Suzuki GSX-R150 Test Ride Review

Published On 11-Jan-2018 01:16pm , By Raihan Opu

For best part of 6 years Yamaha & Honda ruled the Bangladeshi market with their sports bikes & time was asking for Suzuki to make something to go wheel to wheel with them & after lots of research testing finally this year Suzuki launched Suzuki GSX-R150, their first sports bike in Bangladesh in the 150 cc segment. We present you the Suzuki GSX-R150 Test Ride Review By Team BikeBD: Fastest 150cc sports bike in Bangladesh.

Suzuki GSX-R150 Review

suzuki gsx-r150

Suzuki GSX-R150 - First Impression: 

Firstly the bike is slim & in terms of height it is very low compare to its rival so for people who are of my height (5.5 feet) this bike is perfect sports bike to control in a congested Dhaka city. The bike from the front looks a bit cute with headlight situated one over the others & from the side it looks fantastic like a shark waiting to attack. In terms of aerodynamics they shaped it well to cheat the air, they also made the bike light, now it weighs just 131 kg. The motorcycle isn’t aggressive from front but it does know how to bring out the claws out of it.

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Suzuki GSX-R150 - Styling & Features: 

Along with the LED headlight the bike get LED tail lights. The fuel tank has taken inspiration from Suzuki GSX R1000. Handle bar is straight unit with full sporty attitude. Switch gears are conventional units. One of the key features of the bike is the key less ignition. The key less ignition helps you to start the bike with the help of a sensor also the bike has answer back features something which is helpful to find the motorcycle in busy crowed parking places. Speedometer of the bike is borrowed straight from Suzuki Gixxer but slightly modified. Speedometer has some added features like mileage calculator, rpm counter, speed indicator, gear change indicatory & other warning lights.

 suzuki gsx-r150 test ride review

The bike can carry 11 liters fuel in its belly. The headlight of the motorcycle is situated one after the other for better illumination on the road at night time. I was satisfied with the headlight illumination of the motorcycle at night ride, it is far better than the headlight unit we had at Yamaha M Slaz. Indicators are bulb type. The rear of the bike is sleek too; the pillion seat is very way backwards & unlike many other motorcycles there is no space at the back of the pillion seat to give any type of extra support. Unlike a Yamaha R15 V3 there are no grab rail for the pillion rider to seat comfortably . The key of the bike is integrated to the bike’s ignition, you need to have the sensor with you with you operate the motorcycle & without the sensor within few feet of the bike’s range you won’t be able to start the motorcycle. Worst still if you somehow manage to lock the neck of the bike then unlocking it will be impossible without the help of the key sensor.

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Build quality of the motorcycle is really not up to the mark. For me the plastic quality felt a big shabby & moreover the color quality around the engine started to fade just after 3000 km on the clock.  To minimize the cost of the motorcycle they have to take this path.

Suzuki GSX-R150 - Tyres & Suspensions & Brakes:

Front suspensions are telescopic while on the rear there is a single mono shock swing arm suspension. It has petal disc brake at both front & rear of the bike. I think they messed up the tyres. Both the tyres are tubeless but although they gave 130 section rear tyres but they added only 90 section front tyres to the bike. I also didn't like the grove of the tyres.

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The bike has petal disc brakes which are new in this segment in Bangladesh. The combination of suspensions, brakes & tyres gives a good feedback on the road but there is one major fault about this motorcycle!. The weight distribution of the motorcycle isn't up to the mark.

Suzuki GSX-R150 - Engine & Transmission: 

The bike carries a 147 cc single cylinder 4 valves water cooled engine. The engine can roar & it sounds really amazing. When it screams it releases 18.9 BHP @ 10,500 RPM & 14 NM of Torque @ 9000 RPM. If you are good with maths then you can calculate that with low weight, sleek design & lots of power in this segment it will have a better top speed & acceleration then it’s rivals.

 suzuki gsx-r150 engine

The bike carries a 6 speed gearbox but the gear change aren’t the most smooth in the world. One of the things about this motorcycle is that although the engine of the bike is Fi but they didn’t have any RPM lock to the motorcycle, so you can twist the throttle as much as you can. One of the most irritating thing about the engine is that the bike needs 1300 ml of engine oil in its engine bay.

Suzuki GSX-R150 - Riding Experience: 

Riding the motorcycle in city is pure fun in the traffic, although the bike has very aggressive handle bar but due to its short height you can maneuver the bike in the traffic. Both the suspensions give good feedback on bumpy road but due to the handle bar position you will have pain on the wrist of your hands for the first few days.

suzuki gsx-r

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Highway rides too is a bit tough & if you happen to have a pillion then things might even get worse for you. Although the suspension give good feedback on any roads but as the handle bar is a bit aggressive the whole body pressure or weight goes on the wrist of the hands which makes life very difficult if you happen to hit a huge pot hole or goes under heavy braking. It is very difficult to ride this motorcycle for more than one hour without giving any rest to your hands. The problem of the bike isn’t suspension, brakes or the tyres but the weight distribution which is mostly situated on the front which doesn’t help the bike’s handling or under braking. This motorcycle is completely built for its raw acceleration & top speed. The acceleration of the bike is just jaw dropping.

 suzuki gsx-r 150 top speed

Sports bikes in Bangladesh.

The main reason for this type of acceleration of the bike is due to the fact that the bike has sleek design, it weighs very less & combined to that they have a 18.9 BHP Fi engine with no RPM lock hence you can twist the throttle as much as you want. Brakes of the bike & tyre grip are fine for track riding. Headlight is good enough for night riding & it has AHO facility.  One place the bike is a bit disappointing is its mileage, compare to other sports bike in the segment the mileage figure we received wasn’t up to the mark. But it is heavily recommended that you always take the best quality fuel for this motorcycle.

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Suzuki GSX-R150 Test Ride Review - Final Verdict: 

Suzuki GSX-R 150 is a pure sports bike, unlike many other bikes it didn’t pretend to be a sports bike by having semi sports bike features. It is a pure hardcore machine which is made only for open road where you can unleash it’s full potential. Yes it has some quality issue & up against its rival it will take a step backward in terms of practicality but given the price range in the market it is the Value for Money Japanese Sports bike in Bangladesh.

Suzuki GSX-R150 - Performance: 

Top Speed: 152 km/h Mileage: City = 32-35 km/l : Highway = 35-38 km/l. Current Price: Click Here To know the current price of the Suzuki GSX-R150

suzuki gsx-r 150 bangladesh  

  That’s all for the Team BikeBD Test Ride Review of Suzuki GSX-R 150, next month we will come to you with the Test Ride Review article of it’s naked sibling. Special thanks to Race Accessories for being the accessories partner for this test ride review. Until then ride safely. 

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