BikeBD Started Motorcycle Research : Issues Regarding The Welfare of Riders

Published On 07-Sep-2016 04:35pm , By Saleh

We are proudly announcing that, our team has started a new, exceptional and very effective motorcycle research work regarding the welfare and safety of the riders. It's the first and foremost unique approach from Bangladesh. We are doing these kind of researches not only for the riders but also for all kind of bike lovers.

motorcycle research

We expect, these kind of researches will help all kind of people understanding each and every single term of a motorbike in details . On our first research paper we explained some common facts of a motorbikes by using dynamics and mathematics due to explain a motorbike logically. And we are committed to all the people of Bangladesh that we'll continue these kind of work in future too. We hope , It'll create a great historical  revaluation in perspective of Bangladesh. Our Researcher's are researching and will continue researching on various topics in near future.  We are representing our first research work today :

[pdf-embedder url="" title="An Approach to Increase Motorcycle Safety by Analyzing Some Factors of Motorcycle and Road Surface"]

Published by Saleh