Honda CB Trigger Review of Ownership About 20000Km

Published On 06-Nov-2017 12:27pm , By Saleh

Honda CB Trigger Review Of Ownership About 20000Km

I am Robin Khan from Tangail. This is my 2nd review about Honda CB Trigger.My first review was 2000km running review and this review is 20000km and 2 years 4 months review. So Lets starts my Honda CB Trigger Review

honda cb trigger review bd 2017

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Honda CB Trigger Review of Engine and Performance: Engine quality of this bike is very good.After 20000km I didn't found any problem in my engine like timing chain and tapet loose,bad sound from engine.So I didn't need to tight my bikes timing chain and tapet.Acceleration of this bike is good.I have obtained a top speed of 122kmph.My bike was capable of doing more.In these 20000kms engine performs like new. I never found poor performance and didn't felt engine is getting older. I maintained break in period properly.I used Honda 10w30 engine oil once used Havoline 10w30 and once used Motul 10w30 but I found Honda engine oil better.I change engine oil after 1500km every time. 

honda cb trigger review of ownership

Honda CB Trigger Review By Team BikeBD

Honda CB Trigger Review of Comfort,Handling & Breaking: Honda CB Trigger is a very comfortable bike.I have riden 300km+ in a single day 5-6 times. 2 times I have riden with my wife.In this long rides I never found any back pain,wrist pain.Even my wife didn't complain about any pain.This bike has superior handling.Breaking system of this bike is very good and it has good body balance. 

honda cb trigger review bd price

Honda CB Trigger Review By Robin

Honda CB Trigger Review of Mileage: Average mileage of this bike I found 45-50kmpl till now.In highway i found 55 to 60kmpl and max found 63.5kmpl.So I am impressed about the mileage of this bike. Honda CB Trigger Review of Looks: This bike lacks in this department. 

honda cb trigger review 
Honda CB Trigger Review of Changings After 20000kms: 1.I change my stock plug with NGK Iridium IX after 2500km. 2.Stock headlight bulb with Phoenix HS1 40/45 watt bulb for better lighting performance. 3.Extra seat cover with extra foam for extra comfort. 4.Air filter changed for 2 times. 5.Ball racer changed after 15000km because of bad roads in my area. 6.Security alarm installed. 7.Choke cable changed after 18000km. 8.Battery changed after 2 years. 9.Installed engine kill switch. Nothing else changed yet. 

honda cb trigger review 2017 
Conclusion: A bike with Honda logo ensures good engine quality and mileage,comfort.I am a proud owner of Honda CB Trigger.If you compromise looks of your bike but need other features like engine quality,mileage,comfort,controlling,breaking then Go for Honda CB Trigger. In this Honda CB Trigger Review I think you know more about the trigger. And lastly, Honda is Honda. The power of dreams.

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