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Published On 05-Feb-2018 02:13pm , By Ashik Mahmud

Ride Sharing is a very useful & important part of many commuters in Dhaka city. To get over the hectic life of public transport these days many executive office goers uses ride sharing to get to their office fast & efficient way & today we will talk about one of the emerging Ride Sharing App promo code coupon 

For best part of 10 years the CNG drivers almost jailed the daily commuters. There were lots of complain about CNG 3 wheelers. They wouldn't go to the government adjusted fare, they often asked 2-3 times more then the fare that would come on the fare meter, & worst still many a times they won't go to the location which the customer wants. To counter this issue some ride sharing app started their work where any given commuter will be going to his office by a rented motorcycle, in this case the fare will be fixed by the ride sharing app company, in this case MUV.

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Ride Sharing App MUV started back on 2016. MUV executes its operation with the help of highly trained and trustworthy bikers. MUV.ASIA has 50k+ clients base and 100+ employees. It has worked with companies like Robi, Airtel, Bangla Link, TVS, Sony Rangs & many other concerns. MUV is a concern of ZP Technologies which is a technology based company who makes software for their clients to make life easier. MUV is a mobile software which aims to solve transportation problems by providing on demand transportation, courier service & food delivery to it's users. It is a process of hiring bike, courier & food delivery through a mobile application. muv bangladesh 

The mission of the company is to establish an on demand service platform to make the life more easier for the daily commuters & also MUV want to become the No 1 on demand service app in Bangladesh. If you are a biker then you can work as a free lancer. All you need to do is to register in MUV App & follow their guidelines & become a free lancer. If you don't have any motorcycle but still don't want to use public transport then you can also sign in as a passenger & get the service.

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 If you are a biker then by working as a free lancer in MUV you will get the daily fuel cost of your motorcycle in your pocket which will also help to earn some extra pocket money at the end of the month so that you can get some extra spare parts or accessories for your motorcycle.

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Published by Ashik Mahmud