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Motorcycle is one of the most popular vehicles in Bangladesh and all over the world. On this page, you will get updated Bangladeshi Motorcycles price list with review and latest motorbike & scooter price updates.

Motorcycle / Motorbike & Scooter, Whatever you call it, You will get all available bike brands in BD showrooms & Specifications with image details from every bike page.

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About Motorcycle In Bangladesh & Bike Price

Motorcycle is one of the most popular vehicles in our country and all over the world. On this page, we are presenting you the Bangladeshi Motorcycle Prices with all the detailed information and latest updates.

Motorcycle is one of the necessary things nowadays. Day by day the traffic scenario in our city and everywhere is getting worse, and therefore motorcycle is the only solution to go from point A to point B, the fastest way possible. 

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Buying a motorcycle is never easy. There is a lot of buying tips in our website, and also in the whole online world, but each and every motorcycle buying suggestion starts with one word, Price.

Price is the first and most important concern for most of us when it comes to buying a motorcycle. 

Finding the latest and accurate motorcycle price in Bangladesh could be a bit challenging, because the price is not a constant variable and the price of a motorcycle is always changing.

Things to Consider Before Buying a New Motorcycle from Bangladesh 

Buying a new motorcycle of course is a matter of enormous excitement. In most people’s life, it’s a momentous event. Choosing the right model after the budget and requirement is a significant issue. Accordingly, some other important issues also should be taken into consideration to make the event fruitful. Hence focusing those considerable issues here comes our detailed discussion.

Our Details Discussion:

Things to Consider Before Buying a Secondhand Motorcycle from Bangladesh

For many reasons, we use to buy used or secondhand motorcycles. It’s a very common practice even in worldwide. Whatever the reasons, but we need to be concerned about several concerns while buying the secondhand motorcycle. Hence focusing those unavoidable issues here we brought a detailed discussion on “Things to consider before buying a secondhand motorcycle from Bangladesh”. We sorted out here a few important considerations following those obviously you will gain more.

Our Details Discussion:

Motorcycle Aftersales Service & Support – Feature & Values 

Motorcycle aftersales service & support; what is that or what are the value & necessity of this? In a short answer, we can say it’s must-have & mandatory support from the seller on household products. Thus this type of support carries huge significance on the motorcycle also. So here we came with the discussion on Motorcycle Aftersales Service & Support – Feature & Values. Let’s learn about this significant concern.

Our Discussion: Motorcycle After Sales Service & Support – Feature & Values

Motorcycle Customer Service 

Customer service is a significant concern that related to every consumer product and service. Accordingly motorcycle customer service caries huge significance even until a user leaves a motorcycle forever. So we are here to discuss motorcycle customer service and ways of gaining good customer service from the seller end. Consequently here our focus is on Motorcycle Customer Service. So let’s also learn how to deal with poor customer service.

Our Discussion: Motorcycle Customer Service – How to Deal Poor Customer Service

Motorbike Registration Process in Bangladesh

The motorcycle registration process in Bangladesh is quite a complicated and very much hassling issue. We the Team BikeBD always face various queries on motorbike registration procedure due to its complexity. The procedure changes a little time to time and complexity differs from the zone to zone of BRTA therefore Bangladesh Road & Transport Authority. But here we described the most basics of the Motorbike Registration Process in Bangladesh.

Our Discussion:

Motorcycle Ownership Transfer Process in Bangladesh

In case of buying or selling used motorcycles in Bangladesh officially ownership transfer formalities are mandatory. It’s a must-do government formality in such buying and selling event. Hence our visitors make frequent queries on the Motorcycle Ownership Transfer Process in Bangladesh. So here we have a detailed discussion on the formalities & procedure of Ownership Transfer for a motorbike from BRTA.

