A Joyride of 379 Km within 8 Hours (Part-2)

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A Joyride Of 379 Km Within 8 Hours

Guyz, here I am again with the ending of  travel in Bangladesh story after A Joyride of 379 Km within 8 Hours (Part-1)

Border Gate

Banglabandha Zero Point:

Reaching at Banglabandha Zero point I headed my bike on the base of Zero point monument. But the BGB boys just rushed out from their shade and told me to get the bike out of the base and before the zero marked pillar. So I parked out my stallion their.

Returning from o Point

I was so much excited to see the monument of Zero point. I snapped it from the every angle. I passed their about 30 minutes and got rest, had chocolate & saline and gossiped with the BGB boys about their home, family, the BGB service life, behavior of BSF etc. The Border gate was just 100 meter away from there, and I could see the activities of Indian BSF.

India beside  of Banglabandha zero Point

But interesting thing is Indian border is only 10 meter beside from the where I have parked my stallion. After taking rest & relaxed I prepared for return. One of the BGB boys then helped me to take some snap of mine with the monument and with my stallion. And than I mentioned Allah Hafez to three BGB guy and started my bike again at 9:28am.

Heading to Tetulia

Return to Tetulia:

On coming from Ponchagorh I used the bypass of Tetulia, but on returning I entered into Tetulia town with a slow speed. It's not like a town, just like a village. I snapped the Tetulia rest , the KorotoyaRiver; where the other side and somewhere the middle of the is in India border. The people are fishing and somewhere they are pulling stones from . I also found some garden beside the roads of Tetulia.

India on other side of Korotoya at Tetulia

One thing I consciously recognize that, the boys and girls are -going. The from Thakurgaon - Ponchagorh - Banglabandha everywhere I found them going toward with books and completely dressed. And interesting thing is large number of the girls are using , as there is no other regular vehicle available on the accept rickshaw van. I wished to take picture of them, but due to security issue I prevent myself to do that. I saw many schools beside the roads. It made me hopeful for future Bangladesh.

Teulia  Garden

Entering at the middle of Tetulia, I found it had rained little time ago. Suddenly I got some noise from my rear wheel, but could not recognize the cause on running the bike. But at the bypass turning I stopped at the bypass monument of Rabindranath Tagor, and found that my chain alignment bolts are loosen & screwed out and that was making noise.

Tetulia Resthouse

I fixed it on position with my toolkit and oiled the chain with the oiling kit, which I attached with my wheel guard last night. And than I took some photos of the monument and of-course of my stallion and started for Ponchagorh revving my throttle hard. Again clocked two times on 118kmph but continued on 112kmph. I enjoyed again the 'S' turning continuing over 100kmph, and those were really tremendous feeling.

Runway of Tetulia Bangladesh

The ride was really superb on that , but I am not satisfied with the top speed. Here I definitely needed at least 300cc and double cylinder bike. Whatever, my Fazer also doing fine and I was really satisfied with riding it accept the top speed issue.


On riding I saw my fuel gauge is blinking as I have not concentrated on it yet due to carefree riding. So I headed to the first fuel station few km before Ponchagorh. It was 10:15am and 245km at my Odo.  I was quite disappointed not getting octane (RON95) there. I do not use regular petrol (RON80) in my bike but I have no other way rather taking petrol. So I took 9 liter of petrol. This is the fourth time I am putting petrol in my Fazer.

Ponchagorh Center

Let's see what happen, nothing to bother, I have an extra spark plug. I started my bike and just stopped at the exit of Ponchagorh town, and meet with my new friend Altafur (Traffic ). He just surprised seeing me so early. But we could not sit for , because he is on duty and his boss was there beside him. So we wished Allah Hafez each other. I snapped the divider circle and my BP , and revved out of the town like the Holydiver-DIO.

Soon I felt hungry. So I pull out a pack of biscuit from bag fastened behind me. Riding with one hand I opened the pack and put it in the space of my riding seat. I ate some biscuits riding on the . After running some kilometers, I found a small Bazar and stopped hard at a stall. I put off my helmet and took two Shingara,  and finished the biscuits with a glass of hot and took a large size of banana. The shopkeeper billed me only 11 taka.

It's really surprised me. Is it possible to get this thing with 11 taka anywhere in Bangladesh accept here? So nice. I asked the shopkeeper about the condition toward the Debigonj from just here. He told that, it will not comfortable to move with the and its condition is very bad. He suggested me to go Debigonj form the of Boda bypass. So I just took three glass of and headed toward Boda upazila bypass for Debigonj.

 travel in bangladesh

Another Runway:

The toward Boda is superb; I told you earlier as I have came over the . At the Boda bypass, I turned left for Debigonj, it was 11:00am and 268km on Odo then. The toward Debigonj is also like a runway like the toward Banglabandha. But it is little narrower than the Banglabandha and more population beside the .

