Necessary Gears & Accessories after Buying a Bike

Published On 23-Oct-2014 12:17pm , By Shuvo

Hello guyz greetings for you. In recent times we have responded a query from many of you through our FB page. And it knocked me very sincerely & encouraged me to through this digest for your fulfillment. Today here I am with Necessary Gears & Accessories after Buying a Bike.

Necessary Gears & Accessories After Buying A Bike

You know many of us very much cautious about buying motorbike gears & accessories, but some of us are very much lethargic. Whatever you are, if you are a bike rider or going to be a rider it will be nice to concentrate here. Here I will attend the basic gears and accessories for riding a bike considering the season also. So let's start.......



This is the thing you should buy at first. Many of you can think is there any bike rider who have a bike but don't have at least a tiny helmet? Yes guys, there are lots of bike owner who has not purchased a helmet even a tiny plastic ! If you are the same or going to own a bike don't think twice just purchase a quality helmet (Source). It will keep you safe on sudden disasters and also from dust & dirt in all season.

 disk lock

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Security System:

You know there are lots of people engage with thievery of bikes. So strictly ensure your bike safety. Attach multiple type of lock while parking your bike. You will find various types of locking system & alarm system in the market. Before buying please get real user experience on the product. And of-course use quality product.


In our country it's really a sign of lavishness to wear while riding a bike. And people tend to buy some tiny only in winter season. But are an essential safety gear in all season. When you will be habituate wearing you will find yourself confident & comfortable in all season even you ride long or within the city. So don't hesitate to buy a pair of quality .


Rain :

I think I do not need to encourage you here to buy a rain as most of the riders buy this gear without any motivation. When the monsoon starts people willingly run toward the shop for a perfect rain .

If you need any suggestion then I will recommend you buy quality product which ensures leak free protections even through the cross joints & stitches. You will find some sealing inside the on the stitches. And of course avoid double side usable suits as it does not last long and stitches are not sealed from leaking.

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Cleaning & Polishing Kit:

It is really hard to find anyone who has not dusted off his or her bike for ones. If you really love to wash or polish your bike own, you can buy effective cleaning and polishing kits from Bike or Accessories Shop. You do not need to purchase high end products rather be careful for low quality product. There is an earlier post on it you can take a look on that for your satisfaction.

Toolkit Set:

Some of you can really reply that you do not want to be a or you have enough money to pay for even a simple work. But brother, if you want to stay with your bike for long and long time it will sure make you to hold a screw driver several time, otherwise you will have to halt on the idle.

So guys here I am humbly request you to take a minimum lesson on the toolkit attached with your bike and try to know how they work. I am damn sure it will benefit you and keep away you from hassles. For the enthusiasts, I will motivate you to buy complete toolkit set from the hardware shop as most of the time stock tool kits are not enough or good enough for hassle free work. Don't hesitate to buy all the number of wrench, pliers, screw drivers and others. You can also use it for your daily home work.


It's an essential gear for riding a bike. Please collect suitable footwear within your budget for riding which suits most of the weather. In Bangladesh you will find most of the people riding bike wearing pair of tiny slipper or sponge. Huh! What a ridiculous practice. If you are a rider then don't do this. Be a smart rider Maaaan!


It is another basic accessory for a rider. Goggles are an effective protective gear for riding. It protects your eyes from direct sun light, air, dust & dirt. You can run miles after miles without any fatigue on face wearing a comfortable goggle. Be cautious while buying goggles. Buy quality product to keep your eyes safe running long time on the .

Saddle Bag:

This is a necessary accessory for your bike if you are a frequent long rider, traveler or serviceman who frequently moves with bike. A saddle bag can be attached with your bike or there are some bags made of heavy garment which can be instantly hang over the seat. So buy a suitable saddle bag according your bike accommodation and your need. But please never use tiny bags hanging with the handle bar. It's really very much dangerous hanging bags with handle bar. Don't do it.

Riding :

From Bangladeshi aspect it is worth to recommend common bike riders to buy riding for riding a bike. But gradually the biking environment is changing and riders are getting cautious and becoming fashionable.

Here I am not motivating you to buy high end riding for riding rather then encouraging you to get a set of thick Cord wear or including a low neck if you are a frequent long rider or traveler or your job requires frequent moving with bike. It really saves you on the . A complete riding can protect from the dirt, dust and even  save you from accidents moreover it can keep you relaxed from fatigue due to long ride.

 led spot light

Auxiliary light & Signals:

Guys if you are a frequent rider in the night you will sure noticed that many bike head lamp beam is not strong enough to get clear vision for long. And this thing gets worst when upcoming vehicle comes with strong illuminations. To address such situation you can use auxiliary lights for clear long vision on highways. With the auxiliary lights you can enhance the signals or horns to address other vehicles and pedestrians clearly.

So riders here is the basics only, wish to attend you more if you getting harder with biking. Address us your queries. We will sure respond your meaningful requisitions. Thanks.

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