KEEWAY RKS 125 Review: Based On 800KM Test Ride By Team BikeBD

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Speedoz Limited, Sole Distributor of Keeway brand motorcycles in Bangladesh.  These days on the road we have seen many of their Keeway RKS models roaming in the city and we also getting lots of queries about their bikes, so to help the bikers in Bangladesh we come up with the KEEWAY RKS 125 Review. Hence let us try to answer your questions as you asking from quite a long.

KEEWAY RKS 125 Review

keeway rks 125 review

Keeway is a motorcycle brand that has started its journey back from 1999 in Hungary. Their formerly dream and aim was to be the regional leader in the scooters segment, but as time passed by Keeway has become a multinational motorcycle brand in the world; whose activities are presence in near about 80 countries with not only the scooters but with high performance motorcycles.

In Bangladesh the Speedoz Limited used to import Megelli bikes but these days they are only solely concentrating. From the dedication in motorcycle business they have setup an assembly plant in Bogra city and they believe that within 2-3 years they will go for a full throttle motorcycle manufacturing in Bangladesh. Hence not talking more lets move forward our review part.


The engine of Keeway RKS 125 is a 125cc single cylinder air cooled engine but when you see the engine you will notice it is quite a big unit. At the first glance you might feel that it is like a 150cc engine. The engine chunk out the power of 11.2 BHP and 9.2 NM of Torque. The engine is lubricated as pressure splash, and it got a carburetor fuel system. The engine power is delivered by a 5 speed gearbox via a wet, multiple-plate clutch system.

keeway rks 125 engine specifications

The engine noise of Keeway RKS 125 is quiet different. It may not something sweet to hear like Hero Glamour but it makes a different noise which nearly makes you feel that the engine is taking in more air then it is needed and felt like a turbo charged engine.

We felt as there is a little vibration from the engine and the vibration comes at very high RPM like between 6-6.5K RPM. But as this is a small capacity bike so generally you may not ride with higher rev counter so you generally don’t notice that.

keeway rks125 price in bangladesh


There is little doubt that it is one of the best looking and most importantly aggressively designed 125cc bike on our road. The bike is designed nicely with wolf inspired headlight while the rear end is very nicely trimmed up.  The handle bar is not too wide but shortened for the better handling of the bike. The bike is small and the saddle height is low so it is a very good choice for people who are short and are around 5-5.5 feet.

keeway rks 125 price in bangladesh

They fitted toe operated gear with the bike which for some may be an issue while the horn is a very weak unit. One of the bad sides of the bike is that there is no kick starter.

The switch panels on handlebars are well designed and the speedometer is a neat piece of unit. It has an analog REV counter followed by a digital speedometer which also features a gear indicator, clock and fuel gauge.

keeway rks 125 seat

The rear grab rail is a big unit which helps the pillion to sit comfortably and be balanced by holding it. The seat is also very comfortable and there is enough space for two grown up man to sit and ride.

The bike has a safety features which will not allow you to start the bike if that is on side stand or the stand is down; many a times many riders unconsciously often set off with their stand down which sometime ends up with an accident.

keeway rks 125 braking system


The bike is equipped with a front disc brake and rear drum brake which we think is enough for the bike and we won’t complain as they does the work beautifully and the tires are very sticky so the handling of the bike is good too. One of the biggest strength of the bike is its chassis, which helps a lot to keep the bike balanced at high speed corning and very stable under braking.

keeway rks 125 suspension system

The one of the best part of the bike is its suspension; which we think this is what separates the bike from its rivals. The front suspensions are telescopic but the diameter of the suspension is huge while the rear suspensions are spring coil and it is very responsively moving and we think this bike has one of the best suspensions in the 125cc class.

The front forks are telescopic and that travel 110mm while the rear suspensions are coil spring oil damped and travels 60mm. The suspensions are good enough to keep the tires on road and for long ride the bike doesn’t give any pain to the riders.

keeway rks 125 test ride review


This is the part where the bike quite disappoints a bit. The bike doesn’t accelerate that fast and the top speed managed to achieve was 108 km/h. We didn’t found the official dry weight of the bike on the brochure of Speedoz Ltd. but in the website of Keeway it weighted as 121kg which seems to be the reason why this bike don’t turn that much speed.

keeway rks 125 headlight

The mileage is poor too being a 125cc bike where it was averaged between 38-40 km/l in Dhaka city but outside Dhaka city it returned 45 km/l.

The ride is sublime, because the tires are very grippy, along with the suspension that works well. The engine that deliver good amount of power, overall the bike performed well in both Dhaka city and on the highway.

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keeway rks 125 speedometer

BikeBD Evaluations:

Keeway RKS125 is one of the good looking 125cc bikes in the market currently. The build quality of the bike is very good and here are our some findings to answer you more clearly.


  • Good build quality of the entire bike is good.
  • Suspensions are one of the best in the class.
  • The tires have good grip.
  • Stylish design.
  • Comfortable seat.
  • Good riding position for all aged people.
  • Well balanced bike for highway ride in its class.
  • No complain about the braking and handling of the bike.


  • No kick starter, many times in the morning we faced problems with the self starter.
  • The gear lever should have a reverse arm for the aged riders.
  • Mileage is poor considering a 125cc bike.
  • Price is too high, should have been at least BDT 10,000.00 less.
  • No tubeless tires, which is a shame.

keeway rks 125 backlight

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Overall we are quite impressed with the bike, apart from the mileage and the price tag. We think this is a good bike for those people who want a 125cc good quality bike and want to use it for his daily work, going universities on weekdays and on the weekend you may hangout with mates. The bike may not meant for SPEED but of-course for the pleasure ride so that you can enjoy the ride in your daily life with style.

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