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Many times ppl asked me " Why is RX-S 115 so good to ride?" or "How come a 115 cc 2 stroke bike is so much faster than modern bikes with similar engine size ?" etc....

So I have decided to make a post and will try my best to explain. Sorry my Bangla typing is too slow for such a long post. Hence the post is in . Shadhinotar Month e Bangla post deya uchit chilo. Khoma cheye nilam.

The reason is: Yamaha's Energy Induction System. This sentence is usually embedded on the RXS side cover too....

yamaha rxs115

So what is Energy Induction System?

To simply explain - there is a Air Chamber just 'between' the Carburetor . and The Cylinder Intake Manifold. When Air-Fuel mixture is sucked in to the cylinder at lower RMP... Any excess Air-Fuel mixture that the cylinder cannot take in (as vacuum pressure is low in lower rpm) gets stored in that chamber.

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At higher RPM... that extra Air-Fuel mixture gets sucked in to the cylinders and gives the bike an Extra Boost of power. That is why RX-S accelerates much faster than other bikes with similar Engine Size.

Attached photo will help you to understand better.

Yamaha's Energy Induction System

Photo 1 - Diagram of Energy Induction System

Photo - 2 - A RX without the Fuel . You can see the Airbox and the pipe connecting it to intake-manifold.

All RX-S will have a 'PIPE' sticking out from the 'pipe' that joins the Carburetor and the Cylinder. That Pipe connects to an Air-Box which sits under the fuel . (Kotha sohoj korar jonno Pipe word ta use korlam..)

RX-100 (Indian Bike) does not have that thus lacks RX-S's power. (its not about the extra 15cc.... 15cc is Nothing.... its all about Yamaha's Energy Induction System)

Lets get real: Breaking down some Myths.

However - I have ridden and owned many big multi-cylinder bikes...... I have been in-boxed by few ppl - asking " Will an RX-S beat your FZ1 in acceleration - even though we know that the top speed is lower in rxs? " - the short ans is NO.... an RX-S is quick but nothing even CLOSE to a 4 Cylinder Sports bike's acceleration, power or speed.

I have ridden both.... My FZ1 is capable of doing a power-wheelie (Wheelie with only accelerator and not using clutch) at over 80 KM/H if you twist the throttle... I have done that my self and reached 0-96 KM/H in less than 4 seconds. ... An RX will never even come close. Nevertheless, RXS a fun machine to ride.

-Written By Syed Hasib

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