Debigonj Bridge

But I again revved hard on the with 93-100kmph. At 11:30am with 292km I reached at Debigonj Korotoya Bridge. It was a nice looking bridge which cost me Tk.5 to pass over at toll point.

another highway of Debigonj

 to Hell:

From Debigonj upazila I headed at Domar upazila with 299km and then to Nilphamari town at 12:05 with 318km. And at that time I found the weather is changing very fast. It seemed heavy rain is waiting for us. The sky is covering with dark cloud from the left side though we are still under heavy sunlight.  The from Debigonj - Domar - Nilphamari is about 26km. But about 22km is like the hell. Fully destroyed and full of pebble and sandy dust like a off .

 to Hell

There are big potholes & waves on the . You have no chance to break on the , as breaking will lose your control over your vehicle on the pebbled . And the quite busy with heavy traffics as this way reduces distance among some places. But I didn't slow down my stallion bellow 50kmph and continued over it. And interestingly I captured the with camera continuing same speed.   So you can imagine I and my Fazer got coated with free cosmetic powder riding on the . We are looking like the ghost.

Storm at Nilphamari

When I entered at Nilphamari the sky fully covered with dark cloud. I pull off my sunglass flipping up the helmet visor and again flipped down it. The wind blowing so hard and fast but my stallion stuck on the for its aerodynamics. Vehicles and people are running in rush toward their shelter. But I have no other way to go home as I determined to take at home, lolz. So I continued over 90kmph in the heavy windstorm. But about a kilometer from Saidpur I trapped in heavy rainfall. I just headed my stallion inside a metal workshop.

Rain at Saidpur

Hell Rider in the Rain:

I was so disappointed to see the heavy rainfall and heavy windstorm. It was 12:30pm and 335km on Odo. I still have over 40km to reach home. Rather no way I took some photo of the rainfall from the shade. And at last the rain calm down in a range where I can ride. I quickly pull out my rain from the bag fastened on the pillion seat, and wear only the . Just put my phones & other sensitive things inside the and started like the hell rider in the rain. Its rally bad luck, again I trapped in heavy rainfall and heavy windstorm.

But I continued 93-95kmph with my stallion switching the head lamps on. The rain drops just piercing my fingers in high speed as I haven't wear my hand . But I didn't stopped and continued running. That was really an awesome feeling riding hard in a heavy storm. I just crossed vehicles one after another in the storm continuing same speed. All the dirt and dust washed away from us.  Thanks to Allah that I safely entered at Rangpur and dropped my speed at 20kmph.

At my Garage

Heading for Garage:

The town is fully busy with huge traffic. I was quiet with the satisfaction of long revving hard with my stallion. So I kept patience and rode slowly behind the vehicles in the narrow of Rangpur town. It took more than 15 minutes to stand at my home after entering at town. Finally at 1:27pm with 378.9km we stopped at my garage. Wow! I'm at home, safe & sound. So I can go after my . . . again in the of life.

Additional Tour Information:

Trip circuit                                         :Rangpur - Saidpur - Thakurgaon - Boda - Ponchagorh - Tetulia bypass - Banglabandha -                                                                     Tetulia - Ponchagorh - Boda - Debigonj - Domar -  Nilphamari - Saidpur - Rangpur

Total length of the circuit                  : 378.9km

Duration of Tour                                : 8 hours (5:30am-1:27pm)

Total driving time estimated             : Less than 6:30hours

Average Speed estimated                   : 60 kmph

Average mileage estimated                : 31 kmpl

Maximum speed gained                     : 118 kmph

Maximum speed continued                : 116 kmph

Max. turning & cornering speed        : 105-107 kmph

Normally continued speed range       : 50-107 kmph

Total District touched                                    : 5 (Rangpur, Dinajpur, Thakurgaon, Ponchagorh,Nilphamari)

Total Upazila touched                                    : 11 (Rangpur, Taragonj, Saidpur, Birgonj, Thakurgaon, Boda, Ponchagorh, Tetulia, Debigonj,                                                                                      Domar, Nilphamari)

Total expense for this tour                 : Tk. 1850

Red Stallion Resting

Riderz, here I have shared almost detail of my trip under  travel in Bangladesh . I think this will help you guys to know about this . And it may be helpful to anyone if you think to make a long ride in a wide, free and beautiful . I have never though that the northern area of BD is so beautiful. If you love to ride long and want to rev hard your bike, than it is one of the best circuit in BD as much I know.

By-SalehMd Hassan

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