Maintenance Tips & Preparation For Riding In Eid

Published On 01-Jul-2016 08:45am , By Saleh

People of Bangladesh will spend a long time Eid holidays during the month of July. According to Bangladesh government listing we will have holidays from July 1st to July 9th of 2016 for Eid-ul- Fitr. Many of us will go to hometown to spend the holidays with family & friends & some of us will go with motorcycles, today I will share some Maintenance tips and preparation for riding in Eid vacation with you all which I hope will help you.

Maintenance Tips & Preparation For Riding In Eid


Before the start of tour always make sure that your bike is serviced properly, do a full servicing on your bike at least a day before the start of the journey. If you think that you can't do a full service then do the following at least if possible before the start of the journey.

Maintenance tips before a ride

  • Wash the bike.
  • Check for wear out brake shoe, if required put new brake shoe to the bike.
  • Adjust the chain tension.
  • Add grease or lube to the chain.
  • Clean air filter & Spark plug.
  • Check whether or not the indicators and headlights are working properly or not.
  • Check for clutch and accelerator cable if necessary then change them.
  • If required then add new engine oil to the bike. 
  • For water cooled engine bike check the coolant water lever if required then pour coolant in the radiator.
  • Make sure the battery is charged up.


Preparation before a ride

While on the highway always make sure that you side safely with some proper gears. Here are the things you need to do

  • Always wear a helmet, make sure it is full face & good quality.
  • If you are carrying pillion then also make sure he/she also wears a helmet.
  • Wear other safety guard like elbow and knee guard.
  • Make sure you have rear view mirror in the bike.
  • Always give signals/indicators while turning or changing lane.
  • If possible try to keep the headlight of the bike ON or if not then at least keep the parking light of the bike ON. 
  • Don't try to be aggressive with the bus drivers, as during Eid time they are out of their mind.
  • Many of you may be fasting during this time if you do then try to keep you mind fresh & if you are not fasting then drink water whenever you take a break. 
  • Take 5-10 minutes break after riding for 40-50 km, try to make sure that you sit and take rest under a trees with shade. 
  • If you are feeling sleepy then wait somewhere and give splashes of water to your eyes & have a walk for 5-10 min.


Additional Gear & Support

Sometimes we often have some unfortunate situation where there could be nothing to be done, so to minimize those things I request the riders that if possible then carry the following things.

  • Carry extra clutch cable and accelerator cable with you.
  • Carry an extra spark plug.
  • Carrying an extra engine oil won't be a bad option.
  • If you are not fasting then carry drinking water.
  • Don't EAT or DRINK anything from any other person you don't know personally.


So guys these are just few things which I think will help you riders out to prepare and ride in your hometown during this time of Eid holidays, I hope that you go safely to your hometown and have a wonderful time with your family and come back to Dhaka safely as well.

Published by Saleh