The New TVS Apache RTR 150 Hyper Edge (2012): A Basic Review

Published On 10-Nov-2012 06:03pm , By Raihan Opu

The new bike in the block Apache RTR Hyper Edge,walking on the footsteps of the famous rtr line and being deemed as the next generation in the Apache biking line,the hyper edge works as the launching vehicle for the new design change that is coming over the Apache line. Now after singing all the praises and cooing over the fact that it is an upgrade to a totally good package and has to work up to the expectation of a really good bike,the hard lovers of the Apache line have deemed it worthy of the Hyper Edge name, But does the bike live up to the moniker? 

TVS Apache RTR 160 First Impression Review


Apache RTR Hyper Edge

The short stroke, over square engine of the RTR 160 is a joy to exploit. Coupled with a good power to weight ratio (thanks to the 136 Kg light weight body) this is actually the original “LightSports” bike in our market.
TVS has certainly tried to promote the rtr series as a race/track/motorway bike. But to be honest with all the readers, after the performance of Yamaha r15 and its other brothers, the concept of a race bike certainly seems to have changed in the minds of people.

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Along with the slickness of the older rtr 160 the new hyper Edge is a design upgrade at the most. With the new tank wing flaps and the removable rear fender other design upgrades make the bike a catchy looker.

Amongst the other two wheeler makers in market(Such as Honda or Bajaj) only TVS has a race track team that participates in the Chennai formula 500 so it seems that the learning in the track have seemed to make the way into the bike. with 159.7 cc and an air cooled engine the bike delivers more like the Bajaj pulsar 180 cc bike, Meaning that it delivers the same amount of power and in doing works its magic into the road.

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Apache RTR Hyper Edge

But riding the bike seems that the bike in itself is a old wine in a new bottle if you get my drift.the Main problem of the engine vibrations are still there when one tries to go towards the 3 letter speeds. Though retaining the speed of 90-95 does not create a major earthquake.Wih a maximum power of 15.2 bhp,this bike can keep its own in the road.

The Fuel efficiancy is the same as the old model,When asking the manager at the local factory near my home(who also happens to be an uncle of mine) he quotes an average 40-45 kmpl which corresponding with the friends i have who have owned the older model.

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Apache RTR Hyper Edge

I am not sure if TVS have done any significant internal changes on the new bike. In terms of the way it feels and rides, the new Apache RTR 160 HyperEdge doesn’t feel too different from the older one. The new design stripes do freshen up the familiar looks of the Apache RTR 160. But apart from that, the bike still feels virtually the same as the earlier model.

Probably TVS could have gone ahead and provided Tubeless Tyres and DC Lighting on this new version. See the latest price & Specification of Tvs Apachee Hyper Edge. for  more info

Published by Raihan Opu