TVS Motorcycle EID Offer! TVS Motorcycle Is Giving Away TVS "Khushir Haat" Offer!

Published On 13-Aug-2017 10:06am , By Saleh

TVS Motorcycle Bangladesh is giving away an EID Offer on all of their motorcycles! TVS Motorcycle is one of the largest motorcycle brand in Bangladesh. Many bike enthusiasts wait for the bike companies to give away discount offers or any kind of offers during major occasions like EID, year end, etc. And, TVS Motorcycle is the first to give away TVS Motorcycle EID Offer in the name of "TVS Khushir Haat Offer" on this Eid-Ul-Adha.

TVS Motorcycle EID Offer! TVS Motorcycle Is Giving Away TVS "Khushir Haat" Offer!

 tvs khushir haat offer

 TVS Motorcycle EID Offer is applicable to every TVS Motorcycles. In this offer, TVS is giving away free registration, free insurance, and free road tax with the purchase of TVS Motorcycles. These things cost the rider up to 8000 BDT so in this TVS Motorcycle EID Offer, the rider is getting a good amount of legal charges for free and he or she doesn’t even have to carry the hassles of these legal works.

 tvs motorcycle eid offer

 Another breaking news from TVS Motorcycles is that TVS Apache RTR Matte Red Edition is in Bangladesh Now! TVS Motorcycle has officially started marketing the TVS Apache RTR Matte Red in Bangladesh for quite some time. Since its arrival, it has really been the topic of conversation for the Apache enthusiasts

 tvs apache rtr matte red in bangladesh

TVS Apache RTR 150 Matte Red is priced at 1,98,900 BDT. And as the new color scheme, we hope that TVS Apache will regain the honor of being one of the most popular 150cc commuter in Bangladesh.

 tvs apache rtr matte red price in bangladesh

TVS Motorcycle Price In Bangladesh

ModelPrice (BDT)
TVS Apache RTR Normal Edition (SD)1,79,500
TVS Apache RTR Normal Edition (DD)1,98,500
TVS Apache RTR Matte Blue1,84,900
TVS Apache RTR Matte RedDouble Disc=1,98,900 Single Disc= 1,84,900
TVS Stryker 1251,28,999
TVS Phoenix 1251,48,900
TVS Metro Plus 1101,32,900
TVS Metro 1001,09,900
TVS XL 10059,900
TVS Wego1,62,900
TVS Jupiter1,64,900
TVS Scooty Zest1,47,000

Note: This "TVS Khushir Haat Offer" not applicable for TVS Apache RTR Matt Red Version. TVS has currently over 10 models in their product line-up. Many of them are scooters. The most practical bike among them is the TVS XL 100.

tvs xl 100 mileage

TVS XL 100 was first introduced in India as a moped – and along with the engine, it had foot pedals to use it as a cycle for emergency! It is one of the most sold bikes in India, and finally some time ago it was introduced in Bangladesh as a super commuter – and with a great price tag, it is slowly becoming really popular in the rural area.


TVS Motorcycle Bangladesh is the first to announce the TVS Motorcycle EID Offer which will help and encourage many bike enthusiasts to purchase his favorite bike and ride freely in the traffic, the highway, and everywhere in the country. We hope that more major Motorcycle company in Bangladesh will provide various types of EID Offers or discount offers to amp up the motorcycle market in Bangladesh and make motorcycle the most popular transport system in the country.

Published by Saleh