Yamaha YBR125G Feature Review - All Terrain Commuter

Published On 12-Aug-2018 05:03am , By Ashik Mahmud

We are herewith Yamaha YBR125G Feature Review to describe some detail of the different looking commuter from Yamaha. Yamaha YBR125G is an economic commuter that has designed focusing rural or countryside commuters need. Hence the motorcycle is much popular in the economic market of Asia, South Africa and South America. Most probably the motorcycle also is going to hit our market to meet economic customers need. Therefore here we are with the detail of the motorcycle.

yamaha ybr125g

Yamaha YBR125G Feature Review - Overview

The Yamaha YBR is the commuter motorcycle series that comes with quite different looks, design and purposes. The Yamaha YBR125G motorcycle designed focusing the countryside customer’s purposes. Hence it’s something more that featured to meet the rural customers need than any other regular commuter motorcycles.

We mentioned at the beginning the motorcycle is popular in other countries of Asia, South Africa and South America. Hence Yamaha YBR125G is considerably a tough entry level machine to deal with all terrain unpredictable situations.

Therefore in success of the standard model Yamaha also developed an urban model of Yamaha YBR125G. Sequentially some features like wheel & braking are quite different there then the standard model.


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Yamaha YBR125G Design & Structure

In design and structure the Yamaha YBR125G is something different than the regular styled commuter motorcycle. It designed taking the base of classical looks & style. Furthermore it blended more with few all-terrain motorcycle feature and styling which gave it quite unique looks & design.

The YBR125G is head to tail a classic looked commuter motorcycle. The uniqueness comes with its high fender front mudguard which is hired from the off-road type motorcycles. The mudguard has a separate rear part which is mounted aligned near to wheel like regular motorcycle mudguard.


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Hence along with comparatively longer travel suspension and spoke rims the off-road wheel gave it all terrain climbing capability. Here we should mention both the wheel & suspensions of the YBR125G is characterized to support all terrain commuting.

Coming to the rests the motorcycle is caries quite conventional look with seat, fuel tank and the panels. Again another attractive part is its headlamp and ODO assembly. The head lamp is a classical round shaped assembly where ODO is also round double pit console. The setup is full analog. Hence along with round headlamp and off-road type hand guards it literary gives a unique impression on the motorcycle.

Published by Ashik Mahmud