Honda CB Trigger - Ownership Review By Fahim

Published On 10-May-2017 02:29am , By Saleh

Since My Last Review on Walton Fusion 110 I wasn’t quite active in writing article on Bikes, except for one or two topics. How Ever since 12th April, 2017 I have been itching to write this Review on Controversial Honda CB Trigger. I bought my Trigger from Masminu Motors, Uttara. Guys are really friendly and nice over there. And it being closest to my office I preferred to buy the bike from there.

Honda CB Trigger - Ownership Review By Fahim

honda cb trigger 
The Engine of Honda CB Triggeris ever reliable Unicorn engine with little to no changes. The only noticeable change is in the power production of 14 bhp @ 8500 rpm in Trigger and in Unicorn it is tuned to 13.3 Break Horse Power @ 8000. After purchasing my bike I did not go by the book. I did a hard engine break in. and changed Engine Oil twice more than recommended by the guys at Honda.

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honda cb trigger top speed

Coming to its performance:

Acceleration: 7/10 Maneuverability: 8.8/10 (as I live in Old town area this bike is a rockstar when it comes to slow traffic maneuverability.) Breaking: 7.5/10 (I settled with a Single disc break option) none the less the breaks are solid. Not much skidding. Perhaps once the tires are little worn-out I might get the real feel of it. Mileage: This is an interesting point as it varies from Rider to rider. I Use my Motorcycle from Commuting Home to Office and Back Home with stopovers in between which covers about Uttara to Keraniganj, which covers about 49 to 53 kms daily.  And Just before My First Servicing I got about 41km per liter. Which to my understanding is not as good as per what Honda claims. I will check the mileage on my bike after my first servicing. 

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Now getting down to the Key points of Pros and Cons:

  • Great handing
  • Engine Quality
  • Tubeless Tires
  • Rusting parts
  • Horrible Gear shifting ( I later learnt that the toe shifting is not a good idea in this bike. If you Heel shift then the gears change quite smoothly) but still it’s a mess.
  • Main Headlight is connected to Dynamo only therefore it is only available when the engine is running and it changes its glow with the engine rpm.
Looks: Great Muscular looking first half. But the rare half I am not quite sure what the people at Honda was thinking. Perhaps they designed it after a lunch break with half sleepy heads. Cheat Sheet:Morning cold Start- Kick the kick start lever about 3 to 4 times without turning on your engine. And then twist the throttle and then kick start it. Try to use choke as last resort to give life to engine. Ride in 3 to 4 thousand RPM between 45 to 50kmh to get optimum mileage. Use Stickers on the exhaust pipe cover before the rusts sets in. 

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From My Personal experience Honda CB Trigger is for working class men who are looking for adventurous ride after work. And, if anyone want to bring one in the stable, he will never be disappointed with this Iron Horse. Written By: Fahim Rahman You can send us your motorcycle ownership review too. Share your experience and moments with your bike via our blog. You can write in Bengali or English or, both. Click here for a guideline on how you should write you ownership review and then send your ownership review to

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