Yamaha FZS vs Honda CB Trigger Comparison - Owner Experience

Published On 01-Oct-2016 03:12pm , By Saleh

Hello Guys I am Fazle Rabbi from Tangail. I am a banker by profession and a bike enthusiast. Today I want to bring a comparative analysis between the RIVALS: Yamaha FZS vs Honda CB Trigger according to my personal experience. So here is my Yamaha FZS vs Honda CB Trigger Comparison – Owner Experience.


I have been biking since 1998. At my early days of 98 I rode on my dad’s Honda MBX-80, then Yamaha Rx, Honda CDI 100 etc. But Yamaha FZS is my first bike which I bought by my own money. I bought it second hand and drove it almost 1.5 years. Then I bought brand new Honda CB Trigger in June 2015 from Anis Motors of Mymensingh and still driving it. In fact I shifted from FZS to Trigger to change my taste as well as testing the brand new one.

I have been following BikeBD since 2013. Very curiously I have been observing the experience and comments of other bikers around the country. Then I thought why should not I share my experience about biking? So now here I came with this Yamaha FZS vs Honda CB Trigger Comparison.


Honda CB Trigger Riding Experience:

I have made long tours with both of the bikes. With Yamaha I traveled Sreemongol, Bahirab Kishorganj, Birishiri etc and with Trigger I traveled Rajshahi, Sreemongol, Patuakhali, Jessore, Kuakata and so on. So here is my personal experience on Honda CB Trigger.

Things that attracts me on Honda CB Trigger:

  • Very agile bike, par with FZS
  • Sitting posture is good for long travel, no arm or back pain
  • Smooth acceleration and long gear ration is blessing in highway.
  • Good handling though the bike is long enough.
  • Crisp clutch.

Things that irritates me with Honda CB Trigger:

  • Long gear ratio sucks at heavy traffics.
  • The remarkably stupid typical Honda switch gear with ac head light.
  • Plastics used in side panel and the color on exhaust pipe is not up the mark, at least we do not deserve it from company like HONDA.
  • Rear tire is of hard compound and tend to skid at high speed, several times I faced this problem, that is why I have decided to change the rear tire with wider one.
  • Acceleration is good but not better than FZS; it is my personal experience, other can differ.
  • Gear could have been smoother, front shock absorber is ok but not a wow.
  • Front head light styling could have been better for big bike look.


Yamaha FZS Riding Experience:

Yamaha FZS is also a cool bike. The riding experience is really enjoyable. But during my riding time I have figured out some advantages and disadvantages of Yamaha FZS and here are those.

Things that attracts me on Yamaha FZS:

  • Most agile bike and a great fun to ride at any occasion.
  • Excellent braking, just mid blowing with its stock tire.
  • Short gear ratio is ideal for moving in traffic.
  • Best in class handling
  • Smoothest gear and very able shock absorber.
  • Top quality plastic panel.
  • Bike is felt fully grounded whatever the speed is.
  • Availability of spare parts.

Something that irritates me with Yamaha FZS :

  • Head light should be more luminous.
  • Long drive sometimes gives wrist pain.
  • Pillion discomfort.
  • Mileage, but that hardy matters.


Verdict - Yamaha FZS vs Honda CB Trigger Comparison

Some issues to say that I have driven 13000 km in my Trigger. In this time I only change my Spark plug and Air filter once. I use Motul 7100 after 5000 km and get the expected performance of my bike. As I am a little heavy guy, my top speed is 107 till now. Anyway as a biker I always request you to wear quality helmet and other safety guards and must ride safely. Because life is yours and you have to save it by your own means.

Finally I want to say that though Honda CB Trigger is a great bike, still the senior Yamaha FZS has the edge. Still Yamaha FZS is a better than Honda CB Trigger specially in terms handling and mostly in braking. That is all I experience from riding both of the bikes more than 25000 km.


Shoshi rabbi 



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