Yamaha Launched New Vixion My 2017 In Indonesia

Published On 28-Apr-2017 08:39pm , By Saleh

Yamaha launched New Vixion My 2017 in Indonesia (Source). Currently in Bangladesh we have some Yamaha Vixxion Advance but those are 2015 editions. The new bike like Yamaha R15 V3 is a completely new bike with new engine & design.

We are pretty sure that ACI Motors Ltd, sole distributor of Yamaha bikes in Bangladesh won’t bring this motorcycle in Bangladesh but some importers might fancy the chance.

vixion my 2017

During the opening day of Indonesia International Motor Show 2017 they launched two new Yamaha Vixion My 2017. One is the regular edition with cosmetic upgrades & another just made a sports bike naked.

yamaha vixion 2017 specification

Vixion My 2017: (Regular Edition)

The base version has the same old 150cc water cooled engine & it will produce 16.2 BHP & 14.5 NM of Torque. Engine crankcase is new.

The bike is equipped with a 5 speed gear box & 120 rear section tire. It will have kick starter as standard & box swing arm. It now have a dashboard ignition rather than on the fuel tank.

yamaha vixion 2017 in bd

Speedometer is new like Yamaha R15 MY 2017 with a Digital LCD Display with information such as Speedometer, Tachometer, Indicator gear, Gear shift Indicator, and MID whose contents Odometer, trip meter A, trip meter B, Fuel Consumption L / 100 km, Fuel Consumption Average, Average Speed and Clock. Now the switch gear has an additional hazard signal button.

yamaha vixion 2017 price in bangladesh

Biggest change in the regular edition is the change of the headlight which is now a full LED unit with three clusters.  The whole bike weighs 132 kg and has a 12 liter fuel tank.

yamaha vixion 2017

Yamaha Vixion My 2017: TYPE R

If you think that the regular edition had some changes then think again, this R Edition will literally blow your mind of. This bike has a 155cc water cooled engine which produces 19.1 BHP! & 14.7 NM of Torque. It has assist & slipper clutch. The gearbox in this is a 6 speed unit & the swing arm is die cast aluminum & they named it Banana!

yamaha vixion power

Frame of this bike is borrowed from Yamaha R15 MY 2017 & yes if you look at the specification correctly you will realize that this is actually the NAKED version of Yamaha R15 MY 2017. It has Variable Valve Actuation in the engine for better delivery of the power.

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yamaha vixion price in indonesia

Vixion R weighs 131 kg, it carries only 11 liter fuel in its tank & most important of all has a 130 rear section tire. Yamaha says that the weight distribution is separated in a 50:50 ratio. The speedometer, design, headlight & switch gears are the same as the regular edition. Unlike the regular edition it only has a toe shifter.

yamaha vixion 2017 price in india

We don’t know when these two bikes will come in Bangladesh neither the price but as soon as we know we will update the news in our blog. We hope that we get these types of motorcycles in Bangladesh soon. Yamaha launched New Vixxion My 2017 in Indonesia will be a direct fight with the likes of Honda CB150R Streetfire.

FAQ - Frequently Ask Question

1. What is the smallest motorcycle in Yamaha?

Ans- The smallest motorcycle is Yamaha SR400.

2. Who started Yamaha motorcycle?

Ans- Genichi Kawakami started Yamaha motorcycle.

3. Who is the CEO of Yamaha motorcycle?

Ans- Yoshihiro Hidaka

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