Age For Riding A Bike: Is It Important??

Published On 01-Jan-1970 06:00am , By Shuvo

Am I too young for riding a bike or too much aged? Doesn’t the middle aged rider make any hazard on the ? So what is the age for riding a bike? Is there any impact of age on riding? Or whether there any age limitations? Is there any perfect age range for riding?

Guyz from someday I tried to get the answers of these questions. I thought a lot… tried to know about the youngest and aged adventurers and found something interesting. Hence let’s try to get the inner truth.

Are you too young!

It’s a common term of embargo or prohibition from our aged guardians. If you are too much young most probably under eighteen, your family members or your aged guardians always try to discourage you to do something adventuring or quite risky. Here you might argue, is something adventurous or risky job not for the younger?

Before I help to get you the answer I should aware you that, riding bike at earliest age is not only matter of risk or too adventuring but aggressively matter of expertise and matter of keen sharpness of your senses. Moreover the physical and mental sharpness with steadiness, which often not developed at one’s too young age. And of-course some precious virtue like patience & tolerance is developed with age and achieved by practice and experience.

proper age for riding a bike

You may also argue as if you will not put forward your foot out of your range how you will gather experience or develop yourself. Dear friend, you are always welcome by any one to develop your capability and enhance your experience but step by step. Bike riding is a risky adventure where all the physical and mental capability needed. And here you will not get any second chance to resolve your mistake.

So when you are capable, start with and then switch to lower capacity bike within a safe area and afterward try with your dreams. Consider for not only your own safety but be sure about others. Remember, you have the full life ahead with endless trail for riding and making adventure; so be patient.

You Are Aged?

So what? I wish to ride till my last breathe! But this is really a complicated and heartbreaking reality for a rider. I think you might much aged, hence you have been advised by your beloved family members not to ride. Frankly speaking I also do that with my father though he is not too much aged but for I am in doubt about the unevenness of his physical & mental reflex. Sometime I am in fear as his reflex is not as sharp as before which is really needed for him though his physic and mentality is strong enough.

Age For Riding A Bike Is It Important

If you are an aged rider please do not misunderstand me as honestly I am not talking about the age counted by the day, week or years. I always love to see the riders who are aged near to my grand-pa daily crossing me on the riding with latest model heavy or sporty bikes. I really inspired by them and admire them from my heart and honestly I feel jealous to see their confidence and capability whether would I be capable to ride at their age.

Whatsoever when you are aged we are sure you are huge experienced as you riding for many years and faced many situations. Here your confidence is on the peak due to your experience which is supported and backed by your physical and mental ability. So this is the perfect package and peak state for a rider. If you look, here the sequence is physical & mental ability, then experience, keenness and finally confidence.

But when you are too aged or in some case aged, you might have confident but somehow your physic and mentality lost its sharpness. As a result your confidence has lost its backing some bit and it becomes over confidence. So you are experienced enough, you can realize how dangerous the over confidence is for a bike rider.

Don’t worry I am not discouraging you to ride or leaving your bike as I never wish to do that at my old age. But when you are facing some situation from your friends and family for your age, assess yourself gently and honestly. If you feel yourself some bit lost take it easy as you have ridden long and long for years and experienced many adventures and you have to ride more but with safest way.

Hence you may reduce the number of long trip, reduce your cruising speed, stop taking risk on ride, leave long solo ride, avoid night ride, ride at your healthy physical & mental condition and participate with group ride. You can also try to test some lower capacity bike for your regular commuting or something else.

Age is not but other thing is major concern

This is really applicable for all kind of rider. If you have read my words attentively I am sure you have understood that I have no argument with the age of the rider. And please do not take anything as advice as I never dare to do that for any rider.

I am sure you are all agree with that age is never be an obstacle for riding but few things are somewhat related with age you can’t ignore. Personally I have a little argument with some teens, especially over smart youngsters and of-course with some blunt who doesn’t care about others on the .

Whatever I should mention the quality, ability or concerns for a rider highlighting again. If you have, posses or achieved those you can ride whether you are young or aged. Firstly enough physical and mental soundness to ride the machine, understand the sign and capable to respond on those. Self control, tolerance, patience is must for a rider.

One more important thing is sharp & solid reflex of your body and mind which is the key to face and handle with the sudden unavoidable situations on the . I think these are enough to deal with any kind of track either long or small, even or complicated, just ride till you breathe for last.

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