GPX Demon 150GR - Ducati Panigale Replica? In BD Now!!!

Published On 18-Jul-2018 08:00pm , By Ashik Mahmud

We all love Ducati, and we all love Ducati Panigale series. But, due to the cc limit and the really high price, Ducati Panigale is nothing more than a dream and a wallpaper for all of us. But, since the launching of GPX Demon 150GR and the arrival of the bike in Bangladesh, we can dream for a similar looking bike after all!

 gpx demon 150gr 

GPX is a renowned thai motorcycle company who are really well known for their city bikes and the quality of them. They have a wide variety of pocket bikes in their lineup, and then they introduced GPX Demon 150 as a pocket rocket, in 2017.

GPX DEMON 150GR - IN Bangladesh Now - Watch The Video

Since the launching, the GPX Demon 150GR was positively criticized for it’s sheer looks and iconic headlamps. But the bike also faced huge amount of criticism because of being a pocket sized bike.

 ducati panigale

GPX Demon 150GR – The First Glance

In the pictures, the bike looks absolutely stunning and gorgeous. In real like, it looks the miniature version of those beauty – and to any bike lover’s eyes, the bike is still gorgeous. At first glance, anyone will notice the headlamps – the iconic headlamps of the bike which looks almost exactly like Ducati Panigale. Followed by the headlamp is a racing style visor and rear-view mirrors over the fairing. Further than that, we have the stunning “Demon” badge and indicators, with a racing styled side fairing.

 gpx demon price in bd 

The fairing has some really great curves in it and in the down section, it has air scoops to provide enough air flow into the engine. The fuel tank is really well shaped and sporty – therefore the rider will have sportier seating position than average.  The handle is a 3-part racing handlebar which is sporty rather than upright.  The speedometer is full digital and displays all of the standard information.

 gpx demon 150gr top speed

 The seats are split seats and the pillion seat is slightly higher than the rider seat. There is no grabrail for the pillion and from the looks of it, the bike would not be comfortable in any way while riding with a pillion. The bike has an extended mudguard and with the greatly designed taillight, the bike looks great from behind.

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gpx demon 150gr in bangladesh

GPX Demon 150GR – Interesting Features

GPX Demon 150GR has upside down suspension at the front and monoshock suspension at the rear. It is really interesting to see an inverted suspension on a bike this size – and the fun not only stops there. There are 14 inch rips in both the wheels and the front one has a 120 sized and the rear wheel has a 140 sized tyres. Both the tyres are tubeless and therefore there will be no issues regarding leakage or puncture. There is dual disc brakes in both the tyres and therefore with this light chassis, modern suspensions, wide tyres and brakes, this bike should provide really good controlling and braking under any circumstance.

 demon 150gr

GPX Demon 150GR – Technical Bits

The bike carries a 149cc single cylinder engine which is a carburetor unit. The engine is air cooled and has the full faired kit surrounded besides it. The power and torque figures including the bore and stroke information of the engine is still unveiled and unavailable. The engine pushes the power to the rear wheel via a 6 speed gearbox. As the bike weighs only 130 kilograms, the bike should move really fast.

 gpx demon 

In theory, GPX Demon 150GR could be an excellent choice for people who are short like 5 feet 2 or around and wants a sports bike with good build and performance. As the bike is available in Bangladesh right now, we hope to bring you more details about the bike in future. Ride safe, always wear helmet.

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Published by Ashik Mahmud