Top 10 Motorcycle Parking Tips For Safe Parking

Published On 04-May-2013 01:02pm , By Shuvo

Every country has some different rules and different ways to follow,for everything, in the same way while parking a motorcycle you will have to follow some Safe Motorcycle Parking Tips for where,when and how you can park your motorcycle. People get very confused about this matter,because there are many differences between the opinion of the policy makers.


So people have to follow different rules and tips for parking. Parking in the correct place is very necessary or else just for one motorcycle there can be a huge traffic jam on the road and later on the biker has to face many questions and problems.

Now lets get to the main rules for motorcycle parking tips -

1.      Park the motorcycle at an angle to the curb so that you can move it easily in traffic.
2.     Park the motorcycle with the tire against the curb and in gear.
3.     Parking a bike where the lean on the side stand is going DOWN a hill could make the bike unstable and make it difficult to upright from its side stand. You may want to park near a 35 degree angle to the curb.
4.     Parking a bike where the lean on the side stand is going UP a hill could make the bike easy to tip over. You will need to park closer to a 45-50 degree angle from the curb.
5.      You will need to try various positions on a hill depending on whether the hill is going up or down. Satisfy yourself that the bike remains stable, is easy to lift off its side stand and is easy to ride away.
6.     When parking in a parking lot, place the bike in the middle of the lane so that it is parked at the end of the space so motorists will be able to see you as soon as they attempt to park there.
7.      Know the local parking rules. Sometimes only one motorcycle may be parked in a space. Other places may allow several bikes to use the same parking space to conserve space.
8.     Be aware of the surface you are parking on. Loose gravel, hot asphalt, sand, and grass may cause your bike to sink on the side stand. Use a flat plate under the side stand to better support the bike.
9.     You can use folding chairs or something to represent the cars that would be in adjoining space,you will have to pick 3 spaces and you may park in the middle.
10.   You will have to slow down and initially steer to the opposite side of the parking lane from where the space you are turning into.suppose if you want to park in a space to your right than first get in the left side of the parking lane and then make a 90 degree turn to the right.

By following this Motorcycle Parking Tips you may be able to park perfectly in a parking spot,and you wont have to get into a argument with anyone and you will be able to park your bike safely everywhere.

Published by Shuvo