Loncin GP 150 Feature Review - Affordable Sports Bike In Bangladesh

Published On 23-Sep-2017 05:18pm , By Saleh

Loncin GP 150 is an emerging Chinese bike in our country. This bike delivers looks and performance at an affordable price range. The young consumer segment of bikes in our country are heavily fond of sports bikes and also not all the consumers have the ability to purchase premium priced sports bike. So, this bike is fulfilling the dream of having sports bike at an affordable price range with good performance. Today we are here to introduce this bike to you more deeply and help you guys to understand this bike. It will also help you guys to make your decision.

  loncin gp 150

Loncin GP 150 Look, Design and Appearance

This bike has full sports look with all the characteristics in its appearance and design. This bike has full faired kit with stylish headlamp and also attractive back light. It also has muscular tank with very curvy seat which makes it look more attractive. This bike also got great looking digital speed meter and analog RPM meter. Loncin GP 150has little graphics on the various parts of its kit which also increases the attractiveness of this bike. As this bike has sportive, muscular and solid looks at once it can be said that the look of this bike can attract most of the consumers of young age segment.

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Loncin GP 150 Appearance


Loncin GP 150 Wheel, Break and Suspension

Both of the wheels are alloy wheel and wide enough to get better grip while riding. The size of front tire is 110/70-17 and rear tire is 140/70-17 which clearly shows that both of the tires are great to grip on road. This bike got disc brakes at both wheels and this will give great performance or breaking experience to the riders. It has telescopic fork upside down suspension in front and pendulum, mono amortyzator suspension in the back side. All these things together make the bike capable to get great confidence and comfort for the riders. loncin gp 150

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Loncin GP 150 Control and Balance

The sporty seating position and handle bar of Loncin GP 150 produce great confidence to the riders. It also gives comfort while riding in both city and highway both. As the bike got wide tires in the both side with good suspensions it gives good riding experience to the user. In total of this all matters take the control and balance to a great standard. This bike is also very flexible in order of twisting comparing to the other sports bikes at this price segment. So control and balance is also a great characteristic of Loncin GP 150 which will attract the consumers towards it. Loncin GP 150 Engine

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Loncin GP 150 Engine and Performance

The Loncin GP 150 got a four stroke, well powered and oil cooled engine as it is a sports bike. It can create 14.8 BHP of power peak at 8500 RPM and 14 NM of torque at 6500 RPM. This statistics clarifies that this bike is also a power booster bike. It also has 6 speed transmissions. In most of the situations the engine of this bike acts smoothly. It also has great speeding quality. The sound produced by the engine of this bike is not very low and not too loud which makes it feel better to the rider. So we can see it also has a great engine and performance .

Loncin GP 150 Front

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Loncin GP 150 Specification

Let’s check out the specification table of Loncin GP 150:


Engine type:

Single cylinder, 4-stroke, balancing shafts

Cooling system:
Oil cooling
Max output:
18 BHP
Power system:
12V 7AH
In oil bath Multi-plate
Transmission :
Fuel tank:
16 Liter

2030 X 720 X 1120
Height to seat (mm):
Wheelbase (mm):
Ground clearance (mm):
Aluminum alloy, Dual
Front suspension:
Telescopic Fork Upside Down
Rear suspension:
Pendulum, Mono amortyzator
Net weight (kg):
Wheel Size (front):
Wheel Size (rear)
Max. load (kg):
Brakes Front:
Brakes rear:

Loncin GP 150 Feature Review - Conclusion

This bike is for those who would love to have a stylish sports bike at an affordable price range with good performance and comfort also. It gives standard mileage and great balancing experience to the riders. Durability and reliability of this bike is increasing day by day.

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