Keeway RKS 125 25,000 Km User review - Sharif Ahmed

Published On 30-May-2020 11:05am , By Raihan Opu

Greetings everyone! I’m Sharif Ahmed. today I will share the 25,000 KM 2-year riding experience of my first bike, Keeway RKS 125cc. I am currently a student of the Computer Science and Engineering department at the Bangladesh Institute of Science and Technology. My village home Char Fashion, Bhola. At present, I live in Dhaka.

Keeway RKS 125 25,000 Km User review - Sharif Ahmed

keeway rks 125 in bangladesh

The first interest came when I saw my older brother riding a bike. My brother used to ride bikes at speed. I wanted to learn to ride a bike since I am 12 years old. I used to learn bike riding in secret, hiding from my family. There were no specific bikes. However, the bikes were Suzuki GP 100, Hero Splendor, Hero Glamor, and Bajaj CT 100, this is how I learned to ride a bike.

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There are many reasons to like biking, one of which is to go anywhere with a bike, any time going to tour. Every destination can be reached safely in a short time with bikes. Life can be realized differently if you have a bike. Before buying a bike, I looked at various reviews on YouTube. I've selected the Keeway RKS 125 bike after seeing the reviews on the BikeBD Facebook group. I liked the bike very much. I had an interest in buying a bike from long ago but the budget was low. The Keeway RKS 125 bike looked very good, and I really liked this bike on a low budget, so I bought it.

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I bought the bike in January 2016, from Akram Motors in Moghbazar. At that time the price of the bike was 1,26,000 / - Taka. The price including papers is around 1,45,000 / - Taka. So far I have serviced a total of eight times, from “Keeway central service center” Nabisco, Tejgaon. Of these eight services, 4 were free. I have done the remaining 4 paid services. The quality of service is very good, I never had a problem with servicing.

Keeway Bike Price In Bangladesh

During the break-in- period of 2500 km, the mileage of the bike was 26 km per liter. But after the break-in-period and after the service, the mileage gradually increased. Now I am getting mileage of 32 kilometers per liter. I change the engine oil every 800 km and cleaned the air filter after every 2000 km, I changed the air filter after 5000 km. I wash the bike two times a month and after every 2000 km, I service from the service center of Keeway.

 keeway rks in bd

I have been using the same engine oil on my bike from the beginning. The engine oil is called Ravenol and grade 10w30 semi-synthetic, the price 500 TK. I never wanted to change the brand and go to another brand as the performance of this Engine oil is very good.

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Some of the parts I have changed in running 25,000 kilometers are:

  • The chain sprocket has been changed once
  • I changed the carburetor once
  • I changed the air filter two times
  • I changed the oil filter four times
  • I changed the clutch cable once
  • I changed the meter cable once

rks 125 in bd

I have modified some parts of my bike:

  • I have installed tubeless tyres on both wheels
  • I have changed the headlight bulb and installed the LED bulb
  • I have put a mudguard on the back
  • Installed the handlebar of Yamaha FZ-S
  • I have put the dual horn of Pulsar
  • Changed the seat cover
  • I changed the looking glass and put another model

With the Keeway RKS 125, my top speed so far is 108 kilometers per hour. I picked it up on the Dhaka-Comilla highway.

Keeway RKS 125 Price In Bangladesh

Some of the good aspects of the bike:

  • Great bike for long tours
  • This bike weighs a little more than others 125 cc bikes. So controlling the bike is much better.
  • The rider is not likely to have back pain.
  • The sound of the bike is very smooth.
  • RKS 125cc bikes have slightly thicker tires than 125cc bikes.
  • The front tyre is 90 / 90-17 and the rear is 110 / 80-17

keeway rks 125 user review

Some of the bad aspects of the bike:

  • Bike parts are a little more expensive and are not usually available everywhere
  • Mileage is low
  • Very few servicing centers
  • The headlights that came with the bike has very little power
  • Chain sprocket decays very quickly.

Long-distance travel means going home on a bike. In Dhaka-Bhola tour, I got good service as a 125cc bike. I love the Keeway RKS 125. But the problem is that the mileage is very low. And the price of the parts is very high. but it is a perfect bike as it is stylish in a low budget. Thanks.

Written By: Sharif Ahmed

Published by Raihan Opu