Revolt RV400 Electric Bike Feature Detail

Published On 06-Nov-2019 09:15am , By Raihan Opu

Revolt RV400 is the newly launched Electric Bike. This is India’s first own-manufactured E-Bike. It comes with a bundle of versatile features. Covering the E-Bikes profile here we came with Revolt RV400 Electric Bike Feature Detail.

revolt rv400 electric bike feature detail

In this modern age, E-bike is the contemporary addition on the roads. Whereas, hybrid and electric cars are already taken places with their hi-tech features. Coping with the fuel-saving trend the E-Bike also taking its place. Those are rolling beside the fuel-driven bikes with convenient and compatible features.

Hence, India also developed their own design of the electric bike. Thereby, they have manufactured their first Electric Bike. The Revolt RV400 released in this August 2019 in India along with RV300. With those breeds, they are entering into the hybrid two-wheeler industry.

revolt rv400 electric bike feature detail

Revolt RV400 Electric Bike Design & Style

The Revolt RV400 is designed sporty with solid naked sport design. It designed just similar to the premium street naked motorcycle design. Only the middle and the lower middle part of the bike is covered with plastic panels. That housing holds the battery, electric motor, and other electronic devices. Thereby rests are designed like the regular street bike.

The Revolt RV400 comes with regular motorcycle design including headlamp, taillamp, ODO, tank, and common seating arrangements. Further, the wheel, suspension, and mufflers are common as the regular petrol-engine bikes.

revolt rv400 electric bike feature detail

Here, the headlamp is nicely designed with LED DRL and dedicated projector setup. The taillamp and indicators all are LED featured. The ODO is the fully digital unit that is wider and clearer even in broad daylight.

It also comes with a tank like a regular fuel-tank. But it holds a gadget holder and a powerful Lithium-Ion battery allowing the same center of gravity like street-bikes. The battery is detachable. It can be charged separately or through the side-mounted power inlet.

At the rear, the motorcycle comes with a spacious seat surrounding with a heavy grabrail at the end. The seat is single-piece seat. But it segmented sporty with different heights for the rider and pillion. Further, at the tail, it's sporty and sharper with anchor-head taillamp and long fender rear mudguard.

Frame, Wheel, Brake, Suspension System

The Revolt RV400 designed on a light weighted single cradle frame including exposed aluminum swingarm. The wheels are featured with nice-looking and light-weighted alloy rims with 17” standard size street tires. The tires are wider and those are tubeless type.

The braking system is hydraulic-disk type. Those come with 240mm ventilated discs on both wheels. Further, the braking system enhanced with CBS Combination Braking System.

In the suspension system, RV400 comes with inverted telescopic fork suspension in the front. The rear setup is mono and that is adjustable type. So, with the wheel, brake, and suspension system the RV400 is fully equipped like a regular street bike.

Revolt RV400 Electric Bike - Riding Features

The Revolt RV400 is a sporty style electric bike. It featured something more than an electric commuter. It's powered by a powerful electric motor. Thereby, the riding is free or multiple controlling consequences like maintaining gear or clutches.

It holds only the throttle bar that drives the motor. Further, it has no gear lever, clutch lever, or the right-side foot-brake pedals. But it featured with the conventional handlebar levers.

The left operates the rear brake linking the CBS with the front. On the other side, the right-side lever dedicated only for the front brake. So, the riding of Revolt RV400 is very easy, handy, and hassle-free.

Motor Performance & Features

The Revolt RV400 derived by a 72V, 3.24KWh electric motor. It drives the rear wheel through a heavy-duty drive-belt linking with a bigger rear sprocket.  The motor is powered by a powerful Lithium-Ion Battery. It comes with the lifetime warranty (up to a maximum of 1,50,000km).

The battery can charge quickly as 0-75% in 3.0 hours and 0-100% in 4.5 hours. The battery is also swappable and can be charged separately. Again, it has a charging inlet mounted on the bike which also can be used for further charging.

With a fully charged battery, the RV400 can run maximum 150 Kilometers with an economic speed of 45kmph. Further, in normal mode limiting with 65kmph speed it can run maximum 100kilometers. And in sports mode, it can gain over 80kmph speed which will allow near 80kilometers of a ride.

Further, this 108kg weighted motorcycle can carry the maximum load of two persons. Hence, the maximum load capacity is 150kg. Therefore, the with the 170NM torque rating this electric motor is damn capable to support in daily commuting and also weekend roaming.

Other Features

The RV400 comes with some unique features which are quite uncommon in electric bikes. Hence, those put the bike a step forward than other regular E-bikes.

  • Revolt RV400 operated electronically that starts with an electronic push power button.
  • It's keyless remote allows multiple control over the bike. It can lock, unlock, start, and locate the bike within 50 meters range.
  • The RV400 can be linked with the dedicated mobile app. The MyRevoltApp can control, operate, display multiple feature and perimeters of the bike.
  • Being an electric bike, it runs quite soundless. But the hardcore motorcycle enthusiast can enjoy artificial engine revving thrust in RV400. It allows four different revving sound those synchronized with the throttle. That literary will give you the feel of riding a petrol engine sportbike.
  • The bike is fully equipped like a regular street bike with fully-featured digital ODO, lighting, signal, and other ergonomics.
  • It includes external USB gadget charging port and also displays battery status on the ODO.
  • It’s a belt-driven bike that delivers huge amount of torque through a bigger rear sprocket. It will allow you to feel a torque ride on all over its riding range.
  • The riding ergonomics of the RV400 designed like a regular upright street bike. Further, allowing different rider's comfort its footpegs positions are adjustable. Furthermore, the rear suspension is also adjustable.
  • The enhanced AI allows maximum safety to the riders. It prevents the motor from starting while the side-stand engaged. Returning to the safe position than it allows the motor to start.
  • RV400 also comes with CBS Combination Braking System which is uncommon in the E-bike segment.

revolt rv400 electric bike feature detail

Revolt RV400 – Specification & Dimensions

SpecificationRevolt RV400
MotorElectric Motor, 3KW (Mid Drive)
Battery TypeLithium-Ion
Voltage/Wattage72V, 3.24KWh
Charging Time0-75% in 3 Hours And 0-100% in 4.5 Hours
Maximum Top Speed85Kmph
Frame TypeLightweight Single Cradle Frame
Dimension (LxWxH)Not Found
Wheel Base1,350mm
Ground Clearance215mm
Saddle Height814mm
Weight108 Kg
Maximum Loading2 Persons/Maximum 150Kg
Mileage Range150kms(Eco Mode), 100kms(Normal Mode), 80kms(Sports Mode)
Wheel, Brake & Suspension
The suspension (Front/Rear)USD Telescopic Fork Adjustable Mono Shock Absorber
Brake system (Front/Rear)Front: 240mm Hydraulic Disk Rear: 240mm Hydraulic Disk CBS (Combined Braking System)
Tire size (Front / Rear)Front: 90/80-17 Rear: 120/80-17 Both Tubeless
Light & SignalsLED Headlamp (Projection for High beam), Tail Lamps and Indicators (All LED)
SpeedometerFully Digital

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