250cc Motorcycle In Bangladesh – Coming Soon or Not?

Published On 03-Apr-2018 12:29pm , By Ashik Mahmud

There is a rumor in the air that is soon we are getting the permission of the 250cc motorcycle in Bangladesh. Therefore people are so much excited with the hope of getting rid of the barrier of 165cc. They are somewhat dreaming which motorcycle will come within this limit and with which they will roll from their dreaming motorcycle etc. But is that rumor true or it just a rumor? Illuminating on this hot cake here is our 250cc Motorcycle In Bangladesh – Coming Soon or Not? Let’s find the inner truth.

250cc Motorcycle In Bangladesh

Motorcycle Engine Capacity Limit In Bangladesh

The motorcycle industry of Bangladesh is struggling with the motorcycle engine capacity limit from the year 2002. Hence before there was no engine capacity limit in Bangladesh. That time anyone can import or can use any capacity of the motorcycle on the road. But from 2002 the existing government imposed a barrier on the engine capacity of the motorcycle.

The government put a limit on the engine capacity for the civilians. Only the motorcycles within 150cc were legal and authorized for the common people's use. The police and other law & enforcement authorities enjoyed the extended limit of engine capacity. But we the civilians still are within the bar of the engine capacity limit. After struggling a lot from last year our current government relaxed that barrier only up to 165cc. Accordingly, we got a few new models of motorcycles this year.


165CC Motorcycle In Bangladesh 

Relaxing motorcycle engine capacity limits up to 165cc truly didn’t bring any qualitative change. The motorcycle market, the industry, or the people didn’t get any qualitative benefit from it.

Hence we are still rolling inside a tiny barrier. We are spending our hard earning money on cheap quality, low standard and minimum featured basic type of motorcycles due to the higher rate of tax.

Hence the motorcycle companies are also trying to lobby with the government to relax the motorcycle engine capacity limit up to 250cc for civilian usage. As much as we are unofficially informed the process is still in transit where it bounced two times from the higher authority of the law & enforcement agency. But the attempt brought the result of relaxation of 165cc last year.


250cc Motorcycle In Bangladesh – Getting Permission Is that true?

Therefore again the rumor came in the air for a few days as we are very near to get the 250cc motorcycle in Bangladesh. The rumor now is in peak after the Dhaka Motor Show 2018 as there few higher-capacity motorcycles displayed in that event.

So people took it in mind that maybe this year our government will permit us 250cc capacity engine for the civilians.   But very straight the truth is still we have no authentic and concrete information in favor of this rumor.

Whatsoever we just cleared the present and visible situation against the rumor. But nothing to be disheartened as the lobby within the government regarding is an issue already in place from last year. Accordingly, we hope it’s just a matter of time to examine the situation more precisely to evaluate and relax the CC limit of at least up to 250cc for the motorcycle in Bangladesh.


250cc Motorcycle In Bangladesh – Few Issue Cannot Be Ignored

Again nothing to be disheartened but get cheered up as surely someday we will get the permission of 250cc motorcycle in Bangladesh. Now let’s see what we will get if the government relaxes the motorcycle engine capacity limit up to 250cc?

Relaxing motorcycle engine capacity limit up to 250cc the price of the motorcycle will be a hectic issue. Hence after the high tax on motorcycles will be an unbearable issue for purchasing those hi-tech motorcycles. Let’s illuminate on those.


Huge Option Within 250cc Motorcycle Range

If the government approves 250cc motorcycle for the civilians then we will get two basic categories of new products. Firstly we will get some basic upgrade of existing models. In addition, we will get some new but basic featured models with higher capacity. For example, this segment will cover by Bajaj, TVS, or Hero motorcycles.

Here in the second term, we will get some world-class, modern, and hi-tech motorcycles. Those premium motorcycles might be imported by the companies or by the individual importers. This segment can be covered by Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki, Suzuki, etc. Hence we hope we will get the products like Honda CBR250RR, Yamaha R25, Kawasaki Z250 or Suzuki GSX250R or the off-road machines like CRF250 Rally or Kawasaki KLX250.


Is The Price Tasty Like The Higher CC Motorcycles?

Guys, you might get happy with dreaming but come to the major and bitter realistic point. Can you guess what will be the price of those 250cc products after the current rate of taxation on motorcycles? Can you imagine that? Is that realistic or bearable? Do our people capable to buy the motorcycles for 8,00,000.00-12,00,000.00 Taka?

So this is a serious issue. Only relaxing motorcycle engine capacity limit is not realistic. The government also should amend the taxation on motorcycles. The current taxation on the motorcycle is not realistic for the high priced 250cc range motorcycles and even for the existing 165cc range motorcycles.


Taxation On Motorcycle Should Be Revised

So taxation on motorcycle & accessories needs to be revised. After that, the people of Bangladesh will be benefited from the relaxation of the cc limit. Here we should mention as these days motorcycle is not a luxurious product. It's literary a daily use essential household product. So imposing a high tax on such a basic household product is not realistic for mass development.

250cc Motorcycle In Bangladesh

So, readers, that’s the truth on the rumor of the 250cc motorcycle in Bangladesh. But yes we are expecting the permission is coming soon. We also expecting government will rearrange the taxation with a realistic structure. Therefore it will benefit both the government and the people. So let’s hope for the best and now let us know which model of motorcycle you want to own if the government approves the 250cc motorcycle in Bangladesh for us!

Published by Ashik Mahmud