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Bajaj Pulsar N250 Test Ride Review - Team BikeBD

Last updated on 29-Apr-2024 , By Arif Raihan Opu

Pulsar is an emotional name among bike lovers in Bangladesh especially those who ride Bajaj Motorcycle since 2000. After 2000, high CC bikes stopped coming due to CC limitations. Then Bajaj Pulsar in the 150cc segment brought an unprecedented change in the motorcycle industry. Uttara Motors Limited has brought the high cc Bajaj Pulsar N250 for Pulsar lovers after recently allowing high cc in Bangladesh. So today we Team BikeBD bring you the Bajaj Pulsar N250 Test Ride Review.

All bike lovers are familiar with the name Pulsar. This name is uttered by all of them. Whenever any motorcycle in the 150cc segment is mentioned in Bangladesh, everyone takes the name of Pulsar in one sentence.

Bajaj Pulsar is not just a model. This bike is an emotional name for bikers and bike lovers. Many bike lovers have emotions and feelings associated with this name. Bajaj Pulsar was also a dream bike for many people. That Pulsar has modernized with the times. There are many versions of Pulsar in the 150cc segment. Bajaj Pulsar N250 is now available in Bangladesh.

Looks, Design & Graphics

First the visionary, then the judge of quality. Many of us know this Bengali proverb. If we talk about the looks of the Bajaj Pulsar design, then the Bajaj design has also been innovated with the times. Bajaj Pulsar once had a reputation as a stylish bike. It is still maintained.

The design of the Bajaj Pulsar N250 bike is very aggressive. The bike retains its aggressiveness from start to finish. In terms of design, the bike can be said to be quite muscular. In terms of looks, the bike will be far ahead of any aggressive looks bike in Bangladesh.

Very robotic looks and design can be seen from the front. The first time you see it, the bike will give you a lot of personality. Apart from this, on the body panel you can see the Pulsar emblem with 3D logo. Which is the signature style of Pulsar.

Engine & power

Bajaj Pulsar engine has nothing to say. Bajaj has always been ahead in terms of engines. This bike basically uses a 249cc, oill cooled SOHC 2 valve FI (Fuel Injection) engine.

This engine is capable of producing a maximum power of 24.5 bhp @ 8750 rpm and 21.5 Nm of torque @ 6500 rpm. You understand that this bike is a powerful bike.

The power of the engine makes it clear that the bike will help you in any conditions. You can easily ride anywhere on the highway or in the mountains or in the city.

Wheel, Brake & Suspension

The Pulsar N250 bike will currently lead the segment in terms of naked sports bikes. If you look at the wheels of this bike, you will see that this bike has 100/80-17 section tires on the front and 130/70-17 section tires on the rear.

Bajaj has also brought changes in their braking system. Bajaj bybre uses Grimica braking system instead. Dual channel ABS has been added to it.

On the other hand, 37mm telescopic fork suspension is provided at the front and monoshock suspension is provided at the rear. However, Manosh was not given any kind of gas-charged canister.

Feature & Technology

Nowadays, all motorcycle technology is far ahead of the past. Modern technology is now being added to all types of motorcycles. In that case, the Bajaj Pulsar N250 bike is not behind in any way.

The N250 bike is equipped with dual channel ABS, Assist sleeper class, LED parking lights, LED projection headlights, LED side indicators and many new technologies. It also has a semi digital dashboard or meter console. This console shows all the information you need including RPM, speed, gear indicator, distance to end, clock.

Besides, the bike has a 14 liter fuel tank, which can be said to be pretty big. Split seat, saddle height is 795mm, and ground clearance is 165mm. Pipe handle bars are also provided.

All in all the weight of the bike is only 162 kg and the weight balance of the bike is centralized.

Riding Experience

Bajaj Pulsar brought incredible changes in the 150cc segment in Bangladesh. Their designs have reigned supreme in looks and style. With the change of times, Bajaj has also brought changes in their motorcycles. A three part handle bar, modern technology, along with changes in design and style have also been introduced.

From the Bajaj Pulsar 150 to today's Bajaj Pulsar N250, the bike has gradually evolved at every step. Besides, the Bajaj N160 bike was launched in Bangladesh before the N250 bike.

Both the bikes are similar in terms of design and style. You can't tell the two bikes apart at first from the front. I think Bajaj could have brought some changes in this area. This would have created more attraction for the bikers. This is somewhat disappointing as both bikes look similar.

In terms of engine power, the bike can be said to meet the expectations of bikers to some extent. Even though the bike is FI, you can feel its raw power. The bike is able to perform brilliantly both in city and highway.

Especially the performance of the bike on the highway is very enjoyable. There was no power loss or reduction in performance of the bike on the highway.

Besides, its assist slipper clutch helped a lot in acceleration. The bike is able to accelerate quite fast because of this.

On the other hand, it has to be said about the handling. The bike has conventional pipe handlebars. The handlebar is kept slightly sporty. Despite being sporty, you will have no problem maneuvering the bike.

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I had no problem controlling the bike whether it was city jam or highway. Rather, the bike has been ridden quite easily even though it is naked. You won't have any problem especially while riding in the city. You can get out with small gaps because of the handlebars.

If we have to talk about braking and suspension, but the braking performance is not amazing but the performance of the bike could not be understood. But grimica is newly added from bibri. Which is quite surprising. We think Bajaj should go back to the Bibri itself. Although Grimica's performance is not bad at all. But according to the context of Bangladesh, it can be said quite well.

Besides, due to its dual-channel ABS, the braking of the bike has become more intense. ABS will give you a pretty good feedback.

Not to mention the suspension. The telescopic fork suspension at the front gives you good feedback even on broken roads. But the rear suspension is a bit hard. But I think it will be fine after the first two or three services.

Something remains to be said in the case of tires. Because Bangladeshi bikers have a concept of fat wheels. 100/80-17 section tires are provided on the front of this bike. Which seemed quite fitting. However, 130/70-17 tires have been given at the rear. I think Bajaj should work in this area. I think one size larger tire could have been given here.

Now many may wonder how much mileage can be. See, this depends largely on the riding, the rider, and the surroundings. This bike has a 14 liter fuel tank so you will not have any problem on long journeys.

But since it is a high cc motorcycle you cannot expect much mileage from it even if you want to.

When I rode this bike I got a mileage of 30 to 32 kmpl in the city and 32 to 35 kmpl on the highway.

In terms of mileage, it is low. But you also need to understand that this is a motorcycle with high cc modern technology. So low mileage is normal.

Now let's talk about some positive and negative aspects of the Bajaj Pulsar N250 bike –

Pros Of N250 –

  • Powerful Engine 
  • Duel channel ABS
  • Powerful projection LED Headlight
  • Suspension

Cons Of N250 –

  • Looks and Design
  • Rear Tire
  • Rear view mirror

The bike is currently available in Bangladesh in three colors Brooklyn Black, Racing and Caribbean Blue. Currently, the bike is priced at Tk 3,39,999. It's really amazing to get such a powerful bike at this price. If you are a naked sports lover, this bike can be a great option.

GearX Bangladesh, Total Tools, Trackers BD, Motomechs BD, Apollo Tire Bangladesh, and Weather Bangladesh supported us in this test ride.

We can present you with more new motorcycle test rides for you. Until then stay well stay healthy and visit our website for all new motorcycle brands, and prices. Thank you.



Published by Arif Raihan Opu

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