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Published On 20-Apr-2021 04:36pm , By Raihan Opu

I am Arnab. My home is in Binodpur, Rajbari. Right Now I ride Runner Knight Rider 150 V1. After passing the 1st year of High-school, my obsession with motorcycles gradually increased. Being the only son, I had a lot of difficulties convincing my family to allow me to get a bike. After all that convincing, I finally got my bike, and my dream came true.

Runner Knight Rider 150 V1 10,000KM Riding Experience

 runner knight rider 150 v1 red color 

The motorcycle I currently use is the Runner Knight Rider 150 V1. I have traveled over 10,000 km with this bike so far. It's not that the Runner Knight Rider 150 V1 was my first choice, but it was a better choice for me considering the price and features.

On 30th October 2019, I bought the bike from Rafi Auto, which is a dealership of Runner Automobiles at Rajbari, Binodpur. It cost me 1 lakh 35 thousand taka at that time.

A lot of people disagreed with my choice. Most people told me that the bike will pose a lot of problems. Quite a lot of people also told me that the bike will have a horrible fuel economy. According to most people, the bike will have bad quality simply because it is a Bangladeshi bike. First let’s talk about the controlling of the bike.

The braking of the bike is quite average, but if we consider the price and origin of the bike, it is great. The bike can easily brake from 60-0 kmph well within 4 seconds. However, the tire grip of the bike is not the best. I don’t really get a lot of confidence while cornering at high speeds, hence I try to avoid cornering at high speeds.

 runner knight rider 150 v1 rider 

Engine of the bike is quite smooth, and that puts a smile on my face. When I attempted to check the top speed of the bike, I noticed that it had accelerated from 0-100kmph well within 15seconds. The telescopic suspension at the front and the twin-spring at the rear quite easily keeps the bike stable while getting past speedbumps.

The seating position of the bike is great as well, as the high handlebars allow you to get around easily without any back pain. Although the fuel supply is a carburetor system, the mileage of the bike is good enough.

The average mileage in the city is around 40 kmpl, and around 50kmpl on the highway. Another interesting aspect while riding the bike is that this bike has a very subtle sound and almost no vibration.

Although situations may differ for others, due to different reasons. For example, incorrect grade of engine oil, lack of maintenance, bad fuel, etc. All bikes have pros and cons. The Runner Knight Rider 150 is no exception.

 knight rider 150 v1 speedometer view

Pros of the Runner Knight Rider 150 V1:

  • Fast acceleration
  • Smooth sound with very little vibration
  • Soft mono-shock suspension
  • Great mileage
  • Great built quality

Cons of the Runner Knight Rider 150 V1:

  • Braking
  • Tire Grip
  • Low powered headlight
  • Cranky Gearbox
  • Resale value.

Let us now see what I have done to the bike and what response I got off the bike: I changed the engine oil for the first time after the first 400 km. I used Castrol 20W40.

I was getting a mileage of around 20-25kmpl. I used Castrol 20W40 for the second time in 1000 km. After that, I stopped caring about the break-in period, and I used to accelerate the bike like crazy.

After the first 2000km, I went for a second service. During this service, the carburetor was tuned and they tightened the bike up. After this, I started getting around 35kmpl of mileage from the bike.

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After a further 1000km, at 3000km, I sent the bike for another maintenance. The carburetor was again tuned. Now I started getting more than 40kmpl of mileage.

After this, I changed the engine oil from 20W40 to 20W50, which brought down the engine sound a bit. There was no need to change any parts up to 6000 km except for the regular engine oil drain. I started to have some problems from 6000km to 9000km. E.g.:

  • Brake shoe corrosion
  • Chain loosening
  • Unwanted sound from suspension
  • Decreased battery charge.

knight rider 150 v1 red colour bike


  • CRLF Rear brake shoes
  • Installed dual-horn
  • Air filter changed
  • Chain tightened.

Further Problems:

  • Battery line fuse is blown (probable cause: rain ride)
  • Trouble during cold start
  • Decreased effectiveness of spark plugs.

Currently, the condition of my bike is: Vibration, bad sound, and battery issue.

 runner knight rider 150 v1 headlight

Aspects that remained the same or improved:

  • Mileage: 50kmpl on Highway; 40-45kmpl in the City.
  • Top speed (same as before).
  • Torque (ready pickup)/acceleration (same as before).
  • Leaving the strut (decreased).

My mistakes:

  • Did not maintain Break-in
  • Change the engine oil properly
  • Timely service.

I haven't had any long tours with the bike so far. However, I rode 200+ km in one day. The destination was Jajira Point on the Padma Bridge. Which is 100 km from my house. Total distance: 200km. We covered the whole ride in 6 hours. The bike accelerated quite easily to a speed of around 100-110kmph.

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Written By: Arnab

Published by Raihan Opu