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Published On 14-Sep-2020 03:31am , By Raihan Opu

I’m Mithun My permanent address is in Narail district of Khulna division. Currently, I live in Narail. Currently riding Runner AD80S Deluxe. Today I will share with you some of my experiences with the bike.

Runner AD80S Deluxe 22,000 KM User Review

 runner ad 80s deluxe review

This bike is the first bike in my life. As a Chinese bike, I like the bike. I bought the bike for 70 thousand Tk. But the price of the bike was 84 thousand Tk at that time. But then I got a discount on 14,000 Tk due to an offer.

Why do I love biking?

There are many reasons why I love biking. One of the reasons is that I was addicted to motorcycles since childhood. This created a different kind of love for bikes. So I love biking. The bike is the only vehicle that can move freely and impartially everywhere.

How I chose my Runner AD80S Deluxe bike - Since I do a marketing job, I wanted to buy a small bike. There was another problem with money. So the desire was to use Runner Bike as long as I was involved with the marketing job. It was from this thought that I decided to choose my bike and I chose the Runner AD 80S Deluxe bike according to my budget.

 runner bike user in bd

Why I chose the Runner AD 80S Deluxe bike

I was looking for a bike that would get good mileage on a low budget. Due to a low budget, I was thinking that within this budget, I will get good mileage in Runner AD 80S Deluxe, the maintenance cost will be less.

Whenever I think about it, I find that within this budget and within the Runner brand, the good quality 80cc AD 80S Deluxe is perfect for me, so I chose this bike.

Runner AD80S Deluxe bike price and where to get the bike

When I bought the bike, its market value was only 84,000 Tk. I bought it with 70,000 Tk. I bought the bike directly from the Narail Runner show-room. Since I had a good relationship with my house here and the manager of this show-room.

Runner AD 80s Deluxe Price In Bangladesh

Runner AD80S Deluxe bike features -

  • The bike has a self-start in the 2018 updated bike. Because before this bike did not have self-start
  • Both front and rear brakes are drum brakes
  • All lights are halogen lights
  • Analog speedometer
  • 80 cc is a powerful engine

bike price in bd

I am quite satisfied with riding the bike. One thing comes to mind again and again while riding the bike. I loved riding that bike so much that it was like a dream. I will have my own bike and I will ride that bike on the road like myself.

All the times I have served from the show-room. I did not have to suffer any problem while going for service. I have ridden the bike for a total of 22,000 kilometers. I have never had a problem with my bike.

After buying the new bike, I used to get the mileage of my bike at 50 to 55 kilometers per liter before riding 2500 kilometers. But the mileage starts to increase from the time after running 2500 km or a little earlier, which means that I am getting the mileage of 65 km per liter by riding the bike on city and highway per liter.

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I recommend that the spark plug of the bike accumulates dirt, the air pressure is kept correct, the fuel is checked regularly, the battery is properly maintained, the dirt is cleaned, the bike is covered when exposed to the sun, the water is dried immediately after cleaning, the clutch cable, Brake cables, throttle cables, chains are maintained to keep them dust-free at all times.

 runner bike price in bangladesh

I used the first Super 4t when using engine oil. But after giving this engine oil, the engine would get very hot. Then I omitted Super 4t oil and now I use Super v engine oil. Now there is no problem.

All Runner Bike Price In Bangladesh

Although it is an 80cc Bike, I drive a lot longer with the bike and ride at a little over speed. However, I did not have to change the parts of the bike. what can I say about the top speed of the 80cc bike? Still, the funny thing is that I got 85 speeds in an 80cc bike (because it's a Chinese bike).

Some good aspects of the bike -

  • The mileage of the bike is very good
  • Quite comfortable to drive with Pillion
  • As the bike is small, it has many advantages to control in small space/jam
  • Very good for marketing people
  • The biggest advantage of the bike is that the bike is a low maintenance bike

ad 80s deluxe user review

Some bad aspects of the bike -

  • The suspension with the Pelion is not a very comfortable one
  • The bike vibrates a little when the speed is increased from 60 to 70 km
  • If you ride the bike for a long time, the engine gets hit a little more
  • The danger of not being tubeless is a little more if leaked it is difficult to wear

I do marketing job so I'm not saying I tried to share my own experience as a customer and as a runner motorcycle user in the middle of this short review. Thanks, everyone.

Written By - Mithun

Published by Raihan Opu