report it. A few squeaks now and then can be accepted, but heavy noise when you are braking hard may indicate worn out rotors or pads.
  • Turn around curves and observe how it handles. Do you feel any slips? Does it turn to one side more than the other? Does it tremble? As you turn, is any part being scraped? Do not ignore any question or doubt that forms in your mind – faults can be recognized using these almost ignorable symptoms.
  • Check the suspension by riding through some bumpy roads. If you hear any squeaking or clattering noises, then it might indicate that the suspension is worn out.
  • Check for buzzing sounds from the wheel bearings. These allow the wheels to turn with reduced friction. If you do encounter any sounds, then this may indicate that they need to be changed.
  • If you witness any peculiar sounds from the exhaust system, then do not ignore it. Corrosion from rust or a perforated muffler may hamper the performance.

Making a rushed vehicle purchase may result in a lot of problems, and not to mention regrets, later on. You are planning to invest on something which you will be using for a long time, and anything overlooked may result in extravagant amount of repair expenses further down the time lane.

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So save future expenses by taking all the time you need to research and buy a motorcycle. Ask for opinions and read online reviews to know what you should expect from the motorcycle test ride so that it is easier for you to find faults. Your motorcycle will be accountable for not only your journeys but also your safety. So do not make a hasty decision. If possible, take an expert's help or a friend who is knowledgeable in this area.

So what are you waiting for? Get started on heavy researching for that appealing bike that had caught your attention the other day. And be sure to check out our site in case we have a review of our own. Don't forget, BikeBD IS not only the first motorcycle blog, but the best motorcycle blog in Bangladesh!

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