The Top 10 Mistakes Made By Bikers While Driving Bikes

Published On 02-Nov-2012 06:00pm , By Raihan Opu

The bike is a useful,fast and cheap mode of transportation. In our modern world this is one of the easiest and greatest mode of movement. Be it in the city or in the wild lonesome road with speed, for why mistakes made by bikers too much. Cheap, fast and under the current jam packed situation of our city roads the ideal transportation for the new teen or the hardened biker. The love of these two wheeled wonders encompass all for they are the most of what a man can legally find near to an adrenaline rush.

Important Tips on Highway Motorcycle Riding

But the fun of biking also has a con that is really disturbing and dangerous. The bike is a two wheeled speeding death trap that has laid a lot of healthy and happy young people in hospitals. A bike accident can be a devastating one if it ever happens. But the lure of speed and thrill often leads people towards silly mistakes that can be avoided just by easily taking some basic precaution. These precautions or preparations for the road are discussed.  

Top 10 mistakes made by bikers in short detail below-

Not wearing a Helmet:

The rush of speed that releases the adrenaline in our blood that causes all the fun while riding the bike.How about it? The feeling of the wind blowing thorough the air. Well According to the AAA (American Automobile association) the most cause of deaths in biking accidents are the negligence of bikers not wearing helmets.

mistakes made by bikers

Taking a proper Training:

Most of our bikers in Bangladesh always learn biking from personal trainers,such as learning either riding his father's or elder brother's or some one else's bike. Now due to that many do not know the proper way to handle the bike. This is a major cause of accidents and also causes frustrations due to inexperience

Loosing focus:

The bike is a two wheeled ride which requires a basic manner of balance of both body and mind to run properly. But many of us feel a bit stiff while riding a bike and thus causes us to make a specific mistake of spacing out. Meaning loosing our focus. This causes us to loose balance and in that way causing an accident.

mistakes made by bikers

Not Checking  Bikes Before Ride:

The Thing about bikes is that they are a sophisticated and rigorously maintained machine. The beginners do not know the first thing about oil consumption of bikes. Bikes of same cc(horse power) but different brands or makes an consume oil in a different rate. Thus even before starting your bike it should be checked that how much oil there is in your oil tanks.

Carrying More people Than possible:

The Most Common Mistake the driver makes that is he gives rides to his friends to many places and more than the number of people are allowed. Not more that two persons should sit in the bike reason that it may harm and damage the shock absorbers on the back wheel of the bike.

mistakes made by bikers

Making a hard turn:

The bike is a fast ride.when it runs speedily a sharp turn that can not be taken by a beginner and that would mean an accident.

mistakes made by bikers


Not Lubricating your chains and not checking your engine oils can cause a serious harm to your bike. It would shorten the life of your bike and also increase the possibility of accidents. And Also the other place to check for lubrication is the brake oil.Not checking may lead to brake failures.

Not Following the speed Limit:

The Speed limit is set for our own safety. Not following happens when our heart rushes to our brains and having such a good time may lead to trouble with the cops.

mistakes made by bikers

Starting Races:

While A new biker starts and buys a bike, he flies on the seventh heaven and thinks that he is the king of the road and no one can beat him. Keeps on challenging any other biker that he feels that is creasing his style and he feels that he should beat him to show his dominance and thus causes a harrasing situation to himself and his fellow riders.


When some one owns a new bike he tries to master it to the fullest. This includes the tricks and trips of biking like wheelie and toppers and single wheeled bike rides. This is something that all beginners are not supposed to do.

There are lot more mistakes caused by beginners but this are the main and most common. Wearing a protective gear,Obeying signals and moreover having a proper servicing done of the bike that you are riding should help.

But The main thing that should be kept while choosing a bike that it would be one that suits you perfectly . A speeding bullet can be bought by any one with money,but that does not mean that it will suit your needs or your temperament.

This are the top 10 Mistakes made by Bikers while driving Bikes.

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