Riding Training With Yamaha Riding Academy!

Published On 20-Oct-2019 11:42am , By Raihan Opu

YRA - Yamaha Riding Academy has arranged the Yamaha Riding Training for everyone who wants to learn bike riding! The whole initiative was done by ACI Motors, and this is the third season of the Training! (Source)

Riding Training With Yamaha Riding Academy!

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Yamaha Bangladesh has always been in the discussion for doing exceptional activities, and the third season of this event is one of them. The first season of Yamaha Riding Training started off in 2018, and the second one happened in late 2018. At the time, only women riders were taught riding bikes and scooters, and now, in the third season, ACI Motors is teaching both men and women riders how to ride a bike.

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YRA Riding Training - Third Season

The registration process for the third season began a while back. A handful of male and female riders were selected for the first day of the training, and the season started on 19th October 2019, at B.G Press field, Tejgaon. The program was inaugurated by Executive Director of ACI Motors, Mr. Subrata Ranjan Das, and other officials of ACI Motors and bikers were present at the venue.

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The training event took place in the open field, and the whole field was made covered with sand to prevent any kind of injury for minor crash or falling down during the training process. The event was plain and simple. Both the male and female riders were split into two sessions - the morning session and the afternoon session. Then, instructors taught them the basic rules of riding a bike, and then helped them roll those two wheels all on their own. Eventually. one by one all of the contestants learned how to ride a bike, and they were riding successfully.

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The women riders, on the other hand, were more impressive. On the brief instruction by the female instructors and good guidance, The female riders were riding scooters in full throttle in no time! Last but not least, there was also a kid who learned to ride a bike with help from the instructor and Yamaha TTR50 - a small 50cc kid Yamaha bike from Yamaha.

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All of the participants were wearing helmets and proper safety guards to ensure complete safety. This training session will be back again next week with more riders, who are eager to learn bike riding.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

1. When Is Yamaha Riding Training Happening?

Ans: Yamaha Riding Training - third season has started on 19th October 2019, and will happen throughout every Saturday for the next few weeks.

2. Where Is Yamaha Riding Training Happening? 

Ans: Yamaha Riding Training is taking place at B.G Press Field, Tejgaon, Dhaka.

3. What Is Yamaha Riding Training?

Ans: Yamaha Riding Training is an event to teach bike enthusiasts how to ride a bike and be a safe rider.

4. Who Can Join Yamaha Riding Training?

Ans: Anyone can register for Yamaha Riding Training from Online. They will be called and texted by the serial for the training event.

5. What Is Yamaha Riding Academy?

Ans: Yamaha Riding Academy is a worldwide activity by Yamaha which trains the riders everything there is to about riding and teaches them tricks and skill of better riding.

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This third season of Yamaha Riding Training by Yamaha Riding Academy is a really great activity by Yamaha and an applaudable one. This will help many men and women to learn bike and scooter riding, and inspire them to become a rider.

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