Our Discussion: Motorcycle Ownership Transfer Process In Bangladesh

What you will do if Motorcycle Document Lost in Bangladesh 

Suppose your motorcycle document somehow lost in a consequence in Bangladesh. So in such cases what you will do? You know, many of us have faced such an awful situation in their riding life. Thus people struggle with the hassles of regenerating the lost documents. Sequentially, we also face frequent queries on this matter. Hence here we are answering here what you will do if motorcycle documents lost in Bangladesh.

Our Discussion: What You Will Do If Motorcycle Document Lost In Bangladesh?

How to Get a Driving License from BRTA

A Driving License is a must-have document for everyone who wants to ride or drive a motor vehicle on the public road. Motorcyclists are obviously not out of that. Laws are very strict everywhere and somehow the safety concern also is related. So every biker should have a legal driving license in Bangladesh. Hence here is the basic procedure of How to Get a Driving License from BRTA.

Our Discussion:

Necessary Gears After buying A new Bike

Positively these days many of us are very much cautious about buying motorbike gears & accessories. But on the other side, some of us are very much lethargic on this important concern. So whatever you are, if you are a bike rider or going to be a rider it will be nice to concentrate on Necessary Gears after buying a new bike. Here we have the discussion on the basic gears and accessories for riding a bike you must get those seriously.

Our Discussion:

Motorcycle Safety Tips for Winter Ride

While its winter, are you prepared for that? Winter is a vital change of season. A biker should know what to wear in the winter ride. Simultaneously a motorcyclist also should prepare his/her motorcycle to deal better with the season. Hence both the riding gear and specific motorcycle care to deal with the season are needed equally. Therefore here comes our tip on Motorcycle Safety Tips for Winter Ride.

Our Discussion:

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Age for Riding a Bike in Bangladesh?
Consequently many of the peoples may ask his/her own, am I too young or too much aged for riding a bike? Doesn’t the too young or aged rider make any hazard on the road? So what is the age for riding a bike? Hence we tried to get the answers to these questions in our detailed discussion on Age for Riding a Bike. So let’s try to get to know the inner truth.

Read More Details Here:

How to Ride a Motorcycle on Bangladeshi Highway – Five Things to Consider?

Motorcycle Ride on Highway; isn’t it sounds exciting! Yes, riding a motorcycle on the highway is so exciting and of course, it’s risky too. So before the ride take into consideration of our today’s advice, the five things to consider.

  • Ensure Healthy Capacity & Condition of Motorcycle
  • Take Proper Preparation with Safety Measures
  • Always Consider Weather Condition
  • Be Aware of Road Condition
  • Consider Restless Socio-Political Situation

For more detail get our discussion on Motorcycle Ride-on Highway – Five Things to Consider. Thereby enjoy a safer and enjoyable long ride with your motorcycle.

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How to Do A Wheelie??

A motorcycle wheelie is the most basic type of stunt. Being a stunt it’s also related to risks of injury. Therefore pulling the front wheel and riding keeping balance only on the rear wheel is really a matter of technique. Here is the sequence of a basic wheelie.

  • Start rolling in 1st or 2nd gear iat very low speed like 10-20kmph.
  • Pull the clutch lever and let the bike move free.
  • At the same time rev the throttle over the mid RPM and release fast the clutch lever.
  • The rear wheel will get extra power and lift up the front wheel.
  • Keep the throttle twisted and roll on balancing on the rear wheel.
  • Don’t forget to put your leg on the rear brake pedal to control the lift up and to land the front wheel again.

For more details, go through our discussion on Motorcycle wheelie – How to do a wheelie and have fun.

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Bottom Line:

Motorcycle is our daily necessity now, and . slowly becoming a really important part of our daily commute. Riding a bike is like the highest form of freedom one can feel while still being on the ground.

Motorcycle also saves a lot of time and money on daily commute, and also provides a flare of style. Hopefully, the details and info on this page has helped everyone to find about Bike Price and also get brief details about all.

Follow all the traffic rules in Bangladesh and all the bike riding tips. Also, always wear a helmet while riding a motorcycle, and don’t forget to check the latest Motorcycle Price In Bangladesh before buying a motorcycle!