How to Boost Motorcycle Performance - 10 Tips

Published On 26-Dec-2018 03:16pm , By Ashik Mahmud

People buy a motorcycle and use that for several periods. So often many of them do complain as their motorcycle is not performing good as did before. Hence it’s a common issue and has many reasons behind. Therefore we are herewith How to Boost Motorcycle Performance - 10 Tips. Wish this will help you to boost up your motorcycle performances. So let’s head in our recipe.

how to boost motorcycle performance

How to Boost Motorcycle Performance

You know a motorcycle is that machine which carries the rider’s soul. Hence in another name, it’s the freedom which cannot be compared with any other thing. But being a machine its parts get wear and fall the performance, therefore, hampers the enjoyment. So it needs some basic and periodic maintenance.

Furthermore, it also needs some intermediate level maintenance which cannot be defined as repair work. Those are also maintenance job or performance boost up technique which done after a longer interval. So here are our 10 tips on how to boost motorcycle performance. Therefore we segmented the tips into two categories and here those are bellow.

Basic Tips to Boost Motorcycle Performance

  • Always use good quality fuel from the reputed fuel station. Ensure using manufacturer recommended RON of fuel. It definitely increases motorcycle performance.
  • Always use a clean and good manufacturer made spark plug. Periodically check the electrode gap and follow the manufacturer recommendation. While using aftermarket performance plugs, stay within manufacturer rating & standard.
  • Keep the air filter element clean and dry. Clean the element after a regular interval and change it before wear. While using aftermarket air filter, do that within manufacturer recommendation.
  • Use the manufacturer recommended grade and rating engine oil. Use reputed manufacturer engine oil and always continue with the same.
  • Lube the drive chain after a regular interval and clean it before lubing. Do adjust the chain & swing arm slack and align the wheel and swing arm periodically.
  • Adjust the brake mechanism free play. Do alignment of brake clipper assembly and drum braking mechanism to keep the wheels free playing. Again, always adjust the brake and clutch cable free play.
  • Always keep the tires in right air pressure. It directly related to motorcycle performance and safety issues. So keep the right PSI as the manufacturer recommends.

Intermediate Level Tips to Boost Motorcycle Performance

So while anyone has used a motorcycle for a certain longer period then the intermediate level maintenance is needed to boost up or restore the motorcycle performance. Hence we should keep this in mind that it’s just a maintenance job and never count it as repair.

Therefore those are the maintenance job which should do in every motorcycle which already rode certain a longer period. And those should do besides the basic maintenance jobs as we mentioned earlier. So here are those.

  • Do adjustment of the valve, valve clearance and adjust the tappets. Never does such sensitive maintenance work in an ordinary mechanic shop. Always do such services in the company authorized or in the reputed service shop. Again be sure about they have proper tools & expertise to do those.
  • Adjust timing chain tension. It has a vital impact on motorcycle performance and smoothness. Hence it’s also a sensitive service that should be done after certain longer intervals.
  • Clean the motorcycle carburetor or fuel injector and throttle body. If needed do the update of ECU mapping but factory default setting is always preferable. Again do such service and updates in the company authorized service points.

boost motorcycle performance

So, readers, these are our recipe to boost motorcycle performance. Obviously, these service and maintenance job will boost up & restore your motorcycle performance. Hence nothing to be worried as those are regular service & maintenance job for every motorcycle.

Hence some maintenance job can be done in a home or in the regular service shop. But some services need expert hand support with dedicated tools. So be caring for your motorcycle and maintain it in regular interval. Hence thanks for your presence with our How to Boost Motorcycle Performance. Ride safe and stay safe; cheers!

Published by Ashik Mahmud