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TVS Scooty Pep Plus Reviews By Team BikeBD

Last updated on 29-Nov-2023 , By Shuvo

TVS Scooty Pep Plus Reviews

In the year 2005, TVS launched its first gearless , TVS scooty pep in India. Today we will try to give a extensive TVS Scooty pep Plus reviews to the BikeBD Fans. When it was launched it was known as the largest selling In India as it was quite famous among the ladies. This has branded itself so successfully among India and Indian ladies that it has become synonymous with female two wheelers.

tvs scooty pep plus reviews

The best part of this is it is available in many different colors and it has always been a good looking that’s why female customers were more attracted towards it. The available colors for this is Vista Blue,  Spring green, Perky pink, passion purple, Blush red, Electric red, night black.It has dual tone shades in its body which gives the a racy cheered look on the rear panels and front apron.

For ladies and young girls Scooty is always like a Casanova, and it has always succeeded in wooing the ladies and as a result the women are always ready to buy a scooty of their favorite color.

Engine of TVS Scooty Pep Plus: 

TVS company has used a single cylinder in the engine, which is a 4 stroke 87.8cc engine. The engine can generate a maximum power of 5 bhp @ 6500 rpm. The torque production will be 5.8 NM at 4000 rpm. In the torque sensor automatic transmission is used.

The engine is very light and the engine is mainly designed to use in the city roads. For the automatic transmission it is very easy and comfortable to use. By increasing the torque amount TVS Company has reduced the rubber effect. The engine is well refined.

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The cylinder bore is 51 mm which is 2.00 inches and the stroke is 43 mm which is 1.69 inch. The ignition is Digital Dc CDI, Compression ratio is 10:0:1 and the starting system of this is self-start and also kick start.


You cannot expect extra ordinary performance from this , the throttle response can easily take you to the speed of 50 km/hr. anyone can cross 70km/hr if he/she wants to cross it. You can drive it in any speed without any complaint.

But this may perform very badly in rainy season, as the brakes of this are very poor so it makes very hard for the rider to keep the balance. The engine also does not start during the rainy season and sometimes the engine stops.

tvs scooty pep plus colors

After continuous use of 1 year you may see few changes in your which are not good at all as for example you may see that pickup will be very poor. The pulling affect will be very poor and the tire will began to be very less.

So all we can say is at first after buying your bike you will be impressed with your ’s performance and may be with proper care you can continue this good performance of your bike to continue but if you do not take proper care of this bike than this bike will have several problems after a year. So it depends on you as how you will continue with the performance.

tvs scooty pep plus dashboard


There are few amazing features of TVS scooty pep plus, and it is also known as feature full model in India. TVS has added necessary and standard features in the and also some features which will give you safety too.

It has sportily half chain case and the emblem is 3D premium, the battery is also maintenance free. You can do self-diagnosis and also bar weight can be handled easily. The seat is quite wide and relaxing so it gives comfort to both the driver and also the passenger. You can have smooth riding because of hydraulic shock absorber.

The safety and security features are multi reflector headlamp, side reflector, and the tire is puncture resistant and also side stand alarm. You can easily charge your in the because of its socket for charging.

tvs scooty pep plus features

There are also features of auto choke, bag hooks, compartmentalized utility box, auto fuel tap, glove box push and also pull bag holder, and all this can add to your comfort. The center stand will help you to part the easily and the key ring with glow will always catch the eyes of others.

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The body is light so you can carry it easily, and it is very good for ladies and old people. It also comes with good storage capacity.

The fuel economy of this is 51.4 kmpl which is 120.90 mpg and the capacity of this is 5 liter, and you can reserve fuel of 1 liter which can help you in your bad times like if your bike ever gets stop while driving it.


TVS scooty pep plus will give you hydraulic telescopic forks at its front and also at the mono coil spring at the back. There are drum brakes at both the wheels of the scooty pep plus. The front tire has 100 mm drum brake while the rear has drum brake of 110 mm.


TVS Company has given it small R10 size of tires and the tires are puncture resistant. The wheel type is sheet metal and the size of the tire at both the front and back of the tire is 3.00 X 10 mm.

tvs scooty pep plus price in bangladesh

Top speed: 

The top speed of TVS scooty pep plus is 71km/ h. It's Claimed by the TVS Company But it can be touch upto 90 KMph.


You can be sure about the mileage of this as it will not change even after years of usage and this gives mileage of 65-70 km/ltr.  The mileage of the bike depends on your riding quality, and the mileage differs in highway and city roads. Traffic conditions can also have a impact on the mileage of scooty pep plus.

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TVS Scooty Pep Plus Specifications: 

Now let me give you details about the specification of scooty pep plus-

1.      Engine:

  • Engine: 4 stroke, single cylinder, air cooled.
  • Displacement: 87.8 cc
  • Bore and stroke: 51 X 43
  • Max. power: 5 BHP @ 6500 rpm
  • Max. Torque: 5.8NM @ 4000 rpm
  • Transmission: Variomatic
  • Clutch: pivoted clutch centrifugally operated.
  • Ignition: CDI
  • Fuel Supply: Carburettor UCAL Mikuni.

2.     Chassis:

  • Chassis type: tubular double cradle step through
  • Front suspension: Telescopic
  • Rear suspension: hydraulic with coaxial spring
  • Brakes:  front brake Is 110 mm and rear brake is also 110 mm.
  • Tires: front and rear both tires are 3.00 X 10

3.      Electricals:

  • Battery: 12V, 5Ah
  • Head Lamp: 35/35 W
  • Tail lamp: 5/21 W

4.     Dimensions:

  • Seat height: 740mm
  • Wheelbase: 1230mm
  • Ground Clearance: 135mm
  • Weight: 95 kg
  • Fuel capacity: 5 liters
  • Colors: black, red, purple, copper and pink. 

TVS scooty pep plus is made for: 

The TVS Scooty pep plus was born when style met the taste of the chic, by the previous line you must have understood that I am talking about the young ladies and young girls and also the middle aged women, if people think that riding scooters and bikes are only made for boys than they are really wrong, because now female can also have the fun of riding a scooty. The body is very light weight so it is easily carried by the girls so girls mainly buy this for their daily use but boys and middle aged man can also use this for their usage.

Pros and Cons: 


  •    The space for luggage is very good.
  •    The mileage of the is very good.
  •   The look of the is very good and stylish.
  •   While riding the bike you will always feel comfortable.
  •   The lights of the bike are very good.
  •   Fuel economy is good
  •   Height of the bike is good.


  •  The pickup is very poor.
  •  The pulling effect of the is very poor.
  •  The brakes of the are unreliable and also inadequate.
  •  The life of the tires is very less.
  •  Maintenance is very high.

TVS Scooty Pep Plus Price in Bangladesh: 

The latest price of Scooty pep plus in Bangladesh is BDT 1,10,000.


Young boys and girls, you must not miss this , just the perfect one for any teenager. Everything has pros and cons so you must not change your mind by only the cons of this product you must see the pros too. And I personally feel that you must try riding this once only than you will be able to understand the comfort that you will feel after riding this .

For girls in countries like India and Bangladesh, a good vehicle for traveling is very important so in that case a Tvs Scooty pep plus can be your bro and your best friend too so you must make it your partner. Hope This TVS Scooty pep Plus reviews will help you to take your Buy Decision.

Published by Shuvo